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Virtual Summit – [A Guide on How to Start One & Examples]

Regardless of what your business is, the need for organic community engagement is ever-increasing. With the global pandemic posing new challenges for all business owners, Virtual Summits have taken the world by storm, and it’s just the beginning. Let’s discuss how to start a Virtual Summit of your own, and why you should. Image Source

From Zero to 33 Paying Subscribers And $1,200.00 in Revenue

This might sound like a myth or an urban legend, but it’s a true success story and the one we are glad to share with you! Marathon Investing and Trading had confidence in choosing GroupApp as a community software platform, which resulted in growing From Zero to 33 paying subscribers and $1,200.00 in revenue. The

How Wealth Nation Generated $29,268 in Membership Subscriptions in 3 Weeks

When we say that we will help you build a thriving online community, we mean it. Today we get to share another success story with you. This time you will get acquainted with Wealth Nation – a company that made $29,268 in membership subscriptions in just three weeks using GroupApp.   About Wealth Nation Darius

Community App – [The Text Messaging App for Creators and Influencers]

Welcome to the new era of social media! With the intense development of Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, TikTok, and others, we thought that social media could not go any further – at least we saw no need for it. As it usually goes, you don’t know that you need something until someone shows you how it

Creative Membership Level Names [how to guide and examples]

You are probably somewhere on the road to creating an outstanding membership community. No matter where you are suited currently – it’s perhaps the best time to start thinking about creative membership level names. Image Source Developing a community is not an easy job – it requires a lot of work and commitment. It comes

In-depth Review: The best membership site platforms in 2021

You know that many things contribute to your business’s success, and if you’re following trends and actively working on them – you are probably aware of the importance of the membership sites. You might or might not know yet that membership sites and their contribution to your business depend a lot on the platform you

Best Community Software & Platforms (In-depth Review, Buyers Guide)

Are you familiar with the term Online Communities? Online communities have always been the foundation of the Internet, from early AOL online chat, eBay and Wikipedia to now Facebook or Linkedin Groups. They’ve become so powerful and influential that we have started developing something called Community Software – software that powers online communities and helps

12 Patreon Alternatives for Monetizing Your Community: (In-Depth Review)

The Problem With Patreon Patreon is by far the most popular subscription crowdfunding platform, but it isn’t without faults. Despite the success, the CEO doesn’t think the business is sustainable. “The reality is Patreon needs to build new businesses and new services and new revenue lines in order to build a sustainable business.” The company

In-Depth Kajabi Review (2021) – Features, Alternatives, and Competitors

Are you looking for the best all-in-one software to sell online courses? It might be a good time to stop your search, as our in-depth review of the Kajabi platform will provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision for your business. This all-in-one app is made for experts, leaders,

Gamestop, Covid-19, and the Forgotten Power of Online Communities

While the idea of online communities is not necessarily a new concept, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the significance of these spaces. Online communities have quickly served as a replacement for the in-person connection, and inspiration that human beings so desperately crave, and took for granted prior to this pandemic. With online communities meeting these

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