Dornubari Vizor April 17, 2023

The Ultimate Kartra Review (Features, Pricing, & Alternatives)

Ultimate Kartra Review

Digital entrepreneurs are always seeking one-stop solutions to avoid spending excessively on multiple tools and to prevent customers from juggling between various platforms. An all-in-one platform is the need of the hour, as it simplifies the process and makes it easier for both the customer and the entrepreneur to conduct online business.

Kartra is one such all-in-one marketing platform that offers several marketing tools in one place. However, not all platforms are created equal. So, is this all-in-one solution worth it?

In this review, I will discuss the platform in detail, including its features, pros, cons, and much more. This review will help you make an informed decision.

Kartra – Overview

Kartra is an all-in-one platform for launching, marketing, managing, and growing a digital product business.

Kartra was created in 2018 as an all-in-one platform for business management. It has gained traction due to its well-integrated nature, which saves time and costs while providing excellent functionality for online businesses.

So, how can you use Kartra?

There is a feature for almost everything you need to run a fully-functional digital business. You can create, launch, and manage your entire business using Kartra. Additionally, you can run digital marketing campaigns, execute email marketing, create webpages, and set up advanced marketing automation.

Who Is Kartra Well-Suited For?

Kartra is a platform well-suited for anyone offering digital products or services online. However, it is only recommended for beginners looking to kick-start their online business.

The platform is best for small business owners, solopreneurs, course creators, online coaches, consultants, membership sites, and agencies.

On the other hand, Kartra may not be suitable for entrepreneurs with established setups, advanced business needs, or those with a large number of leads.

Kartra Features

Let’s talk about the features that make Kartra an all-in-one platform. All of its stand-alone features integrate well with each other.

1 – Kartra Page Builder

Ultimate Kartra Review

Kartra enables you to create web pages such as sales and landing pages using a robust page builder. The drag-and-drop editor allows you to create a stunning website easily. You get over 500 templates to choose from, so you can have a customizable and mobile-friendly website up and running in no time.

You can add all kinds of on-page elements, including accordions, maps, carousels, navigation buttons, menus, images, and pop-up windows with information. Plus, you can incorporate pop-ups for lead capture, videos, exits, and additional information. You can also add checkout and lead capture forms.

Once you create a webpage with the Kartra Page Builder, you can either publish it to your domain or Kartra.

2 – Kartra Checkout

Ultimate Kartra Review

One of the primary features digital sellers focus on is Kartra Checkout. It allows you to manage sales, subscriptions, payment plans, offers, and coupons. Plus, you can boost revenue with upsells, downsells, and cross-sales.

You have the flexibility to design your checkout pages, and you can sell unlimited products by setting multiple price points. Kartra takes it to the next level with 1-click transactions. It remembers previous customers and autofills their information. Additionally, you can set up both single-step and multi-step checkout forms using Kartra Checkouts.

3 – Kartra Email

Ultimate Kartra Review

Kartra Email allows you to send targeted emails based on user behavior and activity, and personalize emails based on the data you have about them.

With Kartra Emails, you can fully automate your email marketing campaigns. The platform sends all follow-up emails as directed by you. Plus, Kartra’s Sequence Builder allows you to create smart, automated email sequences.

You can also A/B split test your emails to boost click-through rates and conversions. Once the A/B split testing is complete, the email with the winning subject line will be automatically sent to the rest of your email list.

All Kartra emails are fully analyzed for real-time data such as open rates, click rates, spam complaints, unsubscribes, and revenue generated.

4 – Kartra Affiliate Portal (Affiliate Management System)

Ultimate Kartra Review

With Kartra Affiliate, you can screen and manage the best affiliates for your business. The Kartra Affiliate Marketplace makes it easy to find and hire professional affiliates. Kartra also allows you to create a safe affiliate program by setting up “Terms & Conditions” and inviting questionnaires for affiliates.

Each affiliate has a dashboard that you can view, including affiliate analytics to monitor sales, clicks, rebills, and conversions. Additionally, you can set multiple affiliate program tiers with special commission structures.

But that’s not all! You can even set sales limits for your affiliates to unlock payments and commission percentages. Kartra gives you full control over your affiliate programs and manages them accordingly.

5 – Kartra Leads

Ultimate Kartra Review


Kartra understands the importance of leads, such as prospects, customers, and affiliates, for any business. That’s why it provides an advanced lead management system that gives you a wide range of lead insights, including lifetime dollar value, subscriptions, purchases, email stats, support tickets, and more.

Using the platform, you can track each lead’s journey with your business. The system analyzes behavioral patterns, helping you learn how a lead navigates through your sales funnel. This also enables you to detect and fix any problem points.

But that’s not all.

Kartra’s Lead Management system also allows you to tag and score your leads. The tagging feature lets you qualify leads, while the scoring feature lets you quantify them.

All of these lead management features are designed to help you improve your marketing strategies.

6 – Kartra Integrations & API

Ultimate Kartra Review

By using Kartra Integrations and API, you can make your business processes more efficient. You can choose from the native integrations or create your own custom integration using their advanced API and IPN.

With the custom integration feature, you have the flexibility to design your own integration. Additionally, Kartra offers a Custom App Program that provides you with all the necessary tools to code and build your own custom integration with Kartra.

7 – Kartra Marketplace

Kartra aims to provide everything you need at your fingertips. One of its features is the Kartra Marketplace, a platform where you can buy or sell expertise, digital products, and resources. You can also hire talent for your business needs.

