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LearnUpon LMS Review: An In-Depth Look at Features and Pricing


LearnUpon LMS has been in the game for over a decade now and has evolved into a robust LMS with advanced features, making it a solid option. However, today there are flexible all-in-one learning solutions that go beyond just being an LMS and provide more value. This raises the question: “Is it worth opting for LearnUpon LMS?”

Here’s an in-depth review of LearnUpon LMS to help you make an informed decision. You’ll learn about all of LearnUpon’s features, pricing, pros, and cons.

What is LearnUpon?


In short, LearnUpon is an extensive cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) that offers advanced features to enhance the e-learning experience. This award-winning LMS is used to create, deliver, and manage online training programs and courses.

LearnUpon is designed to meet the training needs of businesses and large organizations. With over 1300 customers, LearnUpon actively powers e-learning experiences and is compliant with SCORM. It is used to deliver training and learning programs to extended enterprises.

Who is LearnUpon for?

LearnUpon is well-suited for medium to large-sized businesses and organizations. The platform is most commonly used in industries such as retail, software, technology, human resources, financial services, associations, non-profits, and manufacturing.


Please note that LearnUpon is not a good solution for small to mid-sized teams, start-ups, and creators with community-led visions and goals. In fact, LearnUpon does not cater to any team or company with less than 50 members. The pricing plans start from 50 members.

I’m sorry if you are a small to mid-sized team or creator. You can stop reading or, even better, check out a flexible all-in-one platform that provides more value. I’m talking about GroupApp, an all-in-one learning community platform.

How to Engage Students

LearnUpon Features

LearnUpon lets you streamline your learning management by providing a centralized platform with several features.

Quick Verdict – LearnUpon Features

After analyzing all LearnUpon features in detail, I found out that all features are basic LMS features that a modern LMS should have.

There are no special features that stood out to me. Moreover, LearnUpon does not offer any feature for community building, which is a big part of modern e-learning.

I was also a bit shocked that there’s no in-built event feature. LearnUpon relies on integrations for live sessions and webinars.

Now, let me walk you through all LearnUpon features below.

1 – Course Creation & Management


Starting with the critical feature of LearnUpon. It comes with an in-built course creation feature. You can create online courses and extensive learning paths in different formats using this course builder.

This feature works with a drag-and-drop editor that comes with course authoring tools. That allows you to import SCORM and xAPI content with validation for error-check. You can also change the conditions of your online courses by just overriding the SCORM files.

Moreover, you can replace the SCORM and xAPI without disturbing the course progress and enrollments. To enhance the learning experience, you can embed videos and Google Docs in your online courses.

This feature will also give you access to analytics and reports. In addition, you can create blended and connected learning experiences with instructor-led live webinars.

It’s a reasonably good course builder with a friendly user interface. It comes with all the essential features a modern LMS should have.

2 – Learner Engagement Feature

With LearnUpon, you create an interactive learning experience through Gamification and leaderboards.

Gamification & Leaderboard

You can award badges to training participants as they progress and achieve learning goals. Plus, they can win points and level-up learning stages.


Another sub-feature that drives engagement is the Leaderboard. This feature gives real-time and collective insights to all learners about performance and competition.

Both gamification and leaderboards develop tracking and reporting facilities for all learners.


Certification is vital for learner engagement and online training. With LearnUpon, you can design and award custom online certificates for training and online courses.

Additional Engagement Sub-Features

LearnUpon offers mini-discussion forums for learners to interact and for group projects. In addition, you can set automated reminder emails and notifications. Moreover, you can present important info on media banners in each learner’s dashboard.

3 – User Management


With LearnUpon, you can automate user management processes such as user profile creation and enrollment. You can also integrate your CRM or HRIS to import users. The platform allows you to bulk import user information and offers a self-regulation facility.


Further, you can group users with segmentation. In addition, you can set up user types with different permissions. For instance, you can create roles like administrator, learner, and instructor.

4 – LearnUpon Training Delivery


LearnUpon makes delivering training easier with several features. Every instructor and learner gets a personalized dashboard for training management. This dashboard holds key info such as training progress, training history, points, and completed or pending assignments.

