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In-Depth Kajabi Review (2021) – Features, Alternatives, and Competitors

Are you looking for the best all-in-one software to sell online courses?

It might be a good time to stop your search, as our in-depth review of the Kajabi platform will provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision for your business. This all-in-one app is made for experts, leaders, coaches, and course creators that put their work online.

Kajabi is a software that’s easy to use, and it comes with an impressive array of features and tools that make creators’ lives easier. With Kajabi, you will be able to create a customized website with a personalized domain and publish your educational content with ease.

If you want to bring your marketing game to a new level, Kajabi will help you with that as well. This software allows you to automate the marketing campaign – it has built-in analytics for the critical business vitals and gives you the option to set up marketing funnels.

Of course, everything comes with a price. One of the downsides of the platform that can discourage creators from signing up are steep pricing plans. Luckily, there are more than a few alternatives available that can be a better fit for you.

To help you speed up the decision-making process, let’s go over Kajabi features, compare them to its competitors and help you understand what’s the best solution for you.

What Is Kajabi

Kajabi is an all-in-one marketing platform that offers educators professional websites to market their courses and other products. The platform features a set of different built-in tools to help you start and manage your online business. Kajabi lets you build, market, and then sell online courses, coaching programs, and membership sites.

The main idea behind Kajabi is to allow creators to build and run entirely online course businesses using only one platform. This way, you don’t have to hack, mix, and use a wide range of plugins and services. Everything is available on a single platform.

As additional support, the Kajabi team will take care of all technical stuff like maintenance, security, and platform updates. This way, you can focus on producing the best possible content, without worrying about technical details.

Bear in mind one important difference – Kajabi is not a marketplace like Udemy. This means that you have absolute control over the prices, policies, and student data. We will take a closer look at pricing models in later chapters in this in-depth Kajabi review.

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How to Use Kajabi

Kajabi is positioned in the business world as one of the top tools for online business, and it’s mostly used in one of the two following ways:

The first case – if you are a business owner looking for a platform that can host your website and its landing pages, Kajabi can be your solution. It allows you to connect your website to a CRM, access analytics, and run email marketing campaigns, so it can help you drive your business through a single platform.

The second case – if you are a course creator that wants to produce high-quality online content, Kajabi features can help you succeed in that. The tools on the platform are designed in a way to help you create, promote, and sell your courses. Even if you were a beginner, you could get ahead using Kajabi.

Can You Get Paid With Kajabi

The platform is integrated with PayPal and Stripe, allowing quick and easy payments. Get paid on your terms using the gateway provider of your choice. As if the benefits were not good enough – Kajabi doesn’t take a percentage of your revenue, so all the money you earn is truly yours.

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How Much Is Kajabi

Kajabi offers a wide array of great features, but it comes at a steep price compared to its competitors. Fair enough — based on your needs and financial resources — there are three pricing options you can choose from.

One thing is certain – if you want to save up to 20%, opt for annual billing, no matter the plan you choose.

Before you make a decision, let’s break down each option and see what it can offer you:

  • The Basic plan costs 149$ a month, or 119$ if you opt for paying annually. With the Basic, you will get support for 3 products and 3 pipelines, and unlimited marketing emails and landing pages. The package gives you 1000 active members, one website, 10,000 email contacts, and an admin user as well.
  • The Growth plan is by far the most popular one, and it will cost you $199 a month or 159$ if you pay yearly. With it, you get 15 pipelines and 15 products, as well as 10,000 active members, 10 admins, 25,000 contacts, and one website. On top of that, you will have unlimited landing pages, affiliate programs, and tracking, unlimited email marketing, and you will also be able to remove the Kajabi branding. And when you need something, live chat support will be there 24/7.
  • The Pro plan is available for 399$ a month or 319$ if you are paying annually. This option brings you support for 100 pipelines and 100 products, but also 20,000 active members, 25 admin users, and 3 websites. Also, you get unlimited landing pages and unlimited email marketing, an affiliate program, and tracking. The Pro plan also gets you a code editor that the other two plans don’t have.

