8 Mighty Networks Alternatives and Competitors

Are you looking for the best possible platform for online community building? If so, you have probably come across Mighty Networks, as well as quite a few Mighty Networks alternatives and competitors. There are so many options that you might find it hard to decide which platform to choose. Before you pick one or the other, you should learn more about Mighty Networks and its top alternatives. That way, you can make a fully informed decision that you won’t regret.


For a start, we would like to answer the most fundamental question — what is Mighty Networks? If you like the concept of this platform, you’ll probably start wondering how to use Mighty Networks. Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered there, too. We will also go over Mighty Networks reviews and pricing so that you can see the whole picture.

Once you have everything needed to compare Mighty Networks to its competitors, we will tell you more about some of the best Mighty Networks alternatives and explain what makes them a better solution and why


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First Things First — What Is Mighty Networks?

Mighty Networks is a platform designed to help businesses and brands build a membership website and manage their online community. Some might think of it as a Facebook Group, but it’s actually much better — it is one of the best Facebook Group alternatives. And there are quite a few reasons why you should move away from Facebook groups, so if you haven’t already, now you have an alternative solution for your online community. 

What makes Mighty Networks so much better than Facebook Groups is that you can own your community. When you build your community on Facebook, you are limited by Facebook’s rules and regulations. But with Mighty Networks, you are in complete control of your audience. You have the possibility to build your brand, engage with your community, and make money all on your own terms

Mighty Networks also allows you to manage your community, online courses, and membership all together within a single platform


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How to Use Mighty Networks?

If you’re not sure how to use Mighty Networks, you can look up to some of the many businesses that made the best of this platform. You’ll see that Mighty Networks is suitable for various types of businesses. It can be equally useful for those just starting out and those who have been running their business for a while now.

For instance, Adele Shaw uses a Mighty Network to communicate with the community members, offer online courses, and connect the members with each other all in one place. This gives community members a chance to learn from each other in addition to sharing the same interests. Adele also uses this platform for hosting live Q&A sessions. Mighty Networks allowed her to create a “secret” community instead of an open network that anybody could join. And, the thing you’ve been waiting for — she creates memberships that make it possible to monetize the courses.

Another case study shows how useful it can be to limit your memberships by setting quarterly enrolment. This allows you to manage your community more easily and make sure the members get what they came for, which, in turn, will ensure community engagement. Here you can also see that a Mighty Network allows you to have weekly live video chats, monthly podcasts and webinars. And you can use a survey to get ideas for upcoming videos from your audience.  

Another inspiring example is Raw Spirituality — once just a podcast, but now a paid membership site. It shows how you can create several different paid programs and let the members explore them for free before they make their final choice. That way, you can be sure that those that opt for a paid membership know exactly what they’ve chosen. And those are the ones to stick around.

Top Features that Make Using Mighty Network a Lovely Experience

Are you looking for a way to understand Mighty Networks even better? It might be a good idea to take into consideration some of the features that make Mighty Networks a worthwhile solution:

  • You can put together several other platforms used for different purposes in a single Mighty Network platform. For instance, if you used to have separate platforms for online courses, community, sales funnel and payments, now you can join them all in your Mighty Network. 
  • Mighty Pro version gives you a chance to have your own platform — Mighty Pro allows you to keep your brand on all your native iOS, iPad, Android and web apps. You can have your own apps both in Apple App Store and Google Play Store, which ensures further growth. 
  • You can create an independent online community — When you rely on Mighty Networks, you can custom your independent online community and be fully in charge of it, without having to follow anyone’s rules.
  • Mighty Networks allows you to post online courses — Mighty Networks allows you to launch unlimited online courses. You can decide whether you want the courses to be private or public, as well as determine the pricing scheme. Some businesses charge a monthly fee, while others set a one-time fee — it’s up to you to choose the more convenient option.
  • You can charge Membership subscription and monetize your site — You can choose between different charging options to make money from your community. You can charge a one-time, monthly or annual subscription fee for members to join a specific group or course, or just access your Mighty Network.  

