Dornubari Vizor November 16, 2022

YourMembership Review: Is It the Best Association Management Software?

Perhaps you’re a membership manager of a particular professional association, and it’s been hard to keep up with most of your administrative work due to its rapid growth.

You’ve been using spreadsheets and lists to manage members’ contact details and track payments. You’ve also been emailing each member individually to remind them to renew their membership.

What if we told you there’s software that can help automate most of the tedious membership management tasks like collecting member dues, keeping track of your members, and even helping you stay organized?

YourMembership is an association management software that promises to help you do all that and even more.

But before you sign up, is YourMembership worth your money? Is it as good as they claim it to be? In this YourMembership review, we’ll dive deeply into what this membership management software has to offer.

We’ll also discuss the following:

  • What is YourMemberships, and how it works?
  • YourMembership features.
  • Pros and cons of using YourMembership.
  • The best YourMembership alternative that you can use to build, manage and grow your membership community.

Right off the bat, let’s delve in.

What is YourMembership?

YourMembership is a multi-functional online membership management software for small to mid-sized associations.

The membership management software offers membership management, CRM management, membership marketing, event management, an online community, and analytics.

YourMembership not only assists association leaders with day-to-day operations but also makes it simple for them to manage financial information, manage their members’ data, and establish a solid team of members.

YourMembership Features

YourMembership offers all the tools you need to manage your membership website and create an engaging community.

Whether you’re looking for software to manage your association or a non-profit membership club, YourMembership has all the tools you need.

In this section, we’ll extensively review YourMembership’s popular features and show how they stack up.

Membership Management

This is by far the butter and toast of YourMembership. The association management software allows you to recruit new members into your online community and communicate with them all in one place, enabling you to drive engagement.

You can also give members control of their accounts via an online portal where they can manage their membership information.

While using YourMembership, you can configure multi-tiered membership structures, including individual and organizational memberships. This gives you some control over how your visitors perceive your pricing.

Although most of YourMembership’s membership management features seem basic, they’re a great place to start for new associations and nonprofits.

Website Design and Hosting

Having a website is essential for your association. That’s because it acts as the home base where you send your potential members to learn about your association membership.

It’s also an essential tool for communicating with existing and potential members, disseminating crucial information, collecting payments, and much more.

YourMembership understands that.

You can easily publish or update content via the WSIWYG editor without requiring any coding skills.

To help you save time when creating a website, the platform offers premium hosting and web design services.

Their expert team creates a membership website that is appealing and user-friendly on all devices, while also ensuring that your web copy is optimized to target the right audience.

They also create microsites for you in case you need to promote an event or want to create a particular campaign for your foundation.

However, web design services are an add-on and are not included in the AMS pricing.

Event Management

Planning and hosting events is one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks. An event management tool helps eliminate all the headaches involved, and YourMembership is the right tool for you.

YourMembership provides all the tools you need to create and manage your organization’s events without breaking a sweat.

With this tool, you can create a highly personalized registration path for attendees, speakers, and sponsors by displaying relevant tickets and event sessions.

To encourage more people to register for your events, you can offer coupons for early registrants and even exclusive pricing for people who’ve joined your community.

Moreover, you can schedule and automate your confirmation, reminder, and thank-you emails. That way, you can keep in touch with your event registrants before and after the event.

Workflow Automation

You need to automate the most repetitive tasks to grow your association membership faster. This allows you and your staff to concentrate on other essential tasks, like engaging your members and developing valuable content for them.

YourMembership enables you to automate most of the repetitive tasks.

Using this feature, you can:

  • Automatically send membership renewal emails and expiry notices to remind your members to renew their subscriptions.
  • Automatically ge
  • nerate invoices and send them to your customers.
  • Automatically send event confirmation, reminder, and thank you emails.

Although the YourMembership workflow automation feature seems appealing, it still needs some improvements. For example, unlike GroupApp, you can’t schedule community posts and drip your community resources.

Online Community Building

If you want to create a successful association, you need to find a way to constantly stay in touch with members. The best way to do it is by creating an online community.

YourMembership gives you the tools you need to bring your members together. You can engage members in your community by sharing relevant information, learning materials, and member perks all in one place.

The platform also features a consolidated feed that allows members to access the most recent conversations and material. They can also participate in conversations by commenting, liking, and sharing posts.


As your association membership grows, your financial data becomes more sophisticated. Handling association accounting in spreadsheets can be complicated and time-consuming, and your financial statements are prone to errors causing accounting discrepancies.

Enter YourMembership.

The membership management software makes it easy to manage your financial activities with an accounting feature in their platform.

Using the YourMembership accounting tool, you can accept payments securely with integrated payment processing.

Even better, you can use separate bank accounts to accept different payments using the same form.

This way, you can easily manage member payments, reconcile bank accounts, and generate insightful financial reports that help your association membership grow smoothly and continuously.

Dashboards & Advanced Reporting

To establish a successful association website, you need to thoroughly analyze your membership to determine how well your membership site performs.

This is significant because you can learn more about what your members value and dislike and use that data to improve their experience.

YourMembership offers detailed analytics about member growth, retention rates, and engagement scores all in one dashboard.

Furthermore, you can get detailed data about your members’ lifecycles and their engagement in your community.

You can view the overall membership renewal rates, new members, and active and inactive members on a single dashboard. This helps you understand how your association membership is performing.

YourMembership Pros and Cons

Although YourMembership performs pretty great, it also has its limitations. This section will reveal all the pros and cons of using YourMembership as your association management software.


