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Ultimate review – Features, pricing, and alternatives

What is a Community Platform?

A community platform is a software that allows you to create a safe and secure online community. It’s becoming evident that most of us are members of different online communities in the modern era.

Online communities have a dominant social component, benefiting us in many ways; they bring us together, help us find people who share our values, and help us share knowledge. Furthermore, online communities help create a unique marketplace where different brands and entrepreneurs can gain loyal followers.

Community platforms help you create your social network and connect with your audiences, partners, customers, employees under your brand.

Nowadays, information technology is so evolved that having an online engaging customer community is more accessible to obtain than ever. With a safe social platform, you can share ideas and learn from each other with a collaborative approach.

Create a space where members connect with your company, share knowledge, and offer candid feedback with minimum effort!

The best community platforms are customizable, easy to use, easy to moderate, provide a seamless experience and a modern design, and scale with member growth.

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Why do you need a community platform for your business?

A community platform is a powerful tool for bringing people together and propelling your business forward.

Suppose you are creating a membership site, online course community, or you need a place for customers to interact; you need a community platform to collect product reviews, promote customer self-service and acquire actionable insights.

It’s crucial to build your online customer community and connect with potential future clients as a business owner. Having a cloud computing community platform able to facilitate engaging discussions will boost customer engagement and loyalty.

Keep in mind that behind every successful business or product, there is a group of satisfied customers. The critical part is to notice the importance of engaging with the target audience and investing in customer support.

To create an engaging customer community, you need to learn your options and choose the best community platform suitable for your business. Moreover, content created in your community will get indexed by search engines and further boost your brand’s visibility.

This article is intended to help you make a more informed decision when choosing the right community platform for your business.

Find out all you need to know about the Tribe community platform and other popular alternatives.

We will cover:

  • What is Tribe?
  • How does Tribe work?
  • Is Tribe for you?
  • Tribe features
  • Tribe pricing options
  • Real user reviews
  • Alternatives
  • GroupApp

What is Tribe?

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The Tribe is a cloud-based community platform, fully customizable, made with a collection of social media best practices with one main goal – to help your businesses launch branded online communities. Tribe platform is primarily designed for enterprise-grade customer communities.

By choosing Tribe, you can make your customer community both private and public. Tribe makes the community experience complete by allowing community members to ask questions, create user posts, comment, participate in polls, upload videos, etc.

The Tribe can also work as a community website and be integrated into a product or website. Furthermore, Tribe offers a comprehensive API, embeddable widgets, and third-party apps to improve the community’s functionality.

A Canadian tech company developed this cloud-based community platform, allowing you to start a modern community with no code software. With the Tribe, you can track your community users via Google analytics.

How does Tribe work?

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Tribe community platform has several key elements: community platform, apps, widgets, direct third party integrations, comprehensive API, and webhooks.

Community Platform

The Tribe community platform is driven by a set of new and interesting features you can customize to fit your business branding and needs.

These features include custom domain, activity stream, member profile, groups, topics, gamification, and moderation.


Widgets are designed to improve the community experience. You can embed selected community components, such as topics and discussions, into your business website and product.

The Tribe has carefully customized the feel and the look of the widgets to match clients’ brand guidelines.

Tribe’s third-party integrations

Tribe integrates external tools from popular third-party apps such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and HubSpot, up to 20+ different direct integrations.

Tribe’s third-party integrations will help you automate your workflow.


You can install apps in your community to improve the community’s functionality and get better customer engagement. Tribe team offers apps that can extend the capabilities of your community and help retain more customers. You can build your original apps too.

Commonly used apps include Virtual currencies, SEO Boost, Zapier integration, Welcome Email, and Social Login.

API based deployment and Webhooks

With a comprehensive API offered, you can access and control each activity inside your customer community. Slack or web hooks will allow you to notify external web services about the activities inside the Tribe community.

Is Tribe for you?

The Tribe is an amazing platform suitable for software companies, e-commerce and retail, consumer online services, influencers, incubators and accelerators, membership associations, alumni groups, startups, and pre-existing Forums.

Team Tribe helped more than 10,000 communities worldwide and in diverse industries to connect their customers and followers.

Tribe community platform helped both small startups and business companies and large companies, such as IBM, Pipedrive, ConvertKit, ASUS, and Decathlon.

Tribe features

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Team Tribe has developed multiple interesting features for both the admins and community members. We can roughly divide them into the following categories:

Community Building

These tools include email integration, social network integration, and contacts sync.

Community Improvement

Community experience benefits from features such as multilingual surveys and gamification. Tribe helps you make a multilingual community, as its user interface supports more than 25 languages.

Also, the Tribe offers built-in SEO practices, like schema markups and meta tags that will present your community content in the most optimized form.

Customer Analytics

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Team Tribe offers analytics as customer intelligence, customer engagement, and downloadable reports. Google Analytics helps you record your community activities as Google analytics events, track key metrics, and score community success.

Community Management

The Tribe has multiple community management features: qualitative solutions, advanced portal features, and an all-in-one dashboard.

Q&A Tools

Customer experience is heavily influenced by tags, commenting, and system notifications features.

Tags are an efficient and fast way to narrow down discussions based on customers’ interests and organize community posts.

Tribe pricing options

The Tribe has four main packages with different price options:

  • Basic ($0/month)
  • Plus ($59/month)
  • Premium ($239/month)
  • Enterprise (contact sales team)


For an annual subscription, team tribe offers more affordable pricing (package Plus $49/month and Premium $199/month)

These packages offer different main features; with the basic package, the features are minimal.

