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Create an online that you own community. Host your online courses and digital content. Get paid through subscriptions.

Online Community

Confidently scale now that you’re in control. Keep your members engaged, interactive, and getting the best possible results faster with an intuitive community platform free from the usual distractions, ads, and algorithm tantrums.

Online Courses

Share your knowledge and support your community in one, seamless platform. Members get ongoing feedback, guidance, and community support easily and exactly when they need it - making better results easy and reliable.

Charge Subscriptions

Reclaim your time and stop the stressful single product launches with built-in automatic, recurring payment processing for premium subscriptions, courses, and coaching. Keep the cash register singing, 24/7 - no duct-tape needed.

Members Retention

Boost Retention

Members Retention

Plug up “attention leaks” with online courses, distraction-free discussions, and a “help” platform all in one place. So it’s easy for members to stay engaged, get better results, and become raving fans who click “Add to Cart” at every opportunity.

See How Much More You Can Make

Features Include

  • Membership Community
  • Create & Sell Online Courses
  • Charge Membership Subscriptions
  • Free & Paid Channels
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Email & In-app Notifications
  • Private & Public Community
  • Mobile App (Soon)
  • Admin Accounts (Soon)
  • Public Community Page
  • Stripe Payment processing
  • 100% Ownership & Control

Membership Subscriptions

Online Courses

What you’ll make:

Subscription revenue $3,750 / per month
Course revenue $6,250 / per course

Integrate With Your Favorite Tools

Easily integrate GroupApp with the tools you already use without needing to hire a developer. Automate marketing campaigns, track ROI, and streamline workflow.

Built For Creators And Their Community

How You Can Use GroupApp

Online course community

Create your online courses and support community in one platform. Give your students a place to get help on course content, share their knowledge with other students, and engage with other like-minded students to enhance their learning experience.

Membership community

Launch and grow your online membership community with GroupApp. Setup membership subscription plans, engage your members with organized discussions and integrate your community with third-party tools.

Creator & influencer community

Launch a private online community for your audience that you own and control. Offer premium content, share the latest updates around your channel, podcast, or blog, and engage with your audience.

Alternative to Facebook Groups & Slack

Use GroupApp as an alternative to Facebook Groups & Slack. Maintain complete ownership over your online community and build your brand. Have control over how you communicate with your community members.

What Creators Are Saying

Josh Elliot Co-founder @ Active Blueprint
GroupApp is the community platform creators like myself have been looking for. Before GroupApp, we were bouncing our community across multiple tools (FB Groups, online course software, and membership site).
Carmen & Darius Britt YouTuber & Founders of Wealth Nation
GroupApp has been a lifesaver for us because we been using multiple tools to manage our membership community, sell courses, and build lead magnets. Instead of having several tools struggle to work in harmony, with GroupApp, everything is under one roof.
Josh Marsden Author, Founder of ARM5™ Formula Accelerator
GroupApp is by far the smartest investment that I made to my program. All course and program creators should be using it!

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