Mighty Networks Review — Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Mighty Networks

There’s no such thing as a perfect solution, so Mighty Networks, too, comes with its fair share of both advantages and disadvantages. Some of the greatest advantages of using this platform include the following:

When it comes to disadvantages, here are a few things to keep in mind before you decide to build your membership site on Mighty Networks:


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Mighty Networks Pricing

One of the crucial factors that will affect your decision to choose one platform or the other is the pricing plan. This is particularly important if you’re on a tight budget and you can’t afford a pricey solution. The good news here is that Mighty Networks pricing plans are designed to cover different needs, so it’s up to you to choose whatever fits your budget. Here are your options:

  • The Free Plan — When you choose the option to build your Mighty Network free of charge, you can have personalized activity feeds for your community members, create topics, articles, and have direct messaging. The free plan allows you an unlimited number of members and three admins, while you can’t have moderators. You still get to charge the users for membership. The member subscription fee after credit card processing is 5%. Keep in mind that you can’t charge for online courses, though.
  • The Business Plan — This SEO-friendly option costs $98 a month. It gives you the chance to deliver online courses, have over 2,000 Zapier integrations and access premium analytics. You can charge for memberships, and the number of members, moderators and admins is not limited. The member subscription fee after credit card processing is 2%. What makes this plan excellent is that it also allows you to charge for online courses.
  • The Community Plan — If you choose this plan, you need to pay $28 a month. You can have your own domain name and an unlimited number of members, admins and moderators. This plan, too, allows you to charge for membership. The member subscription fee after credit card processing is 3%. You don’t have the option to charge for online courses. 
  • Mighty Network Pro — If you want to custom your own branded app, Mighty Network Pro is the right choice for you. It allows you to have branded Android, iOS and iPad apps, app icon and a fully responsive web with domain mapping. Mighty Pro is optimized for search engine ranking, invitations, member referrals and Google Play Store and Apple App Store discovery.

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GroupApp — the Best Mighty Networks Alternative

If you want to use the best possible Mighty Networks alternative that allows you to enjoy every step of your membership site and community building, here’s the answer — GroupApp. Using GroupApp opens the door to a great range of features that make it smooth and easy to run a membership site even if you’ve never done this before.

GroupApp Is a Community Platform

To start with, you can use GroupApp to build and then grow your online community seamlessly. You have the option to invite new members and share different types of content with the members. For the sake of better organization, you can create different categories of discussions and divide them into topics. You can communicate with the community members easily, but also allow them to connect with each other and exchange ideas and knowledge. 

Make Money Through Membership Subscriptions

Membership subscriptions allow you to monetize your membership website. GroupApp makes it easy to set up a membership subscription and then charge your members a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

If you don’t want to start charging them right from the start, GroupApp has got you covered there, too. You can keep portions of your membership website free for some time to generate leads. Once you do this, you can slowly convert them into paying members.

You Can Deliver Online Courses

Another convenient option when using GroupApp is a free online course builder, so you don’t need a separate platform to share your knowledge with your community members. You can also use the online course builder to sell your content. This feature is rather simple to use, so you can start uploading your courses as soon as you have them ready. 

Third-Party Integrations Are a Smooth Breeze

Should you need to integrate your membership community with your favorite software, that’s possible, too. GroupApp allows you to use third-party tools and software to ensure smooth integrations. In addition to smooth automated community management, you can also easily track ROI, as well as enjoy the perks of automated marketing campaigns.

Free Hosting Provided

Whether you’re planning to build a community of 500 or 15,000 members, GroupApp is here to host your membership community for you. No matter the size of your community, the hosting is free, which means you can save up to $600 a month. This is particularly convenient if you have a tight budget and you can’t afford to allocate hundreds of dollars for hosting. 

Rely on Tech Support and Customer Success Manager

Whatever technical issues you may run into, you won’t have to worry about solving them. At least not when you have GroupApp by your side to manage all technical issues for you. Not only does this save you a lot of time, but it also saves you a few bucks, as you can get this service free of charge.

And if you ever feel insecure about how to grow your membership community? GroupApp is here to provide you with a customer success manager, who can help you find the best possible method to do this.