It’s not such a difficult choice, as all three options are quite good. Bear in mind that all of them come with a website builder, drip content, and 14 days free trial. Since pricing might change, make sure you check the pricing plan once again before making the final decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kajabi Pricing

To help you make everything about pricing clear, we gathered some of the frequently asked questions:

  • Is there a 30-day money-back guarantee? Of course, if you choose to cancel your subscription within 30 days of the first payment, you will get your money back. Just contact customer support, and they will guide you through the process.
  • Can you change your plan later on? Yes, you can change your plan. You can upgrade it or downgrade it whenever you want to.
  • Do you need a web hosting account? Since all Kajabi plans include unlimited hosting for your content, you won’t be needing a hosting account. The platform uses servers and networks that will ensure your site is very fast and completely reliable.
  • Can you use your domain? Yes, you can. If you have a custom one, you can use it. If you don’t, Kajabi will provide you with one. You will get a domain like this –
  • What happens if you want to cancel Kajabi? Since there is no long-term commitment or complicated contract that binds you to Kajabi, it will be easy to cancel. Just go on your dashboard and cancel the account whenever you feel like it.
  • Are there transaction fees? You won’t get charged if you sell your products using built-in payments. The only fee you will have to pay is the standard Stripe merchant processing fee that will cost you 2.9% +30 cents per transaction.

Features Kajabi Offers

Kajabi is described as an all-in-one platform for your business. This means that it has all the necessary features that you might require to build and grow your online business. Kajabi features will help you when you want to build the website, grow a following, sell products, share the knowledge, and launch marketing campaigns. These are some of the essential features you will be using on the Kajabi platform.

Websites Builder

If you want to have an online business, creating a website is the first step. This website should be a place where you can showcase the product, publish original content, and connect with your audience. Because Kajabi is an all-in-one platform, your website will be fully integrated with other tools like email marketing, analytics, and content purchases, so things won’t get lost between multiple tools.

The website comes with a library of professionally-made themes you can use, and you can even customize them. The integrated website builder along with themes allows you to easily build a professional-looking website in a couple of hours without needing to learn how to code.

Landing Pages

When you decide to start promoting your products and services on Kajabi, you will need to create landing pages. With Kajabi, that is as simple as choosing a template, customizing it to your needs, and then pressing the “Publish” button. No matter if you need a Policies page, Lead Magnet, or any other type of page with the landing page builder, you can create them in no time.

When you are creating a landing page, you will start with the overall layout that has tiny elements you can adjust to your will. With a few clicks, your page will look exactly how you want it to look. Landing page creator will even help you incorporate advanced elements, no matter if you have previous experience in using them. On top of that, your landing pages can be easily connected with marketing campaigns, products, offers, and emails; you just take your pick.


You can earn money on Kajabi by selling gated-content, original online courses, subscriptions, and membership sites. The platform will allow you to teach, train, consult, or even coach. Transforming your expertise into digital products is easy with Kajabi because its online product generator allows you to quickly and easily create courses, subscriptions, and much more.

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Email Marketing

Kajabi’s email marketing tools allow you to send email broadcasts, set up email marketing sequences, nurture your customers and engage with your audience. The studies show that email marketing makes a huge contribution in relationship building with customers, so it’s logical you want this feature to be as good as it gets on the market.

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Not all of us are analytical or tend to check data regularly and drive conclusions out of it. And that is completely okay – that’s why we have tools such as Kajabi that help us understand the numbers behind our business better.

Data alone is not enough if you want to grow your business – that’s when the analytics come to the stage. Kajabi provides its customers with metrics organized in web analytics dashboards.

This Analytics Dashboard tracks your site, and it offers you data on Opt-ins, Subscription Metrics, Net Revenue, Page Views. These essential pieces of information from every touchpoint in your business will help you understand the market and evaluate the growth rate and health of your online business.

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Marketing Pipelines

Marketing pipelines refer to all the stages that a sales rep goes through to convert a lead into a paying customer. It is an important part of a marketing strategy, and that’s why Kajabi has a pipeline schematic built into platforms that market and sell online courses.

You can access The Pipeline customization screen that gives you a visual representation of your schematics, and you can edit it with simple drag and drop. Kajabi allows you to add videos, extra offers as well as images, and other elements that will maximize customer conversion. If you don’t know what to add to your pipelines, the Kajabi editor can give you suggestions. Depending on the plan you choose, you can have 3, 15, or 100 pipelines, respectively.

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Affiliate Program

If you opt for Growth and Pro Plans, you will be able to set up the Affiliate Program. This program utilizes your partnerships and encourages people to sell the products and services on your behalf. When affiliates sell your products, they will receive a commission for them.

