Jalil Hamdani June 20, 2024

The Best 14 Discord Alternatives for Community Building

14 Best Discord Alternatives

Discord is a gamer-favorite platform with a whopping 600+ Million users as of 2024. At its core, it’s a chat app that has become the go-to option for basic community-building and workplace communication. That makes it a one-size-fits-all tool.

Discord is packed with features like voice chat, video chat, private messaging, channels, and reactions. Not to forget its vibrant UI, starred by avatars. On top of that, it’s free, which makes it a no-brainer for quick adoption. 

Sounds like we have found the perfect tool, right? Unfortunately, NOT. You will soon start feeling the pinch of Discord’s limitations and downsides. The biggest one is that it limits your growth with no option for monetization. No customization, lack of security, cluttered channels, and other problems tag along. 

I don’t want these factors cramping your community’s growth and scalability. Let’s break free from the status quo and look for Discord alternatives. You need a platform that’s a one-size-fits-one rather than a one-size-fits-all solution.

Look no further. Here, I have a line-up of 14 apps like Discord to build a thriving online community. Whether you want to monetize community memberships or just create a tribe around a passion, this list has got you covered. 

To help you make a better decision, let’s talk about the features that you must look for in a Discord Alternative. These features can help you create a quality community experience.

5 Features To Look For In A Discord Alternative

We’ll discuss the features you should look for when choosing a Discord Alternative. Now, no app/platform is perfect but you might find all these features in one platform. Still, you must prioritize features that align well with your community’s needs and goals.

1 – Monetization 

Discord does not let you monetize your expertise but an alternative app can. Look for apps equipped with monetization features like pricing tiers, check-out pages, and lock screens. 

2 – Community Features

Do not compromise on community features! Pick a platform that offers a diverse range of community features. The most important feature that you must prioritize is “Channels”. Channels enable you to segment community members, organize discussions, and create a clutter-free space.

3 – Apps

A platform with desktop and mobile apps (both iOS & Android) is definitely favorable. Your members can access the community anytime and anywhere, across devices.

4 – Customization

While Discord falls short here, some platforms enable you to create a branded community with native options. Having the freedom to decide how your community looks is unmatched.

5 – Integrations 

Evaluate a platform’s ability to integrate with third-party apps. It’s even better if the platform offers a custom API feature that lets you expand the scope of your platform.

14 Best Discord Alternatives for Community Building

Let’s round off the 14 best alternatives to Discord for community building.

1 – GroupApp – All-in-One Learning Community Platform

Best Discord Alternative for Monetizing an Online Learning Community

GroupApp community Web interface and GroupApp mobile app interface

GroupApp is a community-building platform that lets you keep learning products such as courses and customized communities in one place. You can monetize community memberships, courses, and events separately.

Now, that’s something Discord cannot do for you. 

There’s more.

The Most Extensive Feature Set For Community Building!

GroupApp offers the most extensive feature set for community-building. It has everything you need to create and deliver a complete community experience.

Let’s round off the features you get:

Custom Onboarding: To offer a personalized onboarding experience with custom invite pages and experience.

Community Feed: A shared community space for your members to hang out.

Community Library: Lets you host and monetize community resources and doubles as a lead magnet.

Community Landing Pages: To create custom landing pages for your online community using lock screens to gate content with subscriptions.

#Channels: To organize content and discussions for seamless navigation.

Community Analytics: To monitor community performance and analyze metrics for data-driven decisions.

Posts: Members can share multimedia posts for fellow members to react, comment, and share.

Segments: To create groups and set custom access levels.

Moderation: To assign members roles and flag inappropriate content.

GroupApp also offers a range of top-notch features like customization, branding, SSO, white-labeling, third-party integrations, and custom API. The iOS and Android mobile apps make it easier for your members to access your online community anytime, anywhere. 

GroupApp Pricing

Each pricing plan has a free 14-day trial period and 0% transaction fees. You can save 10% on all plans with annual billing.

  • Basic Plan @ $49/mo
  • Pro Plan @ $109/mo
  • Business Plan @ $259/mo

Here’s a deep dive into GroupApp Pricing Plans.

