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Kajabi Community – In depth Review And Top 3 Alternatives

Kajabi digital platforms have recognized the importance of bringing people together, so in addition to primary business models, it offers several other incorporated products, including the Kajabi community.

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In this article, we will talk about the Kajabi platform how does Kajabi Community work and give you answers to the following questions:

  • What is the Kajabi community feature, and how to build it?
  • What benefits does the Kajaby community feature bring me?
  • Is Kajabi worth it, and what are its alternatives on the market?

Let’s start by introducing you to the Kajabi community.

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi University is for all ambitious beginners who want to start an online business. Digital platforms are gaining popularity thanks to the features of all-in-one tools, meaning that product creation and marketing processes are realized within one platform.

Kajabi is a popular digital platform for online entrepreneurs. It has the best tools to start and maintain your business. Through the Kajabi software, you can launch a website without prior web design and coding knowledge.

Furthermore, you can start your community, sell an online course and connect directly with other members and creators working on the same interests.

Kajabi will help you get the money in three steps:

Placing the product on the market through a pre-prepared sales template:

  • Mini-courses
  • Online Course
  • Digital downloads
  • Membership
  • Community
  • Coaching Program
  • Blank Blueprint

Create prices and payment plans for each product you want to sell.

Kajabi’s features:

  • custom coupon codes
  • free and low-cost trials
  • Access restricting and scheduling
  • Automatically communicate with your customers.

Make customers interested in your products by creating a pipeline.

With the Kajabi pipeline feature, you get a mix of content landing pages, email sequences, and sales pages to help you increase sales.

Kajabi App

The Kajabi website strives to make its software user-friendly and easy to use. Now, there is a Kajabi app, a mobile app available to download for smartphones, Android, iPhone, and Google phones.

The Kajabi app contains not only the community product but all other Kajabi products so that you can access your teaching course, membership, and other digital products at any time.

These great features contribute to your reputation and allow better collaboration with Kajabi members.

There are many other alternatives to the Kajabi community, such as social media groups and Facebook groups. Still, they lack the key features needed to run a successful business.

Kajabi Community Feature

Using Kajabi Community Feature to create a Kajabi community is a simple process. You can choose to deliver your Kajabi community as a standalone product, an add-on to your other services, such as membership or a subscription. Kajabi’s site has everything you need for creating your group.

Kajabi Community vs. Social Networks

For many today, life is unimaginable without social networks. The impact of social networks, such as Facebook, on everyday life, is great, and their role in completing everyday chores is undeniable. However, when it comes to work, there are aspects that digital platforms provide that a social group cannot.

Control Over Community Content

Social network such as Facebook has a Facebook group that play the role of community. The benefit of owning digital platforms over the Facebook group is that you are the one who chooses community members and is involved in creating content. This way, the community will never be overwhelmed with unnecessary information but will focus on accurate information.

When the content distributed to members is on one site, and the community part is present on Facebook groups or discords, it becomes harder to engage.

Brand Community

Digital platforms, such as Kajabi, offer the opportunity to create a community.

A distinction needs to be made between social groups on Facebook or LinkedIn and branded communities. While Facebook group gathers people who mainly “kill time,” there will be people in your branded community who see their time as an investment.

A significant aspect of the new Kajabi community is that it brings people who become connected to your brand and products. They will buy your products, speak about them, share them on a Facebook group and other media and attract new members.

Since you can charge for access to the community, your members will expect extra features.

You can restrict access to specific users and determine who can access the community, which is not so easy to do on Facebook.

Also, the Kajabi community is a different website. The number of random users who are uninterested and accidentally stumbled upon your content is low, while on Facebook, this is quite common.

To summarize all the significance of communities :

  • Increases student engagement
  • Encourages members to interact
  • Opportunity to track all the ideas and ambitions of the members.
  • A place dedicated to transformation, cooperation, and answering questions

With the knowledge of the importance of community, the next step is to start a Kajabi community.

