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In-Depth Restream Review – Features, Pricing, Pros, & Cons


Today, we have solutions to simplify live streaming. No one wants complicated streaming software that demands unique expertise. Restream is a live-streaming platform presented as a go-to solution for anyone to stream effortlessly. But, what’s the whole story, and is it a suitable platform for you?

This Restream review covers all that you need to know about Restream. You will learn about all the features, pricing plans, pros, and cons.

My Verdict – Restream Review

Restream is a specialist tool for live streaming. The platform is aimed at simplifying live streaming for everyone. It offers limited yet great features for streamers. In fact, the set of features by Restream offers more value than competitors like StreamYard and Be.Live.

However, the problem is that the best features are only available in expensive plans. Still, Restream is generous when it comes to the features available in the basic, standard, and professional plans.

That’s why I highly recommend checking our Restream if you want to harness the power of live streaming.

Restream Overview

Restream is a one-stop platform for live video streaming that engages 600+ million viewers monthly. It’s a cloud-based tool that offers modern-day features for live streaming. With Restream, you can stream live to multiple platforms. That helps you to reach a wider audience.


It was created back in 2015 by Andrew Surzhynskyi and Alexander Khuda. The initial motive was to simplify live streaming for gamers. Gradually, the platform has developed into a live-streaming powerhouse with a dynamic range of features.

Restream is well-suited for live streams with all sorts of audiences. It is great both for solo use such as for content creators and gamers and for professional usage for organizations.

How does Restream work?

Restream is a cloud-based platform and operates directly from your browser. It does not require any downloads.

Using Restream, you can create, distribute, and stream videos across platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. You can live stream to around 30 platforms with Restream. That helps you to catch your target audience on every potential platform.


All you need to do is to pick the destination platforms on which you aim to stream live. Within no time, you will be streaming live on your selected platforms. You can also use Restream to stream pre-recorded videos.

You can also create personalized live streams using branding options. Plus, you can engage with your viewers directly. All such features make Restream a promising platform for live streams.

Who is it for?

Restream is well-suited for content creators, gamers, influencers, religious services, start-ups, politicians, and entrepreneurs.

Restream Features

Restream is a focused platform for live streaming. It offers a limited yet dynamic range of features for live streams. Let’s see what it has to offer.

1 – Live Streaming Studio

This is where all the action happens.

Restream Studio is a primary feature dedicated to live streaming. In this studio, you get access to a range of features for creating a smooth live streaming experience. Let’s dig deeper.


Restream Studio comes with several sub-features for live streaming. These include:

Cross Platform Chat

Cross-platform chat allows you to handle chats coming from different platforms. You can reply separately to chats. All chats are displayed right on your screen. You can also pin your favorite messages.


This sub-feature is powered by a relay bot that highlights chats from different platforms. Not just that, it also lets your audience interact with each across platforms. That can significantly boost your engagement.

Captions (Static Text & Ticker)


Using this feature, you can add two types of captions to your live streams.


First, you can add static text that will stick to a spot on your stream. Next, you can add a ticker on your stream which is moving text.

QR Codes


Restream helps you take your live stream to the next level. You can add different types of QR codes to your stream for anything. It comes with different options. You can either add a simple QR code with an image or you can add a product with price along with a QR code.

This comes in handy if you are marketing your own products or handling sponsorships.



Restream helps you to create live streams that align well with your personal brand or business. For that, it offers several branding features. For instance, you can display your logo on your live stream if you are using a paid plan.

Plus, it offers several pre-built templates for themes, backgrounds, and overlays. You can also add your own templates. Lastly, it lets you add video clips to your stream to enhance the experience.

Private Chat

This feature lets you communicate with your team members, fellow hosts, or guests privately.

Invite Guests

You can add guests to your live streams for webinars and podcasts. To invite guests, you can create an invite link using Restream Studio.

2 – Multi-Streaming

This feature enables you to stream on multiple channels.

With Restream, you can stream live to 30+ platforms. This is the actual superpower of focused streaming platforms like Restream.  The best thing is that this 30+ platform multi-stream feature is available on the free basic plan too. That’s really good on the part of Restream.

You can select your destinations right from your Restream Studio.


It also offers the Custom RMTP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) feature. This feature lets you stream live over the internet. However, this feature is only available with the paid plans.

Real-Time Channel Toggling

This feature lets you manage streaming channels without interrupting live streaming on any other platform. For example, you can end streaming on Instagram without disturbing the stream on LinkedIn.

Third-Party Integrations

With third-party app integrations, you can double the power of your streaming platform. You can connect your Restream account to platforms like Zoom, Twitch, OBS Studio, etc.

3 -Recording & Streaming Pre-Recorded Videos

This is another perk of streaming platforms like Restream. You can record and live stream a pre-recorded video. This comes in handy when you cannot afford a mistake or need to stream perfect videos like for a screening.

You can record a video using the Restream Studio. You will get access to robust video editing tools available. Next, Restream lets you store these videos securely within your account. Your account storage varies depending on your plan.

You can also upload a video and live stream it using Restream Studio.


4 – Stream Scheduling


Restream comes with an in-built stream scheduler for events. You can add the event title, description, thumbnail, and most importantly the date and time for the event. Next, you can pick your destination platforms and connect beforehand.

In the case of pre-recorded live videos, you can add it to the event. That way, the scheduler will run the video automatically at the set time.

5 – Real-Time Analytics


Restream offers a robust real-time analytics feature. It offers insights on 4 metrics. This helps you monitor your performance and enhance it with informed decision-making.

