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SamCart Pricing: Is It Worth the Hype Plus Best Alternative for Creators

Suppose you are a content creator looking to monetize your expertise through online courses, membership websites, or digital downloads. You need a great online course builder, a community-building platform, and an effective checkout system.

SamCart is a fantastic platform that helps achieve all this. You can build enticing landing pages on one platform, sell online courses, build memberships, and maximize conversions through a foolproof checkout system.

We looked at SamCart’s pricing to help you uncover what you get in each of their plans. So, in this SamCart pricing review, you’ll learn:

Let’s get started.

What Is SamCart?

SamCart is a web-based checkout system that allows you to use conversion-optimized checkout templates, one-click upsells, and order bumps to maximize your digital product sales.

Because, let’s face it. The checkout experience is one of most online businesses’ most significant missed opportunities.

It’s where your consumers go through their options and make their final purchasing decisions.

So, before you launch your online product, you need to look for a high-quality shopping cart platform.

Specifically, you want a cart system that:

  • Link with a variety of payment processors
  • Has a bunch of visually appealing and well-optimized checkout templates
  • Help you upsell your digital products
  • Can seamlessly integrate with other business software that you’re using

That’s what SamCart helps you do. And besides being an excellent checkout system, SamCart features tools that you need to easily:

  • Build and monetize membership sites
  • Create and sell online courses
  • Sell your online consulting and coaching services
  • Sell digital downloads like e-books.

In short, SamCart isn’t just a checkout system. It’s an online e-commerce platform to help creators sell their expertise and digital products.

SamCart Pricing

SamCart has a price plan to accommodate almost every creator’s budget, whether you’re just starting out or already have an established business.

Here are three major SamCart paid plans:

  • Launch – costs $59 per month
  • Grow – costs $119 per month
  • Scale – costs $299 per month

The platform also has an Enterprise plan for huge organizations, which gives you access to most of SamCart’s premium plans.

You can choose to either pay per month or on an annual basis. When you choose the yearly plan, you’ll save 33% on the Launch and Grow plan and 47% on the Scale plan.

Each plan comes with a 7-day trial, which can be helpful to evaluate if their plans meet your needs.

SamCart’s pricing is mainly based on the following:

  • Number of admin users you can have for your marketplace
  • The level of integration with third-party apps
  • The level of customer support priority you’ll access
  • Number of sub-accounts you can have
  • The number of payments solutions you can offer your customers
  • The level of reporting and conversion optimization tools you get access to

In this section, we’ll dive deeply into SamCart pricing and show you what you’ll get from each plan. We’ll also highlight the benefits and drawbacks of each of the SamCart paid plans.

SamCart Launch Plan

SamCart’s launch plan includes all the core features you need to launch your first product online and collect payments.

With the Launch plan, you can build a gorgeous landing page from one of their templates and easily customize it using a drag-and-drop page builder. You can also sell unlimited digital and physical products, memberships, and subscriptions.

Moreover, you can offer your customers incentives through coupons and discounts. This can be advantageous to trigger FOMO in your customers by providing limited-time offers, allowing you to increase conversions.

You can also integrate third-party tools and extend the functionality of your sales page.

Who Is the Launch Plan Best For?

The SamCart Launch Plan is ideal for new creators looking to monetize their expertise via online courses and digital downloads. The plan provides many customizable options for creating a seamless learning experience for your students.


  • Create and sell unlimited courses and memberships.
  • The drag-and-drop page builder makes creating your first sales page a breeze.
  • The lack of a processing fee on your products gives you control over the product’s pricing.
  • You can boost your product conversion using coupons and discounts.
  • The Sales and VAT tax support feature allows you to calculate your taxes and make your business compliant.


  • Even after paying, your website/landing pages will still have the SamCart logo, which gives you less control over your branding capability.
  • You get a limited level of third-party integrations.
  • It’s hard to trace your cart abandonment.
  • It can take you days to hear from their support team.

SamCart Grow Plan

The Grow plan gives you more resources and flexibility to help you convert more visitors into customers.

One exciting thing about this plan is that you can accept multiple payment options from your customers, giving them more payment flexibility. You can also add up to three admins, allowing you to easily manage your sales and checkout systems.

The Grow plan lets you upsell your customers by showing the “recommended products” during and after the checkout, which helps boost your business’s sales.

Using the Grow plan, you’ll also be able to eliminate the SamCart logo from your landing page and checkout, allowing you to customize it in a way that adds a touch to your brand.

Who Is SamCart’s Grow Plan Best For?

The Grow plan is the best choice for growing businesses looking for more resources to help create a seamless checkout system and increase sales through order bump collections and post-order upsells.

It can also be a good choice for small creators who want to boost their online course sales and membership subscriptions.


  • You can offer your customers free trials, giving them a sneak peek of your product.
  • White-label branding allows you to remove the Samcart logo giving you more branding capability.
  • It’s easy to upsell your customers during and after checkout using the order bump collections and post-order upsell features.
  • You can accept multiple payment methods from your customers.
  • Advanced integration with third-party software allows you to select from different triggers and actions, enabling you to create a powerful workflow system.
  • You get access to better analytics data, such as the sources bringing the most traffic to your sales pages and customer behavior, to see what campaigns are converting.


  • You still get limited integrations as you cannot use SamCart custom API.
  • The lack of an A/B testing feature in this plan makes it hard to test which campaign performs better.
  • You don’t get technical support from their team.

SamCart Scale Plan

The Scale plan offers all the features in the Launch and Grow plans plus bonuses to help you scale your business faster.

To begin with, you can allow up to 10 admin users to access your marketplace. This makes it easier to allocate various tasks among your team members, which gives your business room for faster growth.