Choose From Different Pricing Plans

Depending on your budget and the size of your business, you get to choose from three different pricing plans:

  1. Free Plan — This plan is designed for those just getting started. If you choose to use GroupApp for free, you can have up to 500 members and two membership channels. 
  2. Pro Plan — Pro Plan is mostly used by growing businesses and creators. If you want to pay for this package on a monthly basis, it costs $49 a month. Looking to save a few bucks? Pro Plan can be billed yearly. In this case, you pay $39 a month and save $117. Pro Plan allows you to have 5,000 members and 30 channels and data export.
  3. Premium Plan — The Premium option is designed for brands and large organizations. While the regular price for the Premium Plan is $140 a month, there is a way to save up. Similarly to the Pro Plan, this one, too, can be billed yearly if you want to save $336. The plan allows 15,000 members and 30 channels. It also allows for data export.


Other Top Mighty Networks Competitors to Consider

In addition to GroupApp, there are a few other platforms that might be worth considering as an alternative to what Mighty Networks has to offer. Do think about these, too, and compare all your options before you make your final decision.


Kajabi is a rather popular platform because it allows you both to run paid memberships and sell online courses. When it comes to courses, it gives you a chance to choose from a wide range of course content structures, such as photos, videos, files, etc. This platform also has tools for email marketing campaigns so that you can market your courses. But, keep in mind that all these benefits come at a high price. The most basic plan starts at a monthly fee of $119. 

If you can’t seem to choose between Kajabi and Mighty Networks, you can connect the two platforms. You can get it done if you have no coding experience, so it’s rather straightforward.

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Tribe is a cloud-based platform that allows you to add a community to your existing website. It is particularly convenient for big companies that don’t have a close relationship with their customers. Community members can join discussions, ask questions, take part in polls, as well as share content. 

Even though there are useful community features, they are still limited compared to Mighty Networks or GroupApp. Another downside is that there is not an option for online courses.

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Flarum Pro

Are you looking for a simple solution that allows you to set up your community in just a couple of minutes? If so, Flarum Pro might be an idea worth considering. This is fast and friendly forum software that makes it possible for your community members to connect and help each other. In addition to using it to increase brand loyalty, you can also rely on Flarum Pro to build a support forum and a place where your users can discuss new updates. Or give you some valuable feedback. Flarum Pro allows you to set your own custom domain if you prefer doing so.

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Disciple is convenient because it allows you to build your branded and independent community and take full control of it. Just like Mighty Networks, it is available on iPhone, iPad and Android, and you can sign up for a free trial period. However, unlike Mighty Networks or GroupApp, it doesn’t include a free plan. What makes it better than Mighty Networks is that it does offer 24/7 live support. 

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AccessAlly allows you to sell online courses and memberships. This small learning management system is intended for formal, conventional online learning. Its strong features designed for this purpose are the major advantage of the platform. 

On the other hand, it can be somewhat complicated to customize and expensive to use. More importantly, it is not meant for building a community or running a membership, unlike Mighty Networks, or, better yet, GroupApp.

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Podia is a convenient platform to use if you’re looking for a solution that allows you to build both email and affiliate marketing campaigns, upload online courses, and get instant payouts with no transaction fees. Podia allows you to monetize your site easily. You can charge your members monthly or annual membership subscriptions.

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Hiverbrite allows seamless community management and helps you raise brand engagement. Another convenient feature is that this platform is centralized. It is also highly customizable, which is important when building a membership website. Hiverbrite gives you detailed reports and analytics, too, making it easier to spot the areas that require further improvement in the future.


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Even if you’re just starting out and you’re feeling somewhat confused before the wide array of options for building your community, you can relax now that you’ve narrowed your choice down. Each of the previously listed platforms has a variety of features that can help you build the membership website of your dreams. If you want everything you need in one place, go with the obvious choice — GroupApp.  

Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of all the benefits that GroupApp as the best Mighty Networks alternative has to offer. This might be your first time building an online community. Or you already have some experience. You might have a tight budget. Or you’re ready to invest in your membership website and gather tens of thousands of customers. Whatever the case, GroupApp has got you covered.