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Going From 3 Complex Tools To GroupApp| Prepared Marketers

Have you already heard about the Prepared Marketers community? A space where small business owners get marketing support and an opportunity to learn from their peers.

Getting here was not an easy task, but GroupApp offered a hand.

This is how Ken Cook and Dave Bear, founders of Prepared Group, built the Prepared Marketer Community on GroupApp.

Before GroupApp

Prepared Group works with small businesses and teaches them how to get their message in front of the right people, scale up, and earn revenue.

Their clients get comprehensive training and access to tools that bring results.

However, getting all of their clients to one place was a bit of a struggle.

Before GroupApp, Prepared Marketer relied on multiple platforms.

For example, they would use Slack for communication.

If you were their client and had a question – you would have to hop on Slack.

The training was held via Zoom, and clients would get a notification about live training through another platform.

Soon, the system became too complicated. It was hard to track who got what information and to answer all requests.

So, they started searching for an all-in-one tool. They explored options, but all of them lacked one crucial component: a communication feature.

That’s where GroupApp stepped in.

Launching Prepared Marketer Community

Dave was the one leading the community launch.

They launched Prepared Marketer with just one channel on GroupApp. The community was strictly for clients with whom they already had a relationship, and soon, they managed to gather all of them.

It didn’t take them long to realize an opportunity to take the community to another level.

How did they recognize the potential of their community?

During Zoom calls, they noticed that their clients wanted to engage with each other. They weren’t only asking Ken and Dave for opinions and feedback, but other participants as well.

Once they realized what was happening on these Zoom calls, they decided to create another channel on GroupApp, where they could allow their clients to continue to share their opinions and problems and ask questions.

So, they started inviting people to join the Prepared Marketer community on GroupApp at the end of each Zoom call. And slowly, their community started growing.

Acquiring New Members

Prepared Marketer is still growing, and Dave shares two lead magnets they use to invite new people to the community.

1. Book club

Dave is the author of several books and knows how much your business can benefit from reading the right books.

So, Prepared Marketer has teamed up with and licensed several summaries of business books.

On their Mastermind calls, they review these summaries and discuss how the key lessons apply to their clients’ businesses.

2. Training for Marketers

Dave is an expert when it comes to email marketing. And now, Prepared Marketer is offering recordings of using one email marketing tool to scale up your business. This lead magnet showed significant results in getting new members to join the community.

Biggest Lesson Learned

Building a community is not an easy task.

Dave says their biggest mistake upon launching a public channel was that they assumed people would automatically engage. Because they’re in the same space, they will gladly talk to each other, right?

Quickly, Dave realized that this wasn’t going to happen.

It’s not enough to just put people together in one channel. You have to make them engage with you and each other.

“The biggest advantage of using GroupApp is that the app’s development is based on the user experience and feedback. We love that we’re on the platform that demonstrates how to use it to get the most out of it.

The Homepage feature really made a difference with the onboarding process on Prepared Marketer. Now, we can introduce new members and control who experiences what within the community.

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