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Paperbell Coaching Software Review (Features, Pros & Cons)

Running a coaching business is a whole different ballgame. You need well-defined tech solutions that are designed for coaching businesses. For example, GroupApp is a well-designed platform for coaches to create, launch and grow their coaching programs, online courses, and membership community.

Just like that, Paperbell is another tech solution for online coaches. It takes charge of the administrative aspect of this business. If you are looking for a tool of this sort, Paperbell is a good one.

To help you make an informed decision, here is a quick guide to the Paperbell Coaching Software.

What Is Paperbell?

Paperbell is a management solution specifically designed for an online coaching business. This coaching software platform can be easily used to look after the administrative side of your coaching business.

Why Paperbell Is A Great Tool?

What I like about Paperbell is that the platform is so focused on a certain aspect of a business. That’s its real strength, the reason it’s successful.

Plus, there is another reason why Paperbell is a great tool. The brilliant founder couple, Laura and Chris, identified a pain point that many online coaches go through.

It’s subscribing to a range of tools for operational tasks. You know, things like scheduling, client management, billing, etc. That adds to the work and costs a lot.

They grabbed the opportunity and created Paperbell. A tool that cuts the hassle streamlines the processes and takes charge. I think that’s great.

Next, let’s talk about the features of Paperbell.

10+ Paperbell Features For Online Coaching Businesses

Paperbell enables online coaches to streamline business processes and run them smoothly. The amazing features of this platform make that possible.

Here’s a round-up of Paperbell features.

1 – Client Appointment Scheduling Tool

Paperbell’s Client Scheduling is on par with tools like Calendly, Acuity, Setmore, Doodle, etc. This tool lets your coaching clients schedule coaching sessions as per their availability.

The tool automatically coordinates the schedule according to your client’s time zone. That means no more juggling between different time zones and confusion.

Moreover, it automatically creates a buffer between meetings. That’s literally like having a mindful assistant.

There’s more. The tool automatically syncs with your Outlook and Google Calendar.

2 – Online Contract Signing Tool

This Online Contract Signing tool lets online coaches like you go the extra mile. You can finalize and sign online contracts with your clients using e-signatures. This is actually a very smart tool. It creates a legal contract between you and your clients.

Just upload the contract in PDF format and this tool will do the rest of the work. It will create a landing page for your client to e-sign.

After that, it will send digital copies to both parties. This makes the whole process easier for your client as well.

The tool makes e-sign mandatory in order to purchase a coaching package. You can easily integrate this tool into your onboarding phase.

3 – Client Management Dashboard

The client management dashboard is one of the best things about Paperbell. The dashboard allows you to have all the data for a particular coaching client stored in one place. Each coaching client will have an organized profile in your system.

The client management dashboard shows the full history of each client, as well as their progress, private client notes, contracts, and a record of everything they’ve bought.

The best part about this tool is that it shows you which coaching packages and clients are bringing you the most revenue. The insights help you make informed decisions about your coaching business.

4 – Online Payment Tool For Checkout & Billing

Here’s yet another great feature available on Paperbell. It handles the most critical part of your coaching business, the payments.

This smart tool makes it easier for your clients to pay and for you to accept payments. With this, you can create coaching packages that are multi-session in nature with different payment plans.

5 – Client Portal

Paperbell provides a great user experience for your clients as well. It is the coaching client portal. I think that’s a big plus. All of your clients will have their own custom client portals.

The client portal enables clients to book coaching sessions, view appointments, and check billing history.

Clients can also change how they pay, buy more packages, look at contracts, and access digital downloads.

6 – Group Coaching Tool

This is a tool specifically designed for coaches to leverage group coaching for their business.

Online coaches can create group coaching packages with this tool.

Further, Paperbell generates a landing page for your group coaching package automatically.

There’s more. You can set a max number of participants. Paperbell will stop sign-ups after the limit and will send reminders to each participant.

Moreover, you can automate group coaching data collection. This feature will automatically collect information about each client with a custom questionnaire.

You can also include 1-on-1 sessions in your group coaching package.