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Customer Reviews of Kajabi

Humor us – and just for a minute think about the last thing that you bought – it could be anything. Now try to think and remember how you’ve come to buy that specific thing. If we’re not mistaken — and you can let us know in the comments if we were — you came to an idea and actual realization of buying that specific thing after someone had recommended it to you.

It could have been someone you know and trust, or simply someone that left a review on the Internet. That’s cold ‘the real marketing’ or Word of Mouth marketing, and today we want to bring you impressions and feedback from the first hand: customers that used Kajabi.

Let’s see what they say about the pros and cons of using Kajabi.

Pros of Kajabi According to Customers

Customers that used Kajabi mostly put these things as pros of the platform:

  • No need for a third-party email provider since there is a built-in email marketing tool
  • The Sale Pipeline Builder is a built-in sales funnel software, and it allows you to create a few types of marketing funnels to make sales.
  • You get a custom domain. Even though Kajabi hosts your courses, you can make your domain and set it to be a part of your website.
  • You can offer different payment options to your students. There are monthly payment plans that can come in handy if you are selling more expensive courses.
  • Kajabi allows you to customize. A huge set of designed and customizable themes will help you create a website that looks and feels exactly like you want it.

Cons of Kajabi According to Customers

On the other hand, the customers had some issues with Kajabi as well:

  • Kajabi is not cheap. Its prices are higher than those you will find on other platforms.
  • The marketplace is small, and it doesn’t have a search function for students. There is only a category filter people can use when looking for courses.
  • You will need a third-party platform, most likely Accredible, to give completion certificates after the course.
  • You might need coding skills if you want to edit a site post.
  • Assessment customization is slightly limited.

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6 Kajabi Alternatives and Competitors

Many people put their content online, making community platforms very popular. That’s why Kajabi is not the only platform out there that can offer you different features and tools that will help you grow your business and community. Depending on your needs, there are more than a few alternatives to Kajabi you can choose from. Let’s go over some of the best ones and see how they’re different than Kajabi.

GroupApp Is One of the Best Kajabi Alternatives

Even with all features, Kajabi has some issues that can affect the way you plan on running your community and business. If you are looking for a community platform that can cover all of your needs, GroupApp is the solution.

GroupApp offers many advantages over Kajabi when it comes to online course creation and building your online community, such as:

  • It is a unified place for your community and online courses – having your community and courses in one place without using additional tools and platforms is something most creators need, and GroupApp will give you just that. It gives your community members a unified experience by bringing together courses and an online community. No need for your students or community members to jump between multiple tools and get distracted by social media platforms like Facebook Groups.
  • Monetize through online course sales and membership subscriptions – there are many ways to earn money online, but membership site platforms are an excellent choice for creators. GroupApp allows creators to set up membership subscriptions for their community and courses, so creators can build a recurring revenue business and spend more time serving their community. The platform also allows you to sell online courses. Let’s crunch some numbers. For example, if you have 300 subscribers, each paying a subscription fee of $15, you can earn up to $4,500 from subscriptions only. On top of that, each of them can buy a course that costs $25, which earns you an additional $7,500 per course.
  • Familiar, user-friendly platform – GroupApp looks quite similar to Facebook groups. This means that your community members don’t have to learn how to use a new tool, and the onboarding process can be super simple.
  • It is very affordable – Unlike Kajabi, GroupApp has a free plan for those on a tight budget. Even when you decide to upgrade your subscription, GroupApp plans are way more affordable than Kajabi ones. GroupApp pricing plans are pretty straightforward. Pro plan is $49 per month, while the Premium goes for $140 per month.

All of these features show that GroupApp not only offers the same options as Kajabi, but it is a far more affordable option. That’s why if you are looking for an online platform that has it all and it is budget-friendly, don’t miss out on GroupApp. After all, it is the best Kajabi alternative.

GroupApp Community Platform

Clickfunnels vs. Kajabi – Can They Work Together

ClickFunnels is a funnel builder for entrepreneurs. With more than 90,000 members, it is a growing platform. ClickFunnels is created for people who are not programmers and don’t know how to code. However, the platform allows you to easily build pages inside the sales funnel and grow your company. The main difference between ClickFunnel and Kajabi is that Kajabi is all in one platform for building an online business, while ClickFunnels is a tool for building sales funnels. ClickFunnels and Kajabi can work and integrate. One will help you make a website, while the second one will generate leads and sales. Together they can help you grow the online business.

