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Ultimate Guide to Kajabi Courses

New-age technology allows you to create good content and turn your hobby into a prosperous and profitable business. Kajabi courses are just an example of the combination of internet technology and human creativity to improve your regular income.

Signing up to online platforms opens many new possibilities, such as dynamic online courses that attract paying customers to your products.

In this article, we will cover:

  • What is Kajabi University
  • Top 5 Kajabi course examples
  • How to start own online course
  • Complete pricing of Kajabi platform
  • Is Kajabi worth it
  • Alternatives to the Kajabi platform.

Knowing that every start can be a little tricky, we have created an ultimate guide to help Kajabi course creators launch their online courses.

Introducing Kajabi University

Creators can use Kajabi University to fill knowledge gaps, launch an online course, and start a new business.

Premade courses are enlisted from the basic through advanced to the expert level to enable customers to learn all the primary skills needed to launch an online business.

Prepare yourself for all challenges that an online business brings and be able to on your own:

  • Build an online course
  • Create and design a website
  • Create a membership site & community
  • Create markering plan

Kajabi software introduced course creators to an all-in-one-tool package and all the training you will need.

Top 5 Kajabi Course Examples in 2022

Inspiring quotes and thoughts can be moving, but nothing compares to a motivational boost when you see actual models of successful people who have started their careers with the same resources as you.

Currently, over 25 000 entrepreneurs are creating with the Kajabi team, and here are our top 5 Kajabi course examples:

Jane Cavanaghs Musical Courses

Image source

Jane Cavanagh is a music teacher who selflessly shares her passion and love for music. Thanks to today’s technologies, the world is a nobler place because Jane managed to present her teaching skills in flute technique to anyone who needs help.

Using Kajabi software, Jane founded the Flute academy, which contains a dozen free video mini-lessons, presenting flute techniques in the most intricate ways and offering a wealth of tips on perfecting your talent with even tiny tweaks.

Jane is an excellent example of a user who took advantage of Kajabi’s ingenious features: the sale funnel and email marketing. With the help of the sales funnel options, Jane attracts her paying customers a step closer to her most important product, the Flute Academy.

Jane presents her 30-day interactive video course. These video lessons cost $790, but with Kajabi flexible payment feature, there is an option to pay ten monthly payments of $79. This course opens four times a year in January, April, July and October.

Debra Roberts, Online Communication Course

Image source

Debra Roberts is a conversational expert, trauma consultant and developer of the Relationship protocol. For more than 25 years, she has established cooperation with more than 5000 clients and businesses.

Using Kajabi, Debra has created a safe place for many clients who need help and aim to establish healthy communication and relationships among each other, both professionally and personally.

Debra took advantage of all the benefits of the Kajabi features and offered her work products in online courses and e-books.

Right Your Relationship program is the flagship product that sells for $2,000 or two monthly payments of $1,100. It’s a 10-week online workshop that teaches the tools necessary to communicate your feelings confidently, wants, needs, and thoughts.

She also created digital products in the form of e-books that are free to download from her website.

Kim Eagle, Online Fitness Classes Course

Image source

Kim Eagle is an online personal trainer & nutrition coach.

Her collaboration with Kajabi made it possible to help people in need and develop a very profitable business.

Kim noticed the flaw of the urban world, and that is that we often neglect our bodies in pursuit of everyday obligations. She founded an entire course at Kajabi and uses her fitness knowledge as course material to help clients lose weight and get in the best shape of their lives.

Visiting Kim’s website, clients can access many free video lessons, with topics encompassing fitness workouts, yoga seances and many nutritional pieces of advice. There is also an option to help you pick a program created explicitly by your needs and desires.

Additionally, the Kim store contains many other digital products like 15$ e-books and 200$ video courses. People who want to pay extra will be offered private coaching sessions and nutritional advice.

The community gladly accepted Kim’s working plan, and she soon became an award-winning online coach.

The Success Academy: A Guide-Ways to Succeed

Image source

The Success Academy describes itself as a “place where the world’s highest achievers go to learn” without any modesty.

The website store offers beautiful online courses with prominent speakers like Jhon Wooden and Jim Rohn. They entered the online e-learning industry to spread out all the necessary educational talks in personal motivation, self-improvement and Well-Being.