Users also get access to course catalogs and resources. Plus, it comes with in-built assessment functionality. You can create, manage, and assess your learners with exams and assignments. You can also assess the learners with regular knowledge checks.

5 – LMS Portals


Now, we have a primary feature of LearnUpon. This feature is based on custom LMS portals. That means users can create several LMS sub-portals under a top LMS portal with different courses for target learners.


You can license courses across portals and set an enrollment limit for each LMS portal. Plus, you can customize each portal with different logos and colors. In addition, you can create custom URLs with URL White-Labeling.

6 – LearnUpon Integrations

LearnUpon is a deeply integrate-able platform. You can integrate several of your favorite tools into this platform.


You can easily connect your LearnUpon account with your CRM or LXP. In addition, you can integrate an automation tool such as Zapier.

LearnUpon also offers payment and e-commerce integrations. In addition, you get a custom LearnUpon API to create your app integration.

7 – Reporting


Just like any other LMS, LearnUpon comes with a reporting mechanism. You get a centralized dashboard with all critical insights about all LMS portals and overall performance.

Using this feature, you can generate different reports to get insights about performance, progress, and weak areas. The reporting mechanism comes with different filters to get custom-tailored reports.

8 – Webinar Integration


Please note that there’s no in-built feature for events. In fact, LearnUpon relies on integrations such as Zoom for holding live sessions and webinars.

However, you can incorporate live webinar integration into courses and training. You can also set up automated reminders and attendance tracking.

9 – LearnUpon Mobile App


LearnUpon also offers a mobile app enabling you to manage your LMS portals anytime. It comes with an intuitive interface and provides a good customer experience.

LearnUpon Customer Support

LearnUpon does not offer live chat support.

However, the LearnUpon support team provides customer support through a knowledge base and email. Customer support through email is available 24/7. You can find guides and troubleshooting articles in the knowledge base.

Besides that, you can submit a support request, and the LearnUpon team will get in touch with you through email for issue resolution. You can also

LearnUpon Pricing

There are 3 plans, but prices are not available on the LearnUpon website, which is not good. It leaves potential users needing clarification and adds to the hassle to request prices. Plus, there’s no free plan available.


Although prices are not publicly available, I researched to get an idea. I looked up credible review sites and found out that the Essential plans start from $999. That’s quite expensive!

Let’s discuss the 3 plans briefly.


The three plans differ mainly in the user limit and a few features. Each plan comes with the features of the initial plan and additional features.

In addition, you will get the following with each plan.

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Implement consultant to configure and launch.
  • Strategic action plans and advice for success.

Detailed LearnUpon Pricing is here!

What’s not good about LearnUpon?

If we look in terms of features, LearnUpon stands good. It offers all the features of an LMS with advanced sub-features such as automation.

Still, there are several things not good about LearnUpon. They are stated below.

  • Prices are not available on the site.
  • LearnUpon does not offer any community-building or social learning features.
  • There’s no free trial available.
  • It is not suitable for small businesses and creators as the plans start from 50 users and overall, it is pretty expensive.
  • LearnUpon does not offer a live chat feature.
  • There’s no in-built event feature and it relies heavily on third-app integrations.
  • We cannot find any special features that make it stand out from any other LMS.

My Verdict – LearnUpon

Here are my thoughts.

LearnUpon is a comprehensive feature-rich platform. It comes up with all the basic LMS features, just like any other modern LMS today. However, it is only suitable for large organizations, specifically those who can afford it.

Plus, it does not correspond to the modern-day e-learning need for community-led growth. Businesses and organizations of all sizes are harnessing the power of online communities for training and learning.

LearnUpon does not offer any community-building feature. In addition, it’s not a simple solution. It’s extensive and expensive. Moreover, it’s a platform that heavily relies on integrations. That means an increased need for experts, cost, and time for management.

Businesses need more straightforward, all-in-one solutions that save time and cost while handling training needs. GroupApp is one such platform!

Why GroupApp?

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