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One-on-One to Many: Creating a Successful Group Coaching Program

It would be a level-up in your coaching career. To ensure you do it right, I have a quick and definitive group coaching guide for you. I got your back. This guide covers all the essential information for understanding, structuring, and creating a successful group coaching program.

Best Trick of the Trade for Group Coaching

Make sure you have the right platform! It will be a savior by your side. It has to be affordable and credible. An ideal group coaching host platform will offer exclusive offer community-building and membership products in one place!

What Is Group Coaching?

Here’s the definition

In Essense –

Group coaching (or peer group coaching) involves participants working towards a shared goal