2 – Slack

Discord Alternative for Workplace & Small Communities.

Slack Workplace

If Discord is for gamers, Slack is for professionals. Slack is a workplace staple for team collaboration and communication. You can also use Slack to create and manage small or close-knit online communities. 

The platform offers text and video chat options along with channels. What sets Slack apart from Discord is the ability to integrate with third-party apps like Asana, Mailchimp, and GitHub. Slack secures community data through end-to-end encryption.

Slack lets you create channels with custom access for sub-topics and organize discussions. It also facilitates private messaging, group chats, and 1:1 sessions. These features make it perfect for managing a small community.

The platform also offers a native mobile app, making your community accessible anywhere.

On the other hand, Slack lags in customization with no features like branding and white-labeling. Plus, there’s no built-in option for monetization.

Slack Pricing 

  • Free Plan @ $0/mo
  • Pro Plan @ $8.75/mo
  • Business+ Plan @ $15/mo
  • Enterprise Plan @ Custom Pricing

Click here to learn more about Slack Pricing.

3 – Skool

Discord Alternative for Online Coaches

Skool Community

Skool – a platform for community building that lets you monetize online courses as well. Using Skool, you can create, manage, and run your online community. Skool is well-suited for online coaches.

A Skool community feed is similar to a Facebook group feed. Community members can post multimedia files, embed links, attach PDFs, add polls, and use gifs and emojis. 

Plus, members can share posts to specific categories within the community. It helps in creating an organized feed with a complete experience. You can also pin your posts to appear at the top. Members can also communicate via DM.

This helps to create a good community experience. However, the platform does not offer any customization features. Skool only lets you sell courses. Members cannot charge a one-time fee or create multiple pricing tiers.

Plus, there’s no way you can segment your members for personalized learning. Lastly, you cannot assign member roles.

Skool Pricing

You can get a Skool subscription for $99 per month with a transaction fee of $2.9% + 3c per transaction. You can also avail of a 14-day free trial period. 

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4 – Flock

Discord Alternative for Medium-sized Online Communities and Remote Teams

Flock Interface

Here comes Flock – a Slack lookalike Discord alternative. Flock facilitates collaboration in online communities and teams through its features. You get several tools for messaging, project management, and video conferencing, making it suitable for an online community. 

Flock lets you create channels where members can exchange ideas and post multimedia. The video chat option facilitates 1:1 and group sessions with up to 20 participants.

Flock’s biggest strength is third-party app integration which helps to create an efficient collaboration ecosystem. Plus, you get features like reminders, to-do lists, and tasks. To top it off, Flock offers iOS and Android mobile apps.

Despite an array of features to manage an online community, there is no option for monetization. You will need an external tool to monetize community membership. 

Flock Pricing

  • Free Plan @ $0/mo
  • Pro Plan @ $4.50/mo per user
  • Enterprise Plan @ Custom Pricing

Click here for detailed Flock Pricing.

5 – Circle.so 

Discord Alternative for Small to Mid-sized Online Communities

Circle.so Interface

Circle.so is an online community platform. Its useful features help creators scale their communities through monetization. 

As a community-focused app, Circle.so is equipped with powerful features to build an engaging online community. “Spaces” is Circle’s star feature that lets you create a community space and group chats for your members to interact. 

The platform offers a centralized community dashboard, making navigation seamless for users through a unified search bar.

A community feed takes center stage, where you and your members can share posts. Circle also lets you monitor your community activity and performance through built-in analytics. 

Overall, Circle is rich in features but lacks a dedicated community library for resources. A few other drawbacks of Circle.so are the lack of native live-streaming and transaction fees on each plan.

Circle.so offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android. However, Circle’s mobile apps do not facilitate creators and admins. 

Circle.so Pricing

Circle.so offers four pricing plans with transaction fees on each plan and a 14-day free trial period.

  • Basic Plan @ $49/mo
  • Professional Plan @ $99/mo
  • Business Plan @ $219/mo
  • Enterprise Plan @ $399/m

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6 – Discourse

An Open-Source Discord Alternative for Community-Building

Discourse Interface

Discourse is an OG in community building and makes just the right alternative to Discord. It is a 100% open-source discussion platform perfect for hosting your online community. 

