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MemberSpace: A Must Read Comprehensive Review

Membership business has been all the rage lately. Whether used for online courses or premium content, every online business aims to have memberships.

Luckily, today we have platforms that can help us with our membership business. One of them is MemberSpace.

In this article, we’ll give insight into MemberSpace and its features.

What Is MemberSpace?

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To put it simply, Memberspace is an online service platform that helps you create a members-only area on your site.

You can create memberships for certain site pages people pay for via MemberSpace to turn your website into members-only.

MemberSpace isn’t an app or a plugin but software to make a membership site on all current primary site hosting services, like Squarespace, WordPress, etc. Although, it works best with Squarespace.

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MemberSpace Features

Firstly, let’s look at how MemberSpace works and some of its crucial features.


Member Pages

As the main feature of MemberSpace, this option lets you make member pages from a part of your website where only members can access the content on the page, whether videos, pictures, or links. This is done through a pop-up form on your site page where members can put in information, sign up, log in, or do something else.

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Utilize this MemberSpace option to turn your website into members-only spaces via the login link and sell courses from your own website.

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Pop Up Customization

You can customize the MemberSpace pop-up form in just a few clicks for the member’s page to have custom styling and wording. You can also change required information, whether it’s used for login, sign up, etc.

You can change the login and sign-up font, colors, buttons, and the default wording for almost any text on MemberSpace and add it to any part of your website.

Drip Content

You can control when members have access to a certain page or a part of your website using the Drip Content feature on MemberSpace, which is great for online courses and video tutorials.

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You can also manage members’ access to your content on MemberSpace. They can lose the members-only access after a specific time, depending on their member plans or after their membership expires.

Administration-wise, you can have multiple admins to manage your business content and unlimited websites to use MemberSpace on.


Customer Accounts

Each member has their MemberSpace account for the best member experience, and you can track their progress, details, login time, and analytics through it.

Checkout Process

Set up automatic billing dates on MemberSpace for paying members. They can also see their entire billing history and payment details via billing invoice, and you can gain insight into what people pay for on MemberSpace.

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MemberSpace lets you manually approve new members to ensure they fit your prerequisites if you want to. You can also invite, manually add members or import them in bulk to MemberSpace from elsewhere.


MemberSpace lets you create free trial periods for your member areas where new customers can have limited time access before getting billed, so they know what they will pay for.

You can customize the trial duration and access for member plans on MemberSpace, so a new member can only have access to certain things at a certain time. An extended trial option and other alternatives automatically pop up when people cancel memberships or for abandoned signups.

Membership Tiers

Of course, a membership-based software like MemberSpace is nothing without letting you create memberships for tiered access.

You can have indefinite members, different member plans, and unlimited upgrades and downgrades on your membership tiers.

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Notifications for members are done through member emails sent via MemberSpace. These emails have custom wording, formats and styles, some of which require coding, which isn’t great for non-technical people. You can always opt for newsletter alternatives.

Marketing and Sales

Payment Methods

Paying for MemberSpace is done through Stripe connected to your bank account. You can set up various payment options on settings, whether recurring, multiple, one-time, or free payments in over a hundred currencies. Also, you’ll get an instant payout just two days after a member signs up!

Some handy MemberSpace tools also include failed charge recovery and tax collecting as a line item in invoices.

Also, MemberSpace charges a minimum 4% transaction fee for every membership sale, depending on the account plan.

Coupons and Upsells

MemberSpace has a couple of helpful marketing features to boost your revenue, such as automated upsells, coupon codes, and discounts. You can control when and on which page they pop up.


Besides Stripe, MemberSpace gives you an option to integrate with Zapier, create forums, integrate an affiliate program, member directories, and even podcasts.

Zapier lets you connect with different plugins. Creating forums helps build a community on MemberSpace, and affiliated links track data and bring more leads.

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You can gain insight into the analytics of all of your site subscribers, member directories, their activity timelines, signups, downloads, and content viewings on MemberSpace.

You can also use MemberSpace API access to control member data you want to pull in.

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Customer Support

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You can either get in touch with MemberSpace customer support via email, submitting a ticket, community forums or even by attending their live office hours if you live nearby.

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The MemberSpace website and software are fully responsive for mobile, tablets, laptops, and desktops, so you don’t have to worry about potential problems for different devices.

Unfortunately, white-labeling your links is only possible with an Advanced plan. The MemberSpace line will show up in the link to your page.


Every members-only content you post on MemberSpace, whether video tutorials, PDFs or pictures, is entirely safe. MemberSpace uses bank-grade SSL encryption to keep all the data secure.

Pros and Cons of MemberSpace

Now that you know everything about the essential features of MemberSpace let’s review its advantages and disadvantages.

MemberSpace Pros

  • You don’t need any coding knowledge to use MemberSpace
  • Great ease of use
  • It has all the essential features you might need
  • Marketing features like automated upsells, coupons and affiliate links
  • Affordable
  • Unlimited websites and unlimited members
  • High-level security

MemberSpace Cons

  • Not the best for WordPress users
  • Not the best for bigger businesses
  • MemberSpace can make your website slow
  • White labeling the MemberSpace subdomain in the URL is only possible for the advanced plan.

MemberSpace Pricing

MemberSpace has three available account plans you can choose from with different levels of perks and cost. MemberSpace plans all come with unlimited members, VIP support, free migration, and standard features.

  • Starting plan – for $29/month, you can have the introductory offer and a 4% transaction fee. This is good for those who are just starting.
  • Growing plan – for $49/month, you get a 3% transaction fee and no MemberSpace branding. This is a good option for those who already make more than $2000/month.
  • Advanced plan – for $199/month, you get a 1% transaction fee, no MemberSpace branding, and you can white-label MemberSpace. This is recommended for those with revenue higher than $7500/month.

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How to Join MemberSpace

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Setting up your MemberSpace isn’t tricky. It takes just a few clicks after login. You’re supposed to set it up across two platforms – MemberSpace itself and your website.

MemberSpace does most of the job for you, so once you create an account and provide them with pages you want limited access to, it all comes down to checking a few boxes.

This takes even shorter if you’re migrating from another website to MemberSpace.

You also have to connect your Stripe account to set up your tiers so that you can receive money.

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MemberSpace Alternatives


GroupApp is a membership-based online platform to build communities and sell a product or service. It’s different from MemberSpace because it’s hosted on a different platform than your website, but this isn’t a bad thing at all.

You don’t have to bother with website design, coding knowledge, or similar things. Plus, it has more features than MemberSpace offers, and it’s simple to use.

GroupApp is the best for building communities, an integral part of every online business.


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Podia is another standalone platform you can create and sell content to your members. Even though it allows membership tiers and has all the other marketing and analytics tools, Podia is only used for courses, which is a positive to some people.

Our Verdict

We hope that this article helped you determine whether MemberSpace is the right platform. Our final verdict is that it’s simple and has many valuable features but can slow your website down.

This is why we recommend trying out GroupApp! It’s a membership site where you can create a community with tiered memberships and sell courses and services. Sign up for GroupApp today to try it out!


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