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How Wealth Nation Generated $29,268 in Membership Subscriptions in 3 Weeks

When we say that we will help you build a thriving online community, we mean it.

Today we get to share another success story with you. This time you will get acquainted with Wealth Nation – a company that made $29,268 in membership subscriptions in just three weeks using GroupApp.

About Wealth Nation

Darius and Carmen Britt founded Wealth Nation to help entrepreneurial and ambitious individuals feeling frustrated and trapped by their finances discover the fundamental rules of the money game, break free with true financial independence, and own their own lifestyles.

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They’ve been helping people build real independent wealth and freedom for over five years now and have already generated over $75 million for their clients with a financial system they call Lifestyle Banking.

Community Goals

Wealth Nation’s goal was to build a membership community that would allow them to continue to provide premium education to their customers and give them a space to connect and collaborate with each other.

With this goal in mind, they tried several different options: Facebook groups, Patreon page, Clickfunnels, etc. but no solution fit their needs perfectly;

  • Facebook groups came down to being a messenger platform with lots of content that would distract their members.
  • Patreon page could not support online courses when they had it and didn’t give them complete ownership over the community.
  • Clickfunnel’s membership functionality left a lot to be desired and felt more like an online course tool than a community software.

So they kept looking for a new solution – one that would have all the features they were looking for to build an online community. Luckily, they found GroupApp.

The solution

Finding out about GroupApp was the number one step in their success story. GroupApp offers everything they were looking for:

  • Online courses
  • Membership subscription
  • Online Community software.

There are a couple of things Wealth Nation did well using GroupApp that contributed to their success story.

Switching to paid membership community from free

This was a significant change for Wealth Nation, as they already had subscribers and followers from the previous community or social network platforms.

Darius and Carmen developed two pricing options for their membership community:

  • $997/year
  • $2997/lifetime.

The lifetime option is for members who want to lock in an early discount and get access to the community for life without paying yearly.

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Turning courses into a live 4-week coaching program

Darius and Carmen Britt are good examples of people who understand the value of community. They knew that almost every company offers online courses to their community members, and they wanted to do something different.

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Instead of online courses, Wealth Nation decided to do a Live 8-week coaching program called The Process to educate their community members and give them the opportunity to interact with each other. For eight weeks straight, they organized live educational sessions for all the members and ensured that the recording of each was uploaded later to the community to get long-term access to it.

They found that this 8-week coaching program was a perfect solution for engaging their clients and prospective clients, as getting the chance to learn live from Darius and Carmen was a much-valued opportunity.

Email campaign

Switching from free to paid membership and an entirely new community platform is something that requires pre-planned change management. Darius and Carmen created a 7-day email marketing campaign that promoted their new membership community.

All the emails led people to the Wealth Nation membership landing page to convert people on their email list to paying community members.


In just three weeks, Wealth Nation made an incredible $29,268 in membership subscription revenue using GroupApp.


Bear in mind that Wealth Nation expects higher revenue returns from their membership community as old clients who were given one year of access to their membership community convert into paying members.

Keys to Success

In our interview with Wealth Nation founders, Carmen Britt highlights the primary keys to their success.

  1. Use GroupApp
    • If you want to build a thriving online community using only one software – choose GroupApp. It has all the features you could need, and everything is under the same roof.
  2. Be very specific about what you offer
    • everyone is starting their paid membership communities, so you need to be very specific about what your clients will get if they pay to access your community.
  3. Over-deliver always
    • put your customers first and ensure that you not only deliver what you promised but you over-deliver everything. These small actions and steps are what keep your members engaged and loyal to your community.

Final thoughts

If you enjoyed reading about Wealth Nation’s success story, we believe you would enjoy even more building your own. You can sign up to GroupApp today and start your journey of building a thriving online paid membership community. Best of luck!

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