Dornubari Vizor November 4, 2022

How GroupApp Helped Us Empower Educators | NBEA Case Study

The NBEA has been a leading advocate for educators teaching business. They needed the right platform to support educators and provide them with the resources to help them succeed.

So GroupApp stepped in.

Read how NBEA and its executive director, Joe McClary, built their NBEA community on GroupApp.

What is National Business Education Association?

NBEA, or the National Business Education Association, is one of the largest associations in the world. It has been around for more than 100 years, and its goal is to empower educators to succeed.

The educators teach business, personal finances, and even entrepreneurship.

With such an extensive list of topics, NBEA quickly realized that it would be hard to provide depth and quality in all of them.

We Implemented 4 Platforms Before Discovering GroupApp

The Association didn’t want to give up, as they saw a huge potential in their educators and, moreover, in conversations they had with each other. Joe claims, and we agree, that peers are the best learning source.

So they started looking for a solution to engage members and turned their efforts into a community platform. They were determined to find the perfect fit.

Joe and his team worked diligently on testing different apps. None of them fit all their needs, and soon it became pretty frustrating how the platforms varied in quality and features.

Not to mention that most required a full-time employee to set up and manage the community, answer questions, and deal with organizational aspects. So, on top of the cost of the platform, the association would have to find money to hire another staff member.

Four apps were implemented and tested, but none of them provided NBEA with the simplicity to operate and let the educators be the driving force behind a successful community.

Launching NBEA Community on GroupApp

You’re probably wondering how GroupApp is different.

Here is what Joe has to say:

GroupApp checked many boxes from the start. But it all came down to simplicity. The platform’s simplicity makes usability easy, and there is no need to hire a full-time employee.

We didn’t need the programmer to launch the community, design the space, add members or upload the materials.

Moreover, we were amazed by how responsive GroupApp was during the process and helpful with integrating community with our system.

Joey also highlighted just how much creating different spaces within their community helps them manage it. From a public space for potential members to private spaces where members can share resources and tips.

This is exactly what they needed because a lot of educators weren’t ready to join the community and pay for membership. Having a public space allowed them to participate and learn, which could eventually lead to them joining.

“An all-in-one toll for an affordable price. We finally found both a time and cost-saving platform that has everything we need.

GroupApp community now plays a crucial role in our business. I’m sure the association would still struggle without the community on GroupApp.”

What’s the Future of NBEA?

Building an association community is a crucial step for NBEA. Joey said that in order for an association to be successful, the relationships between people, helping team members, and knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses are all vital.

Moreover, they need to give the right advice to the educators and empower them to be successful.

Currently, NBEA is working on growing and expanding its GroupApp community, which is an exciting time for an association with so much reputation and history!

Provide Your Association With the Best Community App

GroupApp helped NBEA achieve its mission and can help you fulfill yours too. Healthy communities are absolutely crucial for associations that house a lot of members.

Get the community your association deserves, engage with your members, and earn revenue by sharing your expertise.

Create a free account today and see what GroupApp can do for your business!

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