Dornubari Vizor February 20, 2020

How to Delete a Facebook Group – And What to Do Instead

If you have a group on Facebook for your business that you don’t really use, you’re probably wondering how to delete a Facebook group. Although such groups can be a great community marketing tool, sometimes they are simply unnecessary, and they can even create confusion among your clients. 

Delete a Facebook Group by Following Our Step-by-Step Guide

If you’ve decided to delete your Facebook group, we have good news – the process is simple and straightforward. The bad news? It can be a lengthy one. Let’s take a look.

Step 1: Let the Members Know You Want to Delete a Facebook Group

Depending on how long your group has been around, as well as how active it has been, some members may have grown fond of it. Perhaps they use it to get their daily dose of entertainment, or maybe that is where they learn more about your product or service. Let them know in advance that you want to delete the group. 

You should also let the members know what other ways they will have of staying in the loop about what your company is doing. For example, you can easily migrate your Facebook group to GroupApp and manage your online community from there. You can also consider trying out platforms such as Patreon or other social media.

Let your members know you want to delete a Facebook group
Announce that you’re deleting the group ahead of time

Step 2: Deleting the Members

In order to delete a Facebook group, you have to remove its members first. Unfortunately, there still isn’t a quick and easy way to do this. Instead, you have to do it one member at a time.

From your group’s home page, click Members in the left-hand menu bar. A list of all the people in your group will appear. Then, next to each person’s name, click on the three-dot sign, and choose Remove from Group.

To delete a Facebook group, you have to remove its members
To delete a Facebook group, you have to remove its members

Step 3: Leaving and Deleting the Group

Once you’ve removed all the other members and admins, all you have to do is leave the group yourself. The Leave Group button will appear next to your name on the member list. Click it and then select Leave and Delete.

To delete a Facebook group, you have to leave it
The last step is leaving the group

Who Can Delete a Facebook Group

Note that you can only delete a Facebook group if you are the one who created it. An admin can delete the group only if its original creator leaves it first. If you are an admin of a group without a creator, the steps to delete a Facebook group are the same.

Alternatives to Deleting a Facebook Group

There are two problems when it comes to deleting a Facebook group. Firstly, it’s a lengthy process if the group has a lot of members. Secondly, it can’t be undone. In other words, if you ever decide to activate your community again, you’ll have to start from scratch.

Luckily, there are some alternatives you can check out if you’re not sure you want to delete a Facebook group. 

Archiving Your Facebook Group

Perhaps you are temporarily too busy to dedicate your time to the group. Maybe you’re just not sure about deleting it and want to test the waters. Whatever the case is, we suggest archiving the group.

To archive the group, select More from the menu below the cover page. There, you will see the Archive option. Click it, confirm it, and – voila – your group has been successfully archived.

But what does this exactly mean? It means that your group won’t be visible to non-members, and no new people can join. You won’t be able to edit the description. However, you can still ban or block people, and the members can still access all the content.

Whenever you decide to, you can simply un-archive the group and bring it back to life.

If you don't want to delete a Facebook group, you can archive it
Archive the Facebook group instead of deleting it

Reviving Your Facebook Group

Just because your group isn’t what you want it to be, it doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause. Perhaps it just needs a makeover. Here are some suggestions:

  • Become more active. This is your group, and you are the one responsible for the community engagement in it. Begin posting daily, make sure your content is either educational, entertaining, or enlightening, and inspire other members to join in.
  • Redefine your group’s purpose. Rewrite your Facebook group rules and its description, create a clear vision of what the purpose of this group is, and let the members know.
  • Redefine the visuals. To make it more obvious that your group is having a makeover, change the visual elements, as well. Pick interesting photos for your profile and cover pictures.
  • Advertise the group. If you deem it necessary, you could even advertise your group to attract new members and expand the community. You could also do this by organizing a competition or a giveaway.

The Bottom Line

Before you delete a Facebook group, make sure it is the right thing to do. Keep in mind that there are some great alternatives you could employ first. Remember – once deleted, a group can’t be brought back to life. So before you reach the final decision, we highly recommend putting some effort into reviving your online community.

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