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Memberful In Depth Review And The best Alternatives For Creators

Memberful is a professional membership software that web designers sign up for and use to sell memberships to their audience. It was founded in 2013 and provides online businesses complete control over their membership program, including creating and maintaining their own website, customer service, email newsletters, and integration with best-in-class third-party tools that you can add to your Memberful membership account.

In today’s feature, we will take a closer look at Memberful and review its features and plugins. We will cover:

  • What building a community means
  • Memberful pricing plans
  • Memberful integrations.

If you want to learn more about what Memberful has to offer, read on.

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A Sustainable Business Model – Building a Community

Creating a business entails more than just designing products and content. Behind every successful initiative is a group of satisfied customers. More and more companies around the world recognize the value of engaging with their target audience, hiring community managers, and investing in customer support.

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There are numerous social media accounts, websites, and other resources that develop a vibrant community. Keep in mind when starting your business that your community is, in fact, your business. You must cultivate it to keep up to date and it will inevitably pay off with high revenue.

But how to efficiently handle, improve and grow your membership site when running an online business? Here comes Memberful – a power source for your community-building process that helps you manage and control your members, payments, website in a simple and easy way.

Memberful Membership Program – Pricing Plans

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Memberful is a WordPress plugin for adding a memberships overlay to a WordPress site. This brand provides three pricing options to choose from. The number of add-ons increases with the price, but everyone will find essential tools for their membership building requirements in the basic plan. Following that, these Memberful payment plans are:


It is the most basic plan, offered for free. It grants all Memberful members access to essential features. It works for people that want to try out Memberful or look for a way to improve community engagement in their company. However, it has a very high transaction fee – reaching 10%.

  • Two plans
  • Website integration only
  • Collect taxes
  • Sell private podcasts


A more advanced Memberful pricing plan with a 4.9% transaction fee, costing $25 monthly. With this option, you gain:

  • Unlimited plans
  • All integrations
  • Collect taxes
  • Sell private podcasts
  • Members-only newsletter
  • Offer coupon codes
  • Create staff accounts
  • Enable free member tier
  • Complete metrics
  • API and webhook access
  • Custom branding


The most advanced Memberful pricing plan with 4.9% transaction fee, costing $100 monthly. Memberful members:

  • Unlimited plans
  • All third-party apps
  • Collect taxes
  • Sell private podcasts
  • Members-only newsletter
  • Offer coupon codes
  • Create staff accounts
  • Enable free member tier
  • Complete metrics
  • API and webhook access
  • Custom branding
  • Group subscriptions
  • Remove Memberful badge
  • White-label your Memberful domain

Additionally, Memberful enables every user to try out the “test mode” for free. While your Memberful account is in test mode, you can complete example member purchases and recreate their onboarding experience using Stripe test credit cards. This is an excellent opportunity for you to test your setup before going live, experiencing your platform from the perspective of your members, how it works for them and add any updated details.

Keep in mind that Memberful requires a Stripe account.

Memberful + Stripe

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Web and Service Integrations

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Website integration allows you to integrate Memberful directly into your website, whether hosted by WordPress or another provider. They do not require coding or learning from scratch. You can add them in a few simple steps. Of course, when signing up for a plugin, you agree with its terms of use and policies. The company offers direct connections and syncing with popular services such as:


It allows you to make members-only content available on your WordPress website. You can protect your content on the server-side to be entirely secure and can only be accessed by registered members.

Analytics by Google

The company enables you to track conversions on your website when someone signs up for a new membership program and sends a transaction event to the Google Analytics account to keep it up to date.

Memberful also provides many email newsletters tools and plugins to help you sell memberships in a simple and easy way.

Campaign Monitoring

It helps you stay connected and maintain the integrity of your Memberful member’s list by sending out exclusive emails to all members or members from a specific plan. Inactive members can be targeted and re-engaged via email newsletters.


One of the plugins that allow you to create email newsletters and focus on staying connected with the community. If you want more details about ConvertKit, click here.


Another Memberful integration, which in a simplified way allows contributors, publishers and content developers or editor to stay in touch, support, offer service and encourage them to subscribe to their web, online class, or download content to their community.


This Memberful plugin allows you to form or improve a bond with your audience. You can filter your email list and send messages to chosen users. If you add Mailchimp to your web, it will definitely save you hours of hand-picking receivers. It can help you focus more on your brand or company.


Memberful add-on that offers support when it comes to email marketing.


Memberful add-on helping email marketing and building a thriving community.


You can add a private discussion forum for members only. It will keep your paid members up to date and remove their access when their subscription expires, so your revenue checks out.


Create a chat forum for members only. Memberful invites paid members to your Discord server and removes their access when their subscription expires.


Form a chat forum for members only. Memberful ensures that members can join it. Support your community and their user experience with the chatting-platform plugin.


You can load your own affiliate programs and track their performance. In Memberful, you can track referrals and commissions for each of your plans.


On your WordPress site, you can create members-only lessons, topics, courses and quizzes.


Working similarly to LearnDash, it spikes up your revenue with online courses, articles and classes.


Memberful integration, compatible with tens of thousands of third-party applications. When new members or subscriptions are added or updated, it automizes and optimizes the workflow.

APIs and Webhooks

This Memberful integration allows you to build powerful, custom applications on top of your Memberful account by leveraging our fully integrated GraphQL API and Webhooks.

Choose the best membership site – Join GroupApp.

While Memberful works pretty well if you don’t mind all of the third-party apps, you may need a truly all-in-one online community platform as a content creator.

When it comes to online community management platforms, there is only one viable option: GroupApp. It enables you to interact with your audience, manage payments online course details and build a thriving community at the same time. It is like eating a cookie and getting more cookies in return.

Among the other websites, this online community platform stands out. Thanks to functionality, clear menus, details and completely customizable options that you can add, you can organize and engage with your online audience.

You can use GroupApp to create and publish online courses directly within your online community. You can integrate your online community and classes for better community support and a better learning experience.

You are in control

We want you to have complete control over your interactions with your neighbors. We give you the option of creating an online community that you own and is free of distractions.

You can interact with members of your community on your own terms. Build a stronger relationship with your community by providing a space for your members to connect and share with one another.

Pricing Plans

GroupApp offers three pricing plans – from $29 to $189 per month.


Integration With Other Platforms

Moreover, as well as Memberful, GroupApp offers third-party integrations such as Stripe, Zapier, ConvertKit and many more!

Final thoughts

Wrapping up, Memberful is a generally decent community management and engagement platform. To summarize, Memberful features include:

  • Syncing Memberful membership data to WordPress automatically.
  • Creating a paywall and limiting content access based on membership level.
  • A widget with links to sign in and handle member accounts.
  • Creating Private RSS feeds and secure bbPress forums.

However, if you want an all-in-one platform, make sure you visit the GroupApp website and sign up for a membership!.


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