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Searchie Features and Pricing: For Content Creators and Entrepreneurs

Searchie Review

Today, we are talking about Searchie. It’s a web-based platform for hosting video and audio content. Additionally, it has recently jumped on the AI bandwagon by introducing AI functionality.

But, is it the right fit for you? What are its features, pricing plans, pros, and cons? Find out everything in this Searchie Review. It’s exactly what you need to know about the platform.

The Truth about Searchie – Verdict

Searchie is the new kid on the block that has a long way to go. It’s a very focused solution rather than being an all-in-one platform. That means it’s a specialize solution. You will still have to use other platforms to function at your full capacity.

That can lead to two problems:

  • It will add up to the cost and expertise required.
  • It will affect your customer experience as your customers will have to juggle between platforms.

That’s not a good thing. Instead, if you opt for an all-in-one platform like GroupApp, you will get access to all the features that you need in one place. This is a viable and affordable way out.

Moreover, Searchie relies too much on third-party apps and Zapier. For community building, you will have to connect to an additional platform. Just like that for live events, you will have to opt for Zoom.

Plus, the paid plans do not provide much value for money. You only get the full benefit from the Pro or Business plans, which are quite expensive. Many platforms out there provide more features at a lower cost.

Searchie Overview

Searchie Review

Searchie enables you to create, manage, and sell your content all in one place. You can create online courses, coaching programs, and membership sites.

It’s powered by AI that automates workflows for effortless functioning. Searchie was created by Stu Mclaren, an expert and a popular proponent of the membership model.

Searchie presents itself as the world’s first search engine for content.

Searchie Review

Who is Searchie well-suited for?

Searchie is well-suited for content creators, online course creators, authors, online teachers, coaches, and entrepreneurs. Basically, any type of creator who aims to monetize content and create an online presence through memberships can use Searchie.

How Does Searchie Work?

Searchie enables you to store all of your content in one place, making it a mini search engine with a dedicated and centralized library for video or audio content. You can connect your favorite tools and even import data from other online platforms.

Furthermore, you can create and sell digital products made from your content. All of your content is automatically transcribed and captioned, making it easily searchable by users using keywords.

You can create membership sites, sell online courses, and offer coaching programs using the Content Hub feature. Additionally, you can create an engaging and personalized learning experience with pre-built templates.

Searchie also provides you with third-party app integrations and AI to streamline workflows.

Searchie Features

Just like any other platform, Searchie is a combo of several features and tools. These features can help us determine what are the possibilities and limitations that come along with Searchie.

Quick Verdict – Searchie Features

Overall Searchie offers a very focused set of features. All of the features are standard and just enough to get the job done. It lacks key features such as a community builder, mobile app, drip content, and event creator.

Searchie Review

Let’s see what Searchie has to offer. We will also briefly discuss how the features work.

1 – Searchie Dashboard

As you log into your Searchie account, you will reach a personalized dashboard. This dashboard presents all your data and analytics in a centralized manner. You can check out Searchie hubs, view the audience, and track daily activity.

Searchie Review

Plus, it offers a one-stop reports overview of your account with key analytics like retention rates, searches, and monthly active users.

Searchie Review

2 – Searchie Hubs

Searchie Review

Now, we have a key feature of Searchie called Hubs. It’s easily accessible through the dashboard.

But what is a Searchie Hub?

Searchie Hub is essentially a membership site area that presents your content for your members to access. It can also be referred to as a Course Builder.

Quickly – Overall, it’s a reasonably good feature. It provides all the basic features and gets the job done. However, it’s not suitable to create high-converting sales pages or funnel building.

Searchie Review

Hubs can be used to create and offer digital products like online courses, coaching programs, virtual workshops, and memberships. For that, you can collect payments using Stripe Integration. A hub can be private or public in nature.

You can create a hub using professionally-designed templates or you can customize and build your own hub using a drag-and-drop builder. You can also connect a hub with third-party apps like Canva and Stripe.

You can also set up a custom domain, emails, and basic sales pages using Hub. There’s more. You can set up basic on-page SEO, emails, and rewards for your online courses or programs.

Searchie Review

3 – Searchie Library

Searchie is equipped with a centralized library powered by AI. You can directly upload content to the library or import from other platforms like Dropbox, Zapier, Vimeo, One Drive, etc.

Quickly – The Library feature by Searchie is actually good. It cuts the hassle through automation and provides a secure spot to house your content.

Searchie Review

You can also automate processes in the library, like automated transcriptions and captions. Plus, you can generate content tags, titles, summaries, and descriptions using AI.

4 – Wisdom AI by Searchie

Searchie Review

It’s no surprise that Searchie got inspired by AI and created an AI tool of its own called Wisdom AI. It’s a conversational AI chat feature powered by GPT-4.

Quickly – It’s definitely a plus but this feature is not free. You need to pay $49/month to access Wisdom AI with limited features. That’s more expensive than GPT-4 itself.