Kajabi Community Builder Guide

Thanks to its Community Builder, creating a community on Kajabi is a quite straightforward process.

In just a few minutes, your community will be up and running, ready to welcome its members.

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All important information is placed on the Kajabi dashboard:

  • Name of your community
  • The number of new posts in the last few days
  • The number of members
  • An option to edit details and customize the sidebar
  • The button to enter your community
  • An option to add a community offer

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Editing Details

The first thing you should take care of is the appearance of the group and its name, description, and product thumbnail.

All of this can be added in just one step by going to Edit Details from the Dashboard.

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Furthermore, you can set the accent color, theme, logo, homepage, and navigation menu buttons in this tab.

While designing the community, always put yourself in the shoes of a member.

Make sure that the design is easy to navigate and straightforward.

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Customize Sidebar Message

Another feature that adds to the practicality of the community is a sidebar.

The most important pages, such as community guidelines or schedules for live classes, interviews, and Q&A events, and external links should be placed in the sidebar so that members can access them easily.

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Topic or Feed

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As an owner of the Community product, you are in charge of the content and topics that will be discussed within the community.

The community has two tabs:

  • The Community Feed view resembles the feed of popular social media platforms, and content is organized chronologically on this page – from the most recent to the latest.
  • The Topics view is similar to a forum. Videos and other content are organized in different categories, so Kajabi users can pick to view the content from the category they are most interested in. For new Community product admins, it is recommended to create up to three different categories on the Topics page and see with what content the members are engaging the most.

Kajabi also gives you an option to pin a certain post – you can pin the most popular video or a new post, which can work as a recommendation to new members.

Additional Features

Besides the option to create posts and pin posts, it has numerous interactive features.

People that are using your membership site have the option to like any post, follow or unfollow it, comment on an article, as well as ask and answer questions.

Their interaction within the community will give you valuable feedback on what Kajabi product to change or keep.

Kajabi offers

Last but not least, it’s time to monetize your knowledge. There is a place to set an offer to your community on the community dashboard. You can experiment with different prices for different creations. You can grant free access to members who have beta users roles or if you are trying something new.

One bonus tip to increase engagement – use YouTube Live to stream directly into your group. This way, your members will respond by commenting under your Live stream.

Now that we have covered all about Kajabi community product let’s take a look at Kajabi plans.

Kajabi plans overview

As mentioned earlier, choosing a specific Kajabi plan greatly influences the online community and your business.

The platform’s price is an initial investment that every creator must make.

We will look at Kajabi pricing plans and alternatives.

Basic Plan

This plan comes with the price of $119/per month. It is the cheapest plan that allows selling three different products, three pipelines, 10 000 contacts, 1000 active members, one website, one admin user.

Growth Plan

The medium-range price plan is the growth plan. It comes with the most popular price between course creators of $159/month. You can sell 15 products, 15 pipelines, have 25 000 contacts, 10 000 active members, one website, and ten admin users. Additionally, it gives you advanced automation, the possibility to run your affiliate program, and remove the “powered by Kajabi” branding from the footer of your pages.

Pro Plan

The Pro plan is the most expensive. The price of $319/month allows you to sell 100 products, three sites, 20,000 active members, 100,000 contacts, and 25 admin user accounts. It is mainly designed for selling online courses with big teams combined with many other Kajabi products.

Regardless of the plan you choose, you will get unlimited landing pages and marketing emails, Assessments (Quizzes & Surveys), Chat support, and 0% transaction fees.

Additionally, Kajabi allows you to connect to a custom domain through a third-party domain provider.

If you feel that investing in a Kajabi plan sounds too risky, there is always the possibility to try a 14-day Kajabi free plan.

Additionally, a dose of flexibility allows you to change your decision and upgrade or downgrade your existing plan within 30 days of payment.

Choosing a business plan is not always an easy decision. Although some plans seem too expensive, they were created to help you market your Kajabi project in the best possible way.