Featured courses such as Jims Rohn’s 90 Days to Financial Mastery and Challenge to Succeed can be paid as one payment of $99, or you can choose three payments plan of $39.

Alternatively, you can find numerous tips and bits of advice for your career, exercises and worksheets by signing to 10 weeks online coach session Pyramid of Success featuring John Wooden.

Abstract Paintings Course

Image source

David M. Kessler is a renowned artist who has turned his hobby into a profitable business. He is an abstract painter who teaches abstract painting through an online course.

Making abstract paintings is just one of many Kajabi course examples that testifies a talented person’s success and the intention to present himself to the world.

When starting a business, people’s biggest fear is whether hobbies or talents are enough to make a good profit.

It turns out that people are willing to buy finished online products.

So far, David has not been in a situation where he lacked paying customers. He is selling his abstract painting course for a one-time payment price of $397 or two monthly payments of $199.

How to Create Online Courses With Kajabi

Online courses are becoming more and more popular. The main reasons for this are:

  • The home’s comfort instead of the school premises.
  • The possibility to educate many people.
  • The constantly decreasing price of eLearning options.
  • The opportunity to acquire vital skills.

According to Research and Markets, the eLearning industry will skyrocket its market value to $325 billion by 2025.

Let’s dive now into the basics of online course creation.

Different Types of Online Courses

Different course creators approach work in different ways. However, we are all the same in one thing – we all started from scratch.

As already mentioned, opting for online courses is a profitable occupation.

Many creators are constantly finding new ways to present their content, so dozens of different courses today can be described today. Still, here we will try to summarise only the most important in a few basic categories:

Introductory Course

The name of this one is self-explanatory. Creating an introductory course means introducing your expertise to students and clients and providing them with all the basic stuff they need. Examples of such learning platform practices at universities last for a month, and the teachers should spend 3-5 hours per week on the course.

Transformative Learning

Compared to the previous type, this course gives you results at the expert level. It goes beyond simply acquiring knowledge and immersing oneself in how clients find meaning and understanding in their lives.

Certification courses

Certification courses offer completion certificates to students. These courses last for a more extended period, from a few months to one year or more. Certified Meeting Professionals and Commercial Pilot Licenses are just examples of courses people take.

How to Create Online Courses With Kajabi

Here you are, scrolling through various websites searching for information that will be useful to you. The dynamism of online businesses may be something to be prepared for, but if you lay a simple foundation, the business will go by itself. So we will now try to introduce you to the beginnings of your first course in the simplest way.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Online Courses With Kajabi

Course creation begins with the essential equipment that everyday man almost certainly possesses, like a computer, smartphone and internet connection.

However, equipment is not a guarantee of success as much as the carefully crafted course and valuable topics covered in the course that suit the target audience.

Here is our step-by-step guide on how to create online courses using Kajabi.

Identify Your Business Niche

Try to recognize in yourself your best talent or skill that people would find interesting and for which would also spend the time and some money to master.

The choice of topic is sometimes apparent if you are already skilled in a specific area, for example :

  • Knowledge of foreign languages
  • Possession of knowledge of art
  • understanding of human psychology and behaviour
  • Skills in dancing, singing, modelling

Sometimes people make mistakes if they choose a topic that is too extensive. This may not necessarily be wrong, but experience has shown that people value specific things, such as special drawing techniques where they learn how even tiny tweaks can make a difference.

As an example of some of the general niches and the Kajabi course examples, we single out the following :

  • Stress Management
  • Lifestyle
  • Health & Fitness
  • Pet Care/Training
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Travel
  • Music
  • Video
  • Marketing
  • Home Improvement

Once you decide on a topic, start gathering all the necessary information to cover all aspects of your lecture.

Try to have some free personal development information that is always welcome. Approach the preparation of materials on time, responsibly and thoughtfully to get similar feedback. Always be vary that the sources of information must be reliable, and the techniques you teach have already been tested with successful results.

Identify Your Target Audience

The second important step is identifying the target audience – which means identifying their needs, desires, opportunities, likes and dislikes.

Depending on how helpful people find your course, they will stay longer, join the membership sites and ideally spread the word about your practice to their friends and loved ones.

To attract the target audience to your own course, you need to research the current market. As in any business, supply needs to meet demand.