The Tribe also has an option of a 14-day Premium free trial, with no credit card requirements.

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Tribe community platform – Real user reviews

When choosing the right product for you, it’s always handy if genuine user reviews are available. According to, 77 users have rated the Tribe platform’s overall experience, ease of use, and customer service as 4.8/5 stars. Also, they have reported what they think are the pros and cons of the Tribe, and the most relevant are the following:


  • I made a professional scale website, transferred domains, and connected it to Adsense, all for free. The Tribe is genuinely one of the best out there in what they do, and I would recommend it.”
  • Having a well-designed platform like this makes the experience positive for all users, and this includes the admin role.”
  • “I’m using the free version of Tribe right now while establishing it as a platform with my users. It was really easy to set up and great quality considering there’s no payment needed.”
  • “I really like how Tribe feels like our own exclusive social media site – enabling members and admin to customize our experience.”


  • “We were on the verge of finalizing another tool for our community portal. After I saw Tribe, there was no looking back.”
  • “No mobile app to download with notifications on the mobile phone.”
  • “No built-in messaging functionality and bad integration with Telegram.”
  • “Only after installing the software and building out the community and getting 40 user accounts signed up in the first week did I realize this insane limitation.”




If you are interested in finding the right community management platform for you, you should consider GroupApp as a reasonable choice. Make a modern community with superb user engagement.

GroupApp community platform stands out amongst the competitors because it offers complete customization of content, wide-raging posting capability, great functionality, and excellent support.


With GroupApp, you can create and publish online courses directly in your online community, without any distractions, and on your terms. Merging your online classes into your community will improve the customers’ learning experience.

The whole point is to store all your digital products as resources to your members and sell them directly to anyone in your community. With GroupApp, you can create a paid online community that will support you to do what you love.

Charging membership subscriptions is one of the GroupApp platform’s critical elements, powered by membership tiers, free trial, billing dashboard, and other unique features.


We encourage you to upload and sell your eBooks and PDFs, promote and sell group coaching, monetize your knowledge and grow your business on our platform.

With GroupApp’s other advantages, such as accessibility, you can build a mobile community.

GroupApp’s cloud infrastructure provides a mobile-friendly experience for all devices, letting you connect with your paying customers from every device and offer prompt customer support. GroupApp is available on both an iOS and Android operating system.

In addition, you also have access to email notifications, trial periods coupons, custom domain names, and direct third party integration. Furthermore, you can easily track the data and analytics through the admin dashboard.

Like that wasn’t enough, the GroupApp provides you with a bunch of extra features, such as:

  • Members Profile, allowing users to connect.
  • Community activity feed that enables members to leave comments, share a post, and follow compelling topics.
  • Posting features, allowing creators and members to write a post, upload photos, ask questions, and share videos.
  • In-app and email notifications you can send to your community members.
  • Send invitations to other members to join your community.
  • Privacy Settings feature, allowing you to either share your community with the public or set privacy settings to your community members only.
  • Paid channels feature: made for sharing premium content in specific community channels and offering members an upgrade to access it.
  • Export your data without any restrictions.
  • Custom Domain feature helps you maintain a consistent branding experience and attract community traffic to your website.

GroupApp pricing plans

It’s important to note that GroupApp is also a more affordable option than Tribe.

There are three main pricing plans, starting from as low as 0$ a month!

You can choose between:

  • Free Plan – designed for personal projects and aspiring creators. With this free package, you can create a community of up to 100 members and manage three community channels for free.
  • Pro Plan – designed for growing businesses and creators. For $59/month, you can foster up to 10000 members and manage 30 different community channels.
  • Premium Plan – created for large organizations and brands. This option lets you engage a much larger audience of up to 100 000 people on 100 community channels for 189$/month.

Other popular alternatives


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Hivebrite is very similar to Tribe, as it’s also an all-in-one community management and engagement platform.

Similarly, Hivebrite is designed to help users build brand engagement and establish their private community.

Reviewers say that compared to Tribe, Hivebrite is slower to reach a return on investment and a more expensive option.

Mighty Networks

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Mighty Networks are another alternative to Tribe, as it enables entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations to grow their community-powered brand.

Similar to Hivebrite, user reviews say compared to Tribe, Mighty Networks is more expensive and slower to reach ROI.

Final thoughts

The need for a community and supporting platforms for connecting people is constantly rising and has become even more evident during the pandemic. As a result, there are many people interested in engaging in online communities and online courses.

On the other hand, learning online and connecting with people is easier than ever, only a click away. As a business owner, an entrepreneur, or a self-employed individual, it is necessary to put these circumstances to good use.

However, being busy with work, you don’t have time to be active on every social media that exists. We advise you to narrow down your choices and select the right platform that will help you focus your efforts, save time and money, and get the best return on your investments.

Bear in mind that a satisfied community member will attract new subscribers, and as a result, help your business expand.

To sum up, choosing Tribe is generally a good idea. The Tribe is a solid all-in-one community management and engagement platform.

However, it does have some downsides, like not having a mobile app, slow response time for customer service requests, lack of customization options, and relatively expensive pricing plans.


Considering Tribe’s disadvantages and unaffordable pricing, the GroupApp might be a better value for money platform with all the right tools to improve your business!

If you’re looking for a community management platform, make sure you visit the GroupApp website because it may be the right one for you! We encourage you to create and manage a thriving online community that will propel your business beyond the competition.


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