In addition to that, you can purchase pre-built marketing templates and sales funnels. Importing all of these resources is just a few clicks away, making it a great feature that saves time and effort in creating marketing funnels and allows you to start earning money right away.

With Kartra Marketplace, you can offer your product or service for free or for a fee, depending on your preference. Additionally, you can build your email list by offering a digital product or service for free and asking for an email address in exchange.

Ultimate Kartra Review

8 – Kartra Membership & Courses

Ultimate Kartra Review

Kartra Memberships allows you to host your courses, membership programs, communities, coaching programs, and resources using the Kartra platform.

This feature provides you with full flexibility and ease in creating your courses or coaching programs. You have access to a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor that enables you to structure lessons.

With the editor, you can create a custom-branded membership site using pre-built templates.

If you have several phases in your training or coaching program, you can use the drip content feature to release content over time. Simply set it up and Kartra’s automation will drip your content according to the schedule set or sign-ups. Each user will receive an automated email.

For your community or courses, you can define multiple access levels based on different membership plans.

Ultimate Kartra Review

In addition, Kartra provides advanced analytics to track the progress of your clients or students inside of your membership, course, or coaching program. This includes insights on active members, average retention, average content progression, time-to-complete, subscription rates, and unsubscribe rates.

Kartra also offers features to manage your community members. For each user, you can view a progression bar and member status.

Ultimate Kartra Review

Kartra also includes brilliant community management tools. You can promptly reply to your members through the comment section, and you have control over reviewing, approving, and holding any comments. Additionally, you can assign duties of community moderation to any of your team members.

9 – Kartra Helpdesks

Ultimate Kartra Review

Kartra takes customer support to a new level with its Helpdesks feature, which allows for robust automation in managing customer support. It provides customers with a proactive chat and ticket system.

One innovative possibility is that two agents can collaborate to tackle a ticket, resulting in faster and better resolutions. Any agent can instantly invite another to a live chat to collectively help out a customer.

Moreover, agents can respond with saved frequent responses with just one click through the Canned Messages feature.

The Helpdesks feature also manages email threads related to support tickets. When a customer responds, the email is automatically pasted into that customer’s ticket.

This robust customer support feature is powered by Kartra’s analytics.

10 – Additional Features

Here are some additional Kartra features.

  • Kartra Funnels & Campaigns
  • Kartra Videos
  • Kartra Survey & Quizzes
  • Kartra Forms
  • Kartra Calendars
  • Kartra Agency

Kartra Pricing

Let’s see where Kartra stands when it comes to pricing.

Ultimate Kartra Review

Kartra offers four plans, but it does not offer a free plan, which is a big drawback of the platform. However, you can take advantage of a $1 trial version of Kartra, which is a reasonably good deal.

All four Kartra plans include the following features.

Ultimate Kartra Review

Please note that “Kartra Agency is only available in the Silver, Gold, and Platinum plan. Basically, you get all the features in all plans but they have limits.

One great thing about Kartra is that it doesn’t hide any features behind a paywall, except for the Kartra Agency and Funnel Simulator in the Starter Plan. Customers can experience all the features, but with limitations.

You can receive a 25% discount if you opt for an annual billing cycle. Additionally, the platform offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with Kartra.

Overall, Kartra has reasonably priced plans that offer great functionality and features. The Starter plan, priced at $99, is well-suited for digital entrepreneurs looking to establish a fully-functioning business.

However, those starting with this plan will eventually need to jump to the upper plan due to its limitations and growing business needs.

Kartra Pros & Cons

Let’s round off the pros and cons of Karta for you to make an informed decision.

Kartra Cons

  • There is no free plan available for beginners to fully experience the platform.
  • The Starter plan by Kartra is very limited; for example, 2500 leads and 1500 emails are insufficient for many businesses, even small ventures that usually require more.
  • Due to its price and complexity, Kartra is not ideal for mid-scale business owners and beginners.
  • Kartra does not offer an inbound marketing facility built into the platform; you will have to integrate third-party apps or WordPress for blogs.
  • Although Kartra has a wide range of features, none of them stand out much in terms of quality and function.
  • Kartra does not offer any particular webinar feature; you will need to use a third-party app for that.
  • Overall, the platform is quite complex, and users might need to spend a lot of time learning how to operate it.

Kartra Pros

  • All features of Kartra complement each other. That makes it one of the best well-integrated platforms out there.
  • Another great thing about Karta is data integration. You can combine data from different features to power other features.
  • Kartra Marketplace is a unique feature that allows you to buy or sell digital products or services using the same platform. This saves time and cost.
  • All features of Kartra are powered by automation that accelerates the processes, making them more efficient.

Verdict – Is Kartra Worth It?

After closely analyzing the Kartra platform, I believe that it is more of a business management tool than marketing software, but it has some significant issues.

First, the platform lacks a webinar feature. This was surprising, given that Kartra was developed by entrepreneurs who created “WebinarJam”, one of the best webinar software out there. To host a live webinar on Kartra, one needs to use a third-party app.

Second, Kartra is not suitable for everyone. It is not well-suited for beginners, mid-scale business owners, or large businesses. For mid-scale business owners, the platform is very limited, complex, and expensive. For large businesses, the platform is not sufficient even if we use the Platinum features.

Third, Kartra does not offer an inbound marketing feature. This is surprising, considering that it is a business management tool that provides all the tools but lacks one of the most basic and essential features.

Despite these issues, Kartra offers numerous features and tools, which make it a platform worth trying if you feel that you need them all. However, if not, I recommend looking for tools and platforms that target specific problems or challenges that you may be facing in your business instead.

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