It’s entirely okay that there are people who your teachings won’t tempt, but that’s why you will have a community with which you will develop a special bond of mutual prosperity and benefits.

Here are examples of target populations:

  • Children
  • Preschoolers
  • Teens
  • Midteens
  • Adults
  • Men or Women

Create the content of your course to be tailored to the group you are presenting, and keep in mind that individual users may be complete amateurs or professionals in their field.

Create Your Own Online Course Curriculum

Before you start recording, put everything you have prepared for your students on paper. See your content from a client’s perspective if you think you’ve succeeded in making learning fun, if you believe that students won’t feel overwhelmed, you did a good job and feel free to pat yourself on the back.

Course material should be divided evenly, depending on the plan that suits your pace. The material you present does not have to be highly professional, but it should be more than what you would find by just googling.

Some course creators like to schedule their lessons as a drip-feed model. Others create long-term courses and teach more information at once.

  • The simplest way to conceptualize a lecture is to divide it into
  • Intro
  • Instructions
  • Actions

Image source

Don’t forget always to follow the progress of your students. The Kajabi offers an option of numerous milestones and great features that will further motivate students to continue to absorb their knowledge online.

Record Your Course

The main things have been resolved. Now we need to look at the presentation of the course. Just like content, the video you record sells online courses. To prove it to you, look at the statistical marketing report cited that videos helped grow revenue by 49%.

It’s easy to say, “be confident.” However, It is normal to have a concern and record your course multiple times until you are satisfied with the outcome. As long as you do what fulfils you, your clients will recognize it, and the only thing that will be important to them is to know that the knowledge online is passing from the person who is passionate about it.

Your advantage is that you create your content from a safe place. Arrange the space as you see fit, or use background motives to match your presenting theme. The possibilities are endless, and almost every leads to a successful online business.

One more step – Sell Online Courses

Now it is only a matter of time before your first clients will join you.

Let’s go back to the title of this story and note that there are few platforms explicitly designed for Kajabi creators like you. Kajabi makes the onboarding process of starting an online course and welcoming customers more manageable.

Using only one platform to create courses and eventually sell courses online has helped many entrepreneurs. By simply registering and selecting the desired package, you get a partner for all the tools you ever needed to create courses.

With built-in product blueprints, you can choose to submit your digital product.

You do not need any prior knowledge of web design or coding. Kajabi has simplified most technical things through a drag and drop editor. It’s up to you to build courses, add videos and enjoy your success online.

Last But Not Least – Pricing your online business

Image source

It is easy to find yourself wondering how much to charge for your services. You don’t want the price of your course to be too high and reject clients, nor do you want to be in the red.

It is challenging to get the average price of courses due to their variety, but the ranges usually range from $50-$200. According to some creators, advice:

  • Don’t price your course on its length
  • Research competition
  • Test different price tags

By choosing one of the modern platforms, you also get a specific marketing plan. With the help of email marketing, sales funnels and generating leads, boost your work and sell online courses successfully.

Complete Guide To Kajabi Pricing

With Kajabi offers, you can choose from three different business models. It’s up to you whether you want to be billed annually or monthly, and for the most undecided creators, there is a 14-day free trial. The way you start a business will affect your other earnings, and these are some of their characteristics:

Basic Plan

The price of this plan is $119/per month. It allows you to sell three different products, three pipelines, 10 000 contacts, 1000 active members, one website, one admin user.

Growth Plan

This plan costs $159/month. You can sell 15 products, 15 pipelines, have 25 000 contacts, 10 000 active members, one website, and ten admin users. Additionally, you can also run your affiliate program and remove the “powered by Kajabi” branding from the footer of your pages.

Pro Plan

The Pro plan costs $319/month. It is designed for large online course businesses with big teams and many different courses. The Pro plan allows you to sell 100 products, three sites, 20,000 active members, 100,000 contacts, and 25 admin user accounts.

With every plan comes unlimited landing pages and marketing emails, Assessments (Quizzes & Surveys), Chat support and 0% transaction fees.

There is an option to upgrade or downgrade the existing plan anytime or cancel the subscription within 30 days of your first payment.

If you are not sure what is the best plan for your business, you can always try 14 days Kajabi free trial as a part of the Kajabis free plan.