You can also protect your customers’ recurring subscriptions, which is ideal if you have a paid membership website. If your customers’ credit cards expire, SmartCart Scale automatically updates them and retrieves failed payments.

What’s more interesting is that you can track prospects abandoning their cart with the Scale plan. This allows you to figure out why they did not complete the cart, enabling you to optimize it for higher conversions.

Who Is the Scale Plan Best For?

This plan is the best choice for larger companies, especially agencies looking to push boundaries and go bigger. You can allow up to 10 administrators to your marketplaces, so you can efficiently distribute tasks among your team.

It can also be essential for growing online stores looking to generate more revenue using advanced upselling integrations, integrations, and analytic data.


  • You create an affiliate program for your product and manage your affiliate sales.
  • You can quickly recover failed payments from your customers.
  • Cart abandonment tracking helps you understand why your buyers leave your cart undone.
  • A/B testing tools enable you to uncover more conversion opportunities.
  • Advanced integration with the Custom API allows you to create a more robust workflow for your business.
  • Customers can easily cancel subscriptions to your membership, allowing you to build trust.


  • Their support team does not offer technical support.
  • If you migrate from another membership platform to theirs, they don’t help you migrate your subscribers.
  • It’s challenging to create custom reporting and export your data into CSV files using this plan.

GroupApp is the Best SamCart Alternative for Creators.

As far as creating an effective checkout system is concerned, SamCart is a reputable platform. SamCart allows you to accept payments online, sell courses, and create membership sites.

Their landing page library templates allow you to create and launch your sales page without editing a line of code.

It’s hard to imagine that a platform that once primarily focused on offering an e-commerce shopping cart system would pivot to membership sites.

But is SamCart’s online course platform any better, and how does it compare to all-in-one community-building software like GroupApp?

SamCart does best what it was initially meant for—providing great checkout systems.

When it comes to community building and selling online courses, SamCart still needs to catch up. Samcart Course Builder comes with only basic features.

You cannot hold live lessons or even cohort-based classes with SamCart. Their membership builder lacks essential community engagement tools.

Because GroupApp focuses on assisting people in selling their expertise online through courses, community building, and memberships, switching to GroupApp helps you make the most of your expertise as a creator.

It would be best if you chose GroupApp instead of SamCart to create a community and sell online courses, and here’s why.

GroupApp Offers the Best Community-Building Tools

GroupApp offers one of the most robust community-building tools available today. You can create a community centered around your expertise, connect members with peers, and nurture your community members via quality content and discussions.

Here are the great GroupApp community tools you can access:


Our community builder allows you to arrange your community topics and subgroups using a Channels feature. Using this tool, you can set access levels, use membership payment plans to control access, and manage what is shared in each channel.

Depending on your needs, you can separate the community area into several channels, which you can divide based on the topic or even the membership area.

Assume you want to open a particular topic for discussion with your members. You can create a channel, allowing members to jump into the conversation quickly. This enables you to bring all your community discussions and resources in one place for easy access.

For example, a user new to our GroupApp tool looking for help from our community can click on our “Knowledge Base” subgroup, where they can click on different channels to get all the resources they need to launch their first community.

Moreover, you can create different channels based on membership tiers to help lock the discussions for a particular group in your community.

Community Library

While channels help you organize community discussions, the Library tool enables you to manage your community resources so your members can access them.

Consider the community library as a content hub where you can put together your material in one place for easy access by your community. Using this tool, you can upload different content formats, including videos, PDFs, worksheets, and audio files.

Direct Message & Group Chat

GroupApp offers the communication tools you need to engage with your community.

You can offer individual help via direct messaging or hold a group chat with members to address a common issue.

Events Calendar

This feature enables you to schedule live classes and events in your community for everyone to see.

Easily Scheduling Emails and Posts

You can schedule posts and publish them in your community using GroupApp. This allows you to plan and free up your schedule for events that provide value to your community.

Automatically Segment Your Subscribers

Using GroupApp, you can automatically group your members into segments based on their subscription plans and save time. Using segments, you can limit access to resources and content within your community and collect payments from community members.

GroupApp is One in all Online Course Builder

This is one of the most powerful features of GroupApp.

Using our intuitive course design tools, you can share your knowledge with your learning community by creating interactive online courses with videos, audio, worksheets, and articles.

Using GroupApp’s course builder, you can also create cohort-based online courses.

This promotes collaborative learning, which boosts your course completion.

GroupApp also allows you to drip your online course content.

Using the drip schedule option, you can limit students’ access to particular lessons and control how many days after enrollment they can access the lessons or post lessons.

This avoids overwhelming your audience with massive course resources, which can make them drop off.

What’s more, you can offer live online courses.

GroupApp believes that providing live streaming and chat tools is the best way to communicate with your members. Having the ability to have real-time face-to-face conversations with students and assist them online will make it easier to build trust and boost engagement in your community.

Monetize Your Audience Without Break Your Bank Account

GroupApp offers one of the most affordable plans to create a community and sell online courses. Unlike SamCart, GroupApp provides a free plan that allows you to create only one community.

All our paid plans come with a 14-day trial, which gives you plenty of time to test our products to see if they meet your needs.

If you’re looking for affordable community-building software and an online course tool, GroupApp is your best bet.

Build and Monetize Your Community With the Best Platform

Overall, SamCart is a well-designed platform with everything you need to create a well-optimized checkout system. The combination of checkout, community-building features, and smooth usability make it a great option if you want to sell products online.

However, when it comes to selling online courses, memberships, and building a community, SamCart still has a long way to go. It lacks most community engagement tools, plus its pricing can be pretty high.

GroupApp is an all-in-one community builder that helps take your community building to the next level. You get unmatched community-building tools and online course builders, which allow you to sell membership subscriptions and online courses.

Get started with our free plan and start building your community immediately.

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