In 2013, Discourse started with a mission to democratize online community and teamwork for quality discussions through great features. Discourse has been able to do that very well!

The platform follows a forum-like layout with replies flowing down the page in line. Your members can chat in real-time, engage in discussions, post anonymously, and much more. On the other hand, admins can create channels for members, moderate discussions, and assign member roles. 

Discourse is a good option. However, the platform’s open-source nature does not eliminate the cost of hosting. You require a paid hosting service to run your online community with Discourse. Discourse also offers hosting plans that are on the pricier side.

Discourse Pricing

  • Basic Plan @ $50/mo
  • Standard Plan @ $100/mo
  • Business Plan @ $300/mo

Click here for detailed Discourse Pricing.

7 – Bettermode

Discord Alternative for Branded Communities

Bettermode Interface

Bettermode (Formerly Tribe) is a community app that focuses on building branded communities. Packed with features, Bettermode lets you create a complete community experience to complement your brand.

At Bettermode, Spaces are the building blocks of an online community and let you host content, chats, job listings, and Q&A. Bettermode offers a range of features for members like member roles, a member directory, custom profiles, and DM. 

Other notable Bettermode features include white-labeling, third-party integration, built-in SEO, embed tool, custom domain, and SSL certificate. 

Bettermode comes fully equipped with great features. Overall, the platform is complex, which makes it unsuitable for beginners. 

Bettermode Pricing

  • Free Plan @ $0/mo
  • Lite Plan @ $24/mo
  • Pro Plan @  $59/mo
  • Business Plan @ $119/mo

Find more info on Bettermode Pricing right here!

8 – Reddit

Discord Alternative for Niche Communities


Reddit is a classic community-building platform and a solid Discord alternative. The platform is best suited for building niche online communities.

Anyone can create a free community aka a Subreddit, on the platform. You can encourage the users/members aka Redditors, to share content, spark discussions, and interact with posts.

However, you make a big trade-off as there’s no sense of exclusivity, which is vital for community-building in today’s crowded digital space. The platform offers basic features like member roles, direct messaging, and group chats. 

You can access the complete platform through Reddit’s iOS, Android, and desktop apps.

The platform does not offer any customization features other than usernames, themes, and avatars. 

You can opt for Reddit if you want to create a simple community about a specific topic and do not aim to monetize. That’s because Reddit lacks monetization tools.

Reddit Pricing

Reddit is free of cost to create an online community.

9 – Chanty

Discord Alternative for Task-oriented Online Communities

Chanty Platform

Chanty focuses on building a well-connected and collaborative ecosystem for a task-oriented online community. Members can connect through text, video chat, and voice messages. You can group members with channels for different projects, making collaboration easier.

The task-oriented nature of Chanty eliminates the need for third-party tools like Asana or Trello. That ultimately saves you time and cost. You can even turn messages into tasks with deadlines and assign them to specific members.

This functionality makes Chanty perfect for online coaches.

However, Chanty is not without its downsides. You cannot customize your online community in any way and the platform’s UI is not much intuitive. Not to forget, you cannot monetize your team memberships, which can limit your growth.

Chanty Pricing

  • Free Plan @ $0/mo
  • Business Plan @ $4/mo per user

To learn about the benefits of each plan, check out Chanty Pricing.

10 – Mattermost

It’s Discord but for web developers! 

Mattermost Interface

Mattermost is an open-source platform, tailor-made for web development communities. The platform is also perfect for complex operational environments and enterprises.

Mattermost lets you create channels for project coordination and discussions. Users can communicate through text, audio, and video chat. It lets users switch directly from audio chat to screen sharing, making collaboration effortless. 

Developers can easily share files, send code snippets, highlight in-line code syntax, and automate workflows. All communication and data are secured through encryption.

The best thing about Mattermost is its ability to create integrations with several tools that developers love. Tools like GitHub, GitLab, Jira, etc. You can also download both iOS and Android apps by Mattermost. 

Mattermost sounds like the perfect deal but only who can afford it. The platform incurs more costs as cloud deployment and maintenance are costly. 