However, even with all the similarities, they are not the same. Kajabi being an all-in-one tool allows you everything from creating a website to selling courses and offering memberships, while ClickFunnels is a tool for building sales funnels that are highly-converting. The main function of ClickFunnels is to help entrepreneurs generate leads and sell their products online.

The next difference is pricing. Kajabi prices are a bit higher. ClickFunnels pricing options allow you to choose between two plans. You can choose between a basic plan that costs $97 a month and that comes with 100 pages, 3 payment gateways, 20 funnels, and many other features. However, you won’t get services like affiliate software and email marketing. The Platinum plan will cost you $297 a month, and you will get unlimited funnels and pages, as well as nine payment gateways and many other features.

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Kajabi vs. Teachable – Which One Is Cheaper

With a large number of features, Teachable is a very powerful online course platform. It allows you to create a fully customizable online course. Teachable allows you to reward your students, track their progress, and give them certificates in the end. The platform offers many payment options, including international ones. Also, it has an impressive offering of marketing tools.

It is different from Kajabi because it allows you to tailor courses to other languages helping you to grow the international community. Also, it comes with an iOS app, while Kajabi can only be accessed through the desktop.

Overall it is cheaper than Kajabi. Teachable, as well as Kajabi, offers three pricing plansbasic, pro, and business. Let’s go over what each of them brings to the table:

  • Basic – costs $39 a month, and it comes with all the base features. From unlimited students, course, and coaching products to drip course content and integrated email marketing. However, this plan comes with 5% transaction fees.
  • Pro – is the most popular plan, and it costs $119 per month. It has everything the basic plan has, plus graded quizzes, an unbranded website, course completion certificates, and integrated affiliate marketing. It also comes without any transaction fees.
  • Business – costs $299 a month and includes everything the pro plan does with some additional features. With a business plan, you will get group coaching calls, bulk student enrollments, custom user roles, and advanced theme customization.

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Podia is advertised as an all-in-one digital storefront that gives its customers an easy way to sell online courses, downloads, and memberships. Compared to the Kajabi platform, it is a simpler solution. Consider it a lighter version of Kajabi. Also, high levels of user-friendliness and affordable prices make it more attractive than Kajabi.

With Podia’s membership feature, you can create an engaging community. Additionally, you can continuously update your members with different types of content like text and videos. Furthermore, Podia’s “Mover” plan is 30% cheaper than Kajabi’s basic plan. This makes Podia a better solution for beginners.

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Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks started as a community platform with options similar to Facebook Group, and then it added paid online courses and memberships. With it, you can start simple and, with time, build up to online courses and groups. One of the best features of Mighty Networks is its availability. You can access it on every web platform, iOS, and Android.

Although the platform lacks complex marketing tools, Kajabi offers, its community and mobile apps drive fast growth and deep engagement as well. Opting for Mighty Networks, you will become a part of the platform where you can create online courses, sales funnels, and sub-groups all under your brand.

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Thinkific is a platform designed for people looking to market, sell, and create online courses just like Kajabi. Here you can create multimedia lectures but also promotional content, discussions, and surveys. Thinkific website builder is customizable and includes a code editor, and you also can get a custom domain for your website.

Thinkfic platform accepts international payments. It doesn’t have built-in tools like email marketing, but you can integrate with more than 1000 apps to send out emails. Since it has a free plan that supports 3 courses and has no limit on the number of students, it is already more affordable than Kajabi. Paid plans start at 49$ a month, and they unlock features like drip content and affiliate marketing. To find the best plan check out the official webpage.

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Kajabi Review – Final Thoughts

Kajabi has been one of the most popular choices for creators for a while now. It is a good choice whether you want to create online courses or memberships. It offers customizable layouts for your website, and it has a lot of tools, making it a proficient all-in-one app.

However, it might time to question Kajabi’s position on the market. While this platform is one of the better options for creators, it still has some downsides. For starters, steep plan prices won’t be for everybody’s budget. Also, with slightly limited customization and the need for a third-party platform to give certificates, you might need to reconsider your choice.

If you realize that Kajabi is not for you, there is a long list of alternatives and competitors you can choose from. Our top choice and biggest recommendation among them is GroupApp, which is also an all-in-one platform with quite similar features to Kajabi. It is not only more affordable than Kajabi, but it is also simpler to use, and you won’t need advanced technical knowledge to get a firm grasp of how everything works.

If you are interested in finding out more, check out the GroupApp website and sign up for a free trial period.

Let us know your thoughts and final choice in the comments!


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