7 – Create Coaching Programs

Paperbell gives you full control to create your online coaching packages with any pricing model. Paperbell gives you complete freedom to make online coaching packages with any pricing model you want.

You can sell your package all at once. Also, you can make it cohort-based. You can create custom landing pages for your coaching packages.

8 – Custom Branded Landing Pages

Paperbell automatically generates a custom-branded landing page for your package. You can further add images and texts to your landing page.

You can even link your clients directly to your booking page. Plus, you can add testimonials and brand your landing pages according to your business.

9 – Paperbell Digital Downloads

You can sell a range of digital products using Paperbell. These digital downloads can be part of your coaching package.

After your client has paid you, their digital downloads are available inside of their Paperbell Client Portal.

You have the option to provide your digital downloads over time by setting a schedule, and Paperbell will handle the rest.

If you update any of your digital products, just upload them again, and Paperbell will automatically update them all for your client.

Paperbell also allows you to set an expiration date or purchase limit on your digital downloads.

10 – Additional Features

Here are some additional features you get with Paperbell.

  • You can create intake surveys.
  • With Paperbell, you can set a custom onboarding message.
  • You get custom-branded shop listings for your offerings.
  • With automated messaging, you can send out auto-reminder emails.
  • You can integrate Zapier with your account.
  • Additional integrations include Zoom. Google Meet, Stripe, iCal, PayPal, and Outlook Calendar.

Paperbell Pricing Plan

Just like the platform, its pricing plan is pretty simple. Basically, you can have a FREE account and there is a Paid Plan.

The Free Paperbell Account gives you access to a limited number of features with your clients.

However, with the Paperbell Paid Plan, you can have it all.

Paperbell Paid Plan

Paperbell has only one paid plan. It is priced at $57 per month.

You can also opt for annual billing at $47.50 per month. You can have 2 months free as well when you pay on yearly basis.

Paperbell Support

Paperbell offers support via email at [email protected]. This support is available Monday through Friday.

Paperbell Pros & Cons

Just like any other platform, Paperbell has pros and cons too. Let’s take a look.

Paperbell Pros

  1. The best thing about Paperbell is its focused approach toward the operational side of coaching businesses.
  2. Having Paperbell is having your own admin assistant. It takes care of all the operational tasks and enables you to focus on your art.
  3. Automation is another major advantage of having Paperbell. You can automate reminder emails and updates.
  4. Paperbell provides a great user experience for your clients as well. Each client gets a personalized client portal with all the information and resources.

Paperbell Cons

  1. You cannot bring any clients to your Paperbell platform unless you get the paid plan. The free plan is only for you to experience and get familiar with Paperball.
  2. The platform lacks options for customization. Even after adding your desired images, texts, and colors, your landing pages still have the Paperbell style.
  3. Despite having a separate payment and billing tool, the platform does not have a proper invoicing feature.
  4. Overall, the UI of the platform is not interactive and attractive. It’s very basic.
  5. You cannot link websites from your Paperbell. However, it works the other way around.
  6. You cannot deliver online courses with Paperbell as you can do with platforms like GroupApp. You can only provide digital products or resources.
  7. The integration options at Paperbell are very limited.
  8. There is no chat widget on the Paperbell website to talk to an helping agent directly. You can only get support via email.
  9. Paperbell is not suitable for in-person coaching. You cannot add details for in-person coaching sessions such as location and address.
  10. There is no mobile app.

Verdict – Is Paperbell Worth It?

Here’s what I think. Paperbell is a great platform. I really like its focused approach toward the operational side of a coaching business.

However, it does not create much value for the coaches. Because the coach still has to use another platform to deliver their online course and communicate with their group coaching clients and community. These are the main deliverables of any coaching program. Plus, the clients will be juggling between platforms too.

Moreover, the so-called free plan does not make sense. Because it does not allow you to bring on any clients. Then what’s the point of it? That means it does not have any free plans technically. It’s just there for coaches to experience the platform. Well, a demo can do that too.

That’s why all-in-one learning platforms like GroupApp are so popular and useful. You do not have to use multiple platforms. You get everything in one place.

I have an option below.

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