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Price Increase Letter – How to Write it without Losing Clients

If you are planning on raising the prices for your goods and services, you will need to find a way to let your customers know without chasing them away. A well-written price increase letter is a great tool for this purpose. However, putting together this notice is hardly an easy task. Luckily, there are some

Intercom Pricing: Is the Platform Worth It?

You can’t possibly know about customer messaging platforms without knowing about Intercom. And you can’t know about Intercom without hearing about how confusing Intercom pricing is and how expensive it can be. Intercom is a customer success platform that provides useful tools, data and apps for your customer and team. Its features help you: Capture

Facebook Group Rules – How and Why You Should Use Them

Facebook groups are quickly becoming useful tools for businesses to build communities and create meaningful connections with their clients. Unlike pages, groups allow you to have a closed circle of members who are familiar (or want to get familiar) with your product or service. However, managing a Facebook business group isn’t as easy as it

Customer Success Manager Salary: How Much Does a CSM Make?

A customer success manager bridges the gap between sales/marketing, and customer service. It ensures a smooth buyer process and encourages customer retention while limiting churn. It is an important role for a business to succeed. So, just how much is a customer success manager salary? The answer… It depends. Different regions in the world have

Customer Success Manager 101: Everything You Need To Know

What Is Customer Success? Customer success — a business methodology — is to ensure customers achieve their intended or desired result from a product or service. It is a relationship-focused on managing your customers. The goal of customer success is based on the concept of customer lifetime value. Customer lifetime value is defined as: “The

6 Tips For The Perfect Community Newsletter

We know how important communities are to businesses today. With traditional, direct advertising methods rendered ineffective, communities provide the alternative. They act as marketing and sales channels, personalized and direct, without devious intent. Communities are the best way to reach out and engage your target audience. Creating a community is one thing. Running it is

8 Community Building Strategies For Membership Sites

“A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. For millions of years, human beings have been part of one tribe or another. A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.” – Seth Godin

Product Launch Plan: How to Create a Successful Campaign

Launching a brand new product is definitely exciting, but unless you follow a specific process, you may end up in a mess. You definitely don’t want to go through that because product launches don’t come cheap. Also, it is an investment that you make in the initial stages, so your goal must be to reap

12 Community Engagement Strategies That Work

Any startup is only as good as the community that supports it. Communities are an essential element to any and all businesses. You can’t just send out direct mail to people’s letterboxes and expect to sell. That may have worked in the past, but not anymore. You need to invest time in creating a relationship

15 Tips To Help You Get Better At Audience Engagement

Just imagine how you would feel if someone slammed the door on your face? Well, that’s precisely what your audiences do when you do not meet their expectations. What’s worse is that Google figures this out as it shows up in your website’s stats, under ‘bounce rate’ and your rankings drop. The key to avoiding

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