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From Zero to 33 Paying Subscribers And $1,200.00 in Revenue

This might sound like a myth or an urban legend, but it’s a true success story and the one we are glad to share with you! Marathon Investing and Trading had confidence in choosing GroupApp as a community software platform, which resulted in growing From Zero to 33 paying subscribers and $1,200.00 in revenue.

The entire process of setting up the community took only a couple of days and the first month was just a beginning for Marathon Investing and Trading. If you are eager to find out how you can go from free membership on Facebook groups to paying membership on GroupApp in under a month, keep reading their success story.

About Marathon Investing and Trading

Marathon Investing and Trading is a community dedicated to long-term investing, knowledge, and information. It is made for beginners in this field and those who have some level of trading experience and are willing to take all the learning tools available within the subscription and improve their knowledge in trading stocks and options, so they make better long-term investments.

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Michael Jones – the creator and admin of the group, takes all of the community members on an investing journey by sharing his vast knowledge gained through stock investing and options trading.

“Hey, your knowledge and insights are much valuable. You should start charging them!”

This was all of the encouragement Michael needed to start the journey of a paid membership. The journey soon led him to GroupApp, and that’s where Marathon Investing and Trading’s success story begins.

Their story

Michael Jones had already had an online Facebook investing group where he gathered investing enthusiasts in sharing their knowledge and interacting with each other. When he started thinking about paid membership, he realized that Facebook groups were not a suitable option. No matter how much we love this social network, it’s obvious it’s not built for professional membership.

He tried switching to Patreon and stayed there for a while until learning that the interface didn’t quite match his audience’s preferences. After a thorough search, GroupApp made it to the top 5 options to choose from and, very soon – a definite choice.

Putting customers first, he decided to choose the suitable interface for them and easy to navigate and establish a clear line between the free membership he had in a Facebook group and the Premium membership community he was starting on GroupApp.

GroupApp features such as course selection, community channels, and complete control of what gets posted in the channels are what got Michael Jones to choose GroupApp. He registered on the platform, and his journey with GroupApp officially began.

It took Michael only a couple of days to set up the entire community on the platform. Writing the community description, setting up community channels and membership subscriptions was all Michael needed to do in order to launch his membership community. All that was left for Michael to do was to invite members to his membership community.

You could say that Marathon Investing and Trading was already “out there” in a way – sharing knowledge and experience in the Facebook group and on Patreon. But this is never a guarantee for building a paid membership community where people pay you to share your knowledge and skills.

Michael understands very well that the bottom line of every online community is building and nurturing relationships. He made sure to build personal connections with the people interested in investing and send them private messages to get to know them long before officially launching his community on GroupApp.

This helped him in two ways:

  • He built trust with people who wanted to learn about stocks and options and found value in what he has to offer
  • He got to a deeper understanding of his potential customers, a.k.a. Community members, which helped him build the best community for them.

From this point on, sending a simple message of:

“Hey, do you think you would benefit from my subscription service where you would get information about the options and stocks?”

to people who were already following him got him the first paying members registered on the GroupApp platform, which later referred other people and got Marathon Investing and Trading to an incredible 33 paying subscribers and $1,200 in revenue.

The solution

Marathon Investing and Trading chose GroupApp for multiple reasons:

  • The simplicity of the interface
  • Channel management options
  • Control of the platform
  • Online course option.

Within the community, Michael created different channels for his members to follow:

  • The General channel: for general stock market discussion and the occasional silly meme
  • The Marathon-Investing channel: this channel will discuss which long-term stocks Michael’s currently investing in (and why) as well as investing information to consider
  • The Info-knowledge News channel: you’ll get a quick snapshot of what’s happening throughout the trading day
  • The Community channel: this channel will be for members who have investing questions or simply converse, help, support, and encourage one another.
  • The Marathon Trade Alerts channel: this will consist of options trades plays that he is personally making, along with the risks that he believes to be associated with them
  • The Observation and Trade Setups channel: a channel for experienced traders that will consist of options contracts to potentially take advantage of so that they can make some quick cash via day trades or long cash via swing trades
  • The Trading Info and Tips channel: for the people who have little to no knowledge about the last two channels mentioned, they can get simplified information from infographics.

Offering such a variety of channels organized by topics attracts and keeps members, as they have an option to learn and get information in a clear and informative way.

Michael set a discount price of $25/month for founding members of his community and rolled out the following pricing plans later:

  • $550/year plan
  • $150/quarter plan
  • $50/month a month.

In the first 2 weeks, his goal was to incentivize potential members to take action and lock in a discount. He also let them know that he would increase the price from $25/month.

The results

Michael was able to go from Zero to 33 paying subscribers in less than 6 weeks and generate $1,200.00 in recurring revenue.

For Marathon Investing and Trading, this is only the beginning, as Michaels’s ultimate goal is to build a community of investors that will have enough knowledge to start investing as soon as possible. And with growing paying subscriptions on GroupApp – it seems as he is going to succeed in this.

Final Thoughts

If you’re ready to start building your online paid membership community, today could be day one of that journey.

Sign up here to start building your community on GroupApp, and let us share your success story in just a couple of months!

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