You can access the beta version of Wisdom AI through the integrations bar. You can create a plugin out of it that can index your content. It can scan and learn all of your content.

Wisdom AI can:

  • Provide basic customer support
  • Answer audience questions
  • Be trained according to requirements
  • Generate text.

5 – App Integrations

Searchie Review

Searchie allows you to connect to and use around 13 third-party apps. You can find and add third-party apps through your account. This can help you make workflows efficient and cut the hassle.

Quickly – Having access to third-party apps is a plus. But, Searchie only offers 13 third-party apps that are quite basic. To add more apps, you will need to use Zapier. That means more time and money are required.

6 – Audience & Analytics

Searchie Review

This feature is focused on your audience or clients. Audiences are people who will have access to your content. You can add audiences one by one manually or bulk import audiences from any other platform.

You can also divide audiences into subgroups using audience tags. Along with that, you can set up access levels for set or group audiences depending on membership levels.

Searchie also provides you with key insights using analytics and reports. This will help you make key decisions based on data.

Quickly – It’s a standard feature that comes with all content hosting platforms.

Searchie User Experience

This is actually a strong area for Searchie. With the new update, it has definitely improved in terms of user experience and offers a sophisticated UI. Overall, it’s very intuitive and has a very simple learning curve.

Searchie Customer Support

Searchie Review

Customer experience is a big factor when it comes to choosing a content hosting platform.

Quickly – Searchis stands strong when it comes to customer support. It offers customer support through 4 channels including live chat.

In the case of Searchie, you get access to the following support channels

  • Live Chat: You can access the live chat from 9 am to 5 pm during working hours.
  • Email Support: You can access the Searchie team using email support.
  • Community: You can join the Facebook group to seek support.
  • Help Center: This lets you access the guides and video tutorials to get your answers.

Searchie Pricing

Searchie Review

Now, let’s talk about Searchie’s pricing plans.

Searchie offers 3 paid plans. Please note that there’s no free plan available. However, it offers a 7-day free trial period. Each plan carries the features and perks of the preceding plan.

You can also get a discount on the Pro and Business plan if you opt for the annual billing cycle.

Searchie Review

Basic Plan @ $29/Month

This plan is great for testing the platform and can act as a starting point. You can create only one Hub along with 25 hours of uploads. Overall, it’s a very limited plan and does not allow you to experience the advanced features of Searchie.

Pro Plan @ $99/Month

The Pro plan comes with all the features of the basic plan. I recommend this plan if you want to experience the platform with all its features. You can create 3 hubs along with 250 hours of uploads.

Business Plan @ $199/Month

The Business plan comes with all the features of the Pro Pan. This plan is ideal if you want to run an online business at full capacity. You can create 10 hubs along with 500 hours of uploads.

Searchie Pros & Cons

Learning about the pros and cons of Searchie can definitely help us make an informed decision about this platform.

Let’s get into it.

Searchie Pros

  1. It makes video content more searchable with automated transcription and tags.
  2. charges a 0% transaction fee.
  3. offers an ad-free audio and video content hosting experience.
  4. Powered by AI text generation and automation that makes the work easier and saves time.
  5. You get a Searchie Chrome extension for unlimited video recording.
  6. Very user-friendly.
  7. No coding skills are required, and offers pre-designed professional templates.
  8. Allows you to gamify learning experiences.
  9. Offers quality customer support through 4 channels.
  10. It enables you to track user activity and offers built-in analytics.

Searchie Cons

  1. No built-in feature for events and live sessions.
  2. No community-building feature or built-in community forum.
  3. No free plan.
  4. It’s costly if you opt for paid plans and the basic plan is very limited.
  5. No mobile app.
  6. No feature for drip content.
  7. Branding removal is only available in the Business plan which is expensive.
  8. Does not provide SSL certificates.
  9. You cannot add team members as it does not offer multiple accounts
  10. No certification feature
  11. Offers only 13 third-app integration and relies a lot on Zapier which can be costly.
  12. No email marketing feature.
  13. Limited payment gateways.
  14. Does not offer features for quizzes, assessments, and surveys.

Alternative for Searchie

Searchie might NOT be the ideal choice if you are looking for:

  • Value for money
  • All-in-One features
  • Community-Building
  • Time-saving Functioning
  • Effortless Functioning

Do we have any alternative? Here’s GroupApp for you.

GroupApp – All-in-One Learning Community Platform

GroupApp Community Platform

GroupApp gives you the liberty to have your community and content in one place. No more juggling between platforms. No more paying for multiple platforms.

GroupApp offers

  • Built-in Community Feature
  • Built-in Event Feature
  • Course Builder
  • iOS & Android Mobile App
  • A free plan

That’s everything you need to run an online business at full capacity without wasting money and time on multiple platforms.

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