Profits have been made, judging by the experience of other customers, but never underestimate the time it takes you to create a valuable Kajabi product. As with many other things in life, dedication and hard work are the keys to success.

Pros & Cons

Kajabi showed us that it has many functions worth praise, but we have to point out some shortcomings.


  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • Allows you to drip out course content to students
  • Ability to brand and customize
  • All-in-one tool


  • There is no free/freemium model, and prices are slightly higher than on other platforms.
  • Kajabi can’t offer certificate completion, so you will need to use a 3rd party application.
  • The Kajabi course marketplace is small and does not have search functions for students.
  • Lacking Email campaigns functionality

Alternatives to Kajabi

As you can see, Kajabi has numerous downsides and limitations, so check out the most popular alternatives before you make any final decision.


GroupApp most successfully matches all the functions that Kajabi has. It is designed to be user-friendly and help take your online business to the next level. It brings all the tools needed to design a site and support entrepreneurs in all business areas. Automated marketing expands your influence and makes money by selling your knowledge.

Courses and other products are easy to complete without the necessary prior knowledge of web design. Add videos, PDF, and audio documents and comprehensively present your expertise.

GroupApp communities contain plenty of content, such as events, different membership levels, and community channels. It is a place intended for communication and the exchange of opinions. It is up to you to maintain order and clarity so that all members get the maximum benefit.

GroupApp is designed to create a professional business environment. Success is guaranteed with the ability to start your career from scratch and extensive marketing support. Also, it features unmatched customer support.

The most significant advantage of GroupApp is its accessibility. GroupApp created different pricing plans to fit into everyone’s budget. GroupApp presents three plans. For starters, the Basic Plan is $29 per month. For growing businesses, Pro plan with $59 per month. Large developed businesses use the Premium plan at $189 per month.


Mighty Networks

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Mighty Networks is a relatively new platform for online entrepreneurs. It offers both online courses and community solutions.

With Mighty Networks, the foundation is community. It’s your starting point for creating things like coaching courses, membership sites, and events to support the community members.

The advantage of achieving unity through only one platform is a safer expression of members, accordingly encouraging community engagement.

Compared to Kajabi and others platforms, the Mighty Network meets the community’s needs. However, the development of marketing features isn’t on the same level, which justifies the lower price of services.

When it comes to prices, compared to Kajabi, the difference in monthly and annual plans can be seen here as well. Mighty Network has two programs. The $23 community plan allows you to run a website and community. To start a course, you need an $81 pricing plan.


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Hivebrite is a community engagement platform for social collaboration. It started as a start-up and is now the choice of many entrepreneurs for professional community building.

Hiverbrite brings together many researchers, alumni, volunteers, and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Similar to Kajabi, it works as all the tools needed, a fully-branded community platform to help you centralize all your content, data, and tools into one place.

This software consists of many features like live feed, course creators features, mobile app, analytics, communication tools, memberships news, forums, custom notifications, and many more.

Compared to other platforms, the Hivebrite website does not display a pricing plan, and the only way to get fully informed is by contacting the Hivebrite team directly. We must assume that high functionality comes with a high price or listen to other sources and share information about the $500 / month plan.

There is an option to book a 45-minute demo version of Hivebrite and learn how to manage and foster your online community.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is if you want to create and grow a thriving community, Kajabi is worth considering. Not only do you get access to the community, but to Kajabi membership as well.

Furthermore, the Kajabi community feature is a great way to interact with your audience, get feedback on your products, and elevate your business.

It’s affordable, easy to use, and integrates seamlessly with other social media platforms.

However, the Kajabi community has a few shortcomings, so we encourage you to check out GroupApp. It is a better value for money platform that meets the expectations of content creators.

GroupApp features membership, community, and courses, as well as support you need to create and run your virtual business. Don’t wait too long! Start creating and selling online courses using GroupApp.


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