Choosing growth before a basic plan may sound too risky. But different experiences say the same thing. The highest profits were made by creators who created for a more extended period.

Beginning with the growth plan is worthwhile if you spend your time online professionally. The transaction fees cost is always 0% regardless of the service used.

Another thing to mention is that Kajabi allows you to connect to a custom domain through a third party domain provider.

The following section will address all the pros and cons of Kajabi and all the alternatives worth mentioning.

Pros & cons

There are always two sides to the coin. Here are some of the most frequently mentioned pros and cons of a Kajabi platform:


  • All-in-one platform
  • Reliable customer service
  • Various marketing tools to help you promote your products


  • High cost of software investment
  • Limited assessment customisation
  • Inability to give certificates to students who have completed the course

Is Kajabi Worth It?

The best way we can assess whether a platform is worth it is through reviews and experiences of previous users.

The all in one tool feature has revolutionized the way content is created. While it used to be necessary to include 5-6 applications for creating content, today, it is possible to do only one software.

However, Kajabi is not perfect and definitely not the only solution.

The high price is one of the downsides of Kajabi and the main reason people seek other solutions. Other cons reflect in limited tools for customization and the inability to issue certificates to people that have completed one of your courses.

Is Kajabi worth it?

This depends only on your goals and ambitions. We would like to introduce alternatives that might suit you better.

Alternatives to Kajabi

Here are the best platforms to try out instead of Kajabi:


GroupApp is Kajabi’s best alternative. It is a place that provides you with all the necessary resources to build a community and start an online business with different sources of income.

Commitment to building a good community is reflected in many opportunities such as events, different membership tiers and community channels. As the key to successful cooperation, communication occurs at all levels between you and your members.

To help you increase your revenue, GroupApp has prepared a whole range of marketing services.

With all the creative possibilities, this software has kept its user-friendly form. In this way, all activities are simple, and no matter how incompetent you think you are, working on this platform will make you feel like you’ve been on it all your life.

There is practically no segment in which GroupApp lags behind Kajabi. With unparalleled customer support and all marketing services to help you increase your revenue, this platform promises the fulfilment of all your business ambitions.

The most apparent advantage that GroupApp has over Kajabi is its affordability. GroupApp has two plans, which are much easier to fit into different budget plans. The pro plan is $59 per month, while the Premium costs $189 per month.


Image Source

New Zenler is an online course-making platform that, just like Kajabi, tried to become an all-in-one tool solution to all the problems creators face. It is one of the freshest but at the same time the fastest growing platform on the market.

NewZenler features an adequate course builder that contains all the equipment needed for course creation. Created courses support many types of data such as texts, videos, live broadcasts, audio and many others.

There is the possibility of tracking courses over the phone, but this feature is not fully optimized, and there is still no suitable application.

In addition to courses, New Zenler has learning tools that make learning more engaging through interactive content such as quizzes. Establishing a community and membership is simple and benefits students in the form of notifications and higher functions in the use of the course.

When it comes to pricing, New Zenler has a Pro plan with the current price of $67/month and The premium plan of $197/month.


Image Source

ClickFunnels is a platform that focuses on helping you create pages within the sales flow and reap all the marketing benefits to make a profit.

There is a big difference between the Kajabi and ClickFunnesl platforms, and that is that Kajabi functions as an all-in-one tool while ClickFunnels specializes in creating sales funnels. The good thing is that these two platforms can complement each other.

Using the Kajabis potential to build your website and community and the ClickFunnels for marketing and membership sites would cover all crucial aspects of the business.

When comparing prices, ClickFunnels has a slight advantage. There are two plans on offer, Basic and The Platinum plan.

Choosing a Basic plan, you will be charged $97 per month and gain access to features like 100 pages, three payment gateways, 20 funnels, and many others.

The Platinum plan comes with $297 per month but contains more possibilities such as unlimited funnels and pages and nine payment gateways.

Final Thoughts

Finding a single platform that plays the role of your online business partner is a crucial step and can show a vast difference in all your future projects. That is a process that should not be easy, given the importance and impact that an individual platform can achieve, as proved by the many people who use the right platform to create and earn.

The opportunity to build your community and get paid for what you love is offered in many places, and our choice is GroupApp. It has a user-friendly approach and excellent price for business plans. Start creating and selling online courses with GroupApp.

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