This feature is definitely a plus! Restream offers a proper analytics feature, unlike its competitors such as StreamYard.

With Restream Analytics, you can monitor the following metrics:

Stream Sessions

You can monitor the performance of all of your streams in one place with factors like viewers, followers, monitoring ingoing, and outgoing.

Stream Metrics

You can view your streaming stats like average duration and time using graphs.

Chat Metrics

This helps you keep an eye on your chatters. You can view the total no. of messages and the most popular chatters.

Audience Metrics

You can check your average viewers, max viewers, and total watched minutes.


Restream gives you the ability to create teams and add members to your account for management. For that, you need to name your team first. Next, you can add team members and assign specific roles.


6 – Live Shopping


Using this feature, you can add product QR codes to your live streams for live shopping. You can connect your stream with your products or products from your sponsors. All you need to do is to enter the product link and Restream will create a QR code with your product image and price.

7 – Additional Restream Features

Here are some additional features offered by Restream.

Video Storage

You can record and store videos within your Restream account. Your storage limit will vary depending on your plan.

Proxy Streaming

Proxy streaming will let your stream live in regions where streaming platforms are blocked.

HD Live Streaming

For all plans, you can live stream in full HD at 720p for the basic free and standard paid plan, and 1080p for the professional paid plan.

Back-Up System

You can add a backup stream video in case your live stream fails for any reason. It will automatically play the video without interrupting. This feature is available for paid plan users.

Embed Live Stream to Website

Using this feature, you can embed your streaming sessions directly into your website.

Pull Links

This feature enables you to play a live stream within a live stream. However, it is only available for paid plan users.

Concurrent Streams

You can live stream multiple events from the same account at the same time.

Restream Customer Support

Restream offers customer support through two channels. You can get support through 24/7 live chat and get a response within a few hours. Plus, you can access the Restream help center that’s essentially a knowledge with useful guides and articles.

Restream does not offer email support which is preferred by users because live chat is often powered by bots. It cannot offer personalized support to customers and lacks emotions.

Restream Pricing Plans

Now, let’s see where Restream stands in terms of pricing.

Restream offers 1 basic free plan and 4 paid plans. You can also opt for an annual billing cycle and get two months free. Please note that all plans include the features of the preceding plans along with additional perks.

1 – Free Basic Plan

Restream offers a free plan with a decent amount of features. It is suitable for testing the platform. You can set up 2 channels with 30+ platforms and invite 5 guests.

Plus, it includes cross-platform chat, 1 video storage, engagement analytics, 2 producer seats, and basic graphics.

2 – Standard Plan @ $19/Month

If you opt for annual billing, you will be charged $16 per month and $190 yearly. This plan is the first step ahead with Restream. It is ideal for beginners at live streaming.

You get:

  • Stream to 5 channels
  • Store 3 files
  • Max video size: 30 min/0.5GB
  • Unlock FB pages, groups, and custom RTMP streaming
  • Record streams up to 6 hrs
  • No Restream Watermark
  • Team: 2 total seats
  • 2 concurrent events

3 – Professional Plan @ $49/Month

With annual billing, it will cost you $41 per month and $490 per year.

You get:

  • All Standard Features
  • Stream to 8 channels
  • Store 10 files
  • Max video size: 1 hour/2GB
  • Record streams up to 10 hrs
  • Full HD (1080p) in Studio
  • Team: 4 total seats
  • Video Looping
  • 4 concurrent events

4 – Premium Plan @ $99/Month

If you choose to pay annually, it will be $83 per month and $990 per year.

You get:

  • All Professional Features
  • Stream to 15 channels
  • Store 25 files
  • Max video size: 2 hours/5GB
  • Record streams up to 20 hrs
  • Add streams from 3rd-party tools (Zoom, OBS) to Studio
  • Website video player
  • 1,000 website viewers
  • Team: 10 total seats
  • 10 concurrent events

5 – Business Plan @ $299/Month

With annual billing, it will be $249 per month and $2990 per year.

You get:

  • All Premium Features
  • Stream to 20 channels
  • Store 50 files
  • Max video size: 4 hours/10GB
  • Failsafe stream backup
  • Website video player
  • 10,000 website viewers
  • Team: 10 total seats
  • 10 concurrent events

Restream Pros & Cons

Let’s go for a round of pros and cons that will help you make an informed decision.

Restream Pros

  1. Offers extensive analytics.
  2. Comes with a free plan with a reasonable set of features and perks.
  3. It is user-friendly.
  4. Helps to boost engagement and reach with cross-platform chat.
  5. Offers multi-streaming to 30+ platforms and custom RMTP.
  6. Offers innovative features like pull-up links and a backup system.
  7. You can create personalized live streams.
  8. Offers several integrations, including OBS Studio.

Restream Cons

  1. No email support is available.
  2. No mobile app is available.
  3. Priority support is only available for business and premium plan users.
  4. The most useful and best features are only available in higher-paid plans.
  5. Video editing tools are very limited.
  6. Custom RMTP is only available for paid users.
  7. The user interface is not visually appealing.
  8. Video storage is quite limited.
  9. Lacks community features.
  10. Does not offer a waiting room for guests and speakers.

There You Go!

Here we are after understanding Restream inside out!

Restream has been in the game for a decade now and stands as a specialist tool for streaming. It offers an array of features for enhancing the streaming experience. The platform comes with its fair share of pros and cons, which we discussed above. 

It’s safe to say it’s a good-to-go platform for live streaming.

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