  • Integrates easily with most third-party apps.
  • All-in-one solution for all your needs allowing you to manage your member information and communications all in one place.
  • The E-commerce feature allows you to sell your products online.
  • It has a user-friendly backend and gives a high customization capability.


  • Too expensive compared to the functionality offered.
  • Poor customer support.
  • It lacks a free trial.
  • Weak automation capabilities
  • Its design is a very outdated tool and clunky.

Best YourMembership Alternative

As far as membership management is concerned, YourMembership has built a name for itself in the industry.

The company has been offering membership management tools for over two decades.

Using this platform, you can integrate all your business tools in one place for effective data management.

However, as good as YourMembership might seem, it’s still limited in the level of functionality it offers.

Most of the YourMembership features offer less functionality, making them less useful for growing and larger associations.

They may list a feature on their website, only to discover that it does not work well or does not exist when you sign up.

YourMembership is also outdated and clunky and will cost you thousands of dollars to manage and configure.

And the fact that you need to contact them to get a pricing quote is ridiculous and time-consuming.

With such setbacks, you may find a YourMembership alternative with a beautiful and intuitive user interface, most of your membership management tools working, and excellent customer support—all without breaking the bank.

GroupApp is an ideal YourMembership alternative.

With GroupApp, you can build a community, sell memberships and online courses, organize your community resources in one place, handle payment processing, automate workflows using Zapier, and even extend the functionality of your membership platform by integrating third-party apps.

Although GroupApp is more of a community builder, it has similar features to YourMembership. In that case, you can use it as membership management software to manage your membership business.

Here’s how to use GroupApp as your association management software:

Community Building and Management

Communities can help with online education because they create a supportive environment for a transformative learning experience. But this can only be achieved with suitable community-building and management software.

GroupApp is designed to help you streamline how you connect with your members and gather and disseminate information about specific membership groups. The platform features all the robust tools you need to engage with your community.

Using GroupApp, you can engage your community using direct messages or even arrange a group chat where you can interact with your community personally.

This is ideal if you offer individual support or address a common issue in your community.

Moreover, you can schedule group messages or even group posts which frees you up to work on other critical daily tasks while your message or posts reach your audience on time.

You can also separate members into individual groups and email them separately. This enables you to keep track of your communication with each member, thus giving them a personalized experience.

To help keep your community discussions organized, GroupApp has a feature called Channels.

Channels help you organize your community resources, discussions, and conversations in one place. You can put together your how-to guides, customer videos, demos, podcast episodes, and other valuable materials in your channel.

To keep your community engaged, you can allow members from different tiers to communicate through groups and discussion forums.

Learning Management System

A membership management platform is only complete with a learning management system. Through centralized material, an LMS aids in the creation of seamless learning environments. You can sell online courses through an LMS and even provide members-only content.

This is one of the most robust GroupApp features. Using GroupApp, you can create and sell courses using our online course builder.

Combined with our community builder, the platform allows you to build a seamless learning experience for your audience while also allowing them to engage with their peers.

What’s more, GroupApp allows you to host cohort-based courses or even live classes, boosting course engagement and completion. You can also throw in some course quizzes and assignments, which enable you to assess how well your students have understood your online course.

Aside from hosting online courses, GroupApp helps you organize your community resources such as PDFs, videos, ebooks, and audio recordings into a library.

Organize and Host Events With Maximum Engagement and Impact

GroupApp allows you to organize events and send invites and reminders to members who may RSVP.

You can hold live classes, workshops, seminars, and other online events. Thanks to its various connections, you can hold this event immediately on the platform, with live streaming and video chat.

Full-Scale Analytics

Analytics is the most specific element of a membership management system. Any decent membership platform must provide some analytics as it allows you to understand how well your association membership is performing.

GroupApp offers analytics tools that you can use to track your student’s course progress and activity.

To help you unlock more data, GroupApp seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics. This allows you to collect valuable data from your membership website to create reports that provide insights and marketing value.

Payment Processing

Payment processing is critical for any membership management software as it improves the quality of the membership experience and puts payments in the hands of members, making them feel more in control.

GroupApp allows you to integrate payment processing platforms like Stripe. That way, you can easily accept payments from your members via thier credit cards.

All billings and invoicing are automated, which reduces your workload and saves you time. You can get details about your revenue as well as the data and payments of your subscribers.

Email Marketing

A strong communication plan that combines hyper-relevant emails and timely direct communications helps you boost your membership retention rates. Members want to know what’s happening and feel like they’re a part of the team.

To achieve this, you need email marketing software. GroupApp allows you to integrate your membership site and community with your favorite email marketing software, like MailChimp.

This enables you to launch bulk email campaigns; target specified member subgroups; and set up triggered and automatic emails such as thank you letters, renewal reminders, and event invitations.

Not only will this save you time, but it will also allow you to track the success of your communication and engagement activities in the future.


YourMembership is a great place to start for new organizations looking for basic membership management features.

However, YourMembership still has a long way to go to offer quality association management software. Their design is quite outdated and most of its features are barely functional.

On the other hand, GroupApp is the ideal YourMembership alternative that helps you build your community and sell memberships and even online courses all in one place.

Whether you’re a chef trying to share your secret recipes with your community or a YouTuber looking to share your creator expertise through online courses, GroupApp has all the tools you need.

Try GroupApp for free and get to enjoy most of our amazing community-building tools.


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