The biggest drawback of Mattermost is the lack of native monetization. Otherwise, it’s just perfect.

Mattermost Pricing

  • Free Plan @ $0/mo
  • Professional Plan @ $10/mo per user
  • Enterprise Plan @ Custom Pricing

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11 – Microsoft Teams

Discord Alternative for Collaborative Communities & Workplaces

Microsoft Teams

Think of Microsoft Teams as the corporate version of Discord. However, anyone can use Teams for anything, from chatting with friends to building a small online community. It is the best choice if you are using Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Teams is packed with basic community features; you’ve got spaces for discussions, chat rooms, file sharing, video calls, text messaging, voice chat, and direct messaging. You can also hold events. 

Third-party app integrations and higher file attachment limits make Microsoft Teams a good alternative to Discord. Overall, the platform has a very clean UI. You cannot customize other than the color theme and status message.

Microsoft Teams Pricing

  • Free Plan @ $0/mo
  • Essentials Plan @ $4/mo per user

Click here for detailed Microsoft Teams Pricing.

12 – Steam Chat

Discord Alternative for Gamers

Steam Chat App

Here comes a Discord alternative for gamers! But, there’s a twist. 

Steam Chat is only available to gamers using the Steam Platform. It’s a voice and text chat app built right into Steam. 

The platform primarily works on voice chat. But, you can create both open and closed gaming communities with Steam Chat. You can create custom channels and maintain a friend list. Unique links make it easier to onboard new friends.

There’s more. You can create custom avatars and titles for friends. Plus, you can sort your lists depending on who is playing different games and highlight your favorite friends. You can also create several channels and groups. Unlike Discord where you can have only one moderator, Steam Chat lets you have more than member roles. 

Best part? The platform is completely free to use. That’s good if you are just building a gaming community for fun. If you want to run a paid community membership, Steam Chat is not for you!

Steam Chat Pricing

Steam Chat is free to use.

13 – Guilded

Discord Alternative for Gamers

Guilded App Interface

Here’s another gamer-centric app like Discord.

Guilded is one of the most underrated platforms for running small gaming communities. You can participate in other communities as well, making it a more engaging experience.

The interface is similar to Discord. As you sign up, Guilded will ask you questions based on games to link you to relevant game topics.

You can find your friends and play games together. Plus, you can create gaming channels for engaging discussions on games. Channels are well-organized and will remind you of Slack. 

Best part about Guilded? You can live-stream by just clicking a button and engage your community members through text, voice, and video.

This makes Guilded the right alternative to Discord. However, the dilemmas of both platforms remain the same. Just like Discord, there are no customization and monetization options.

Guilded Pricing

Guilded is free to use.

14 – Mighty Networks

Discord Alternative for Coaching Communities.

Mighty Networks Interface

Finally, we have the Mighty Networks!

Mighty Networks is a dynamic platform that lets you monetize coaching and community memberships. 

The platform lets you create spaces for segmentation with your community. These spaces are channels that bring members together around shared interests for discussions. Each space comes with an activity feed to keep all members in the loop. Members can also chat via text, voice, and video. 

Mighty Networks enables you to create a recurring revenue stream through its built-in monetization. That sounds good but wait. The platform also charges transaction fees in addition to the Stripe processing fees. Now, that’s a bummer as it can affect your revenue.

 Mighty Networks Pricing

There’s no free plan at Mighty Networks, but you get a free 14-day trial period. Please note that the platform charges transaction fees.

  • Community Plan @ $49/mo 
  • Business Plan @ $119/mo 
  • Pro Plan @ $ Custom Pricing

Learn more about the Mighty Networks Pricing.

Pick a Platform that’s Community-first!

We went through the list of 14 Discord Alternatives for community building. Each platform is perfect in its way but only a few clearly stand out from the crowd.

These are the platforms that take community-building seriously! 

With a community-first approach, these platforms provide all the features that you need to create an online community that scales.

GroupApp is one such platform that’s all about scalable community-building. The platform nurtures your online community while you do what you do best. 

Its extensive feature set for community-building makes sure you don’t have to look anywhere else.

You get everything you need to build and scale an online learning community in one place —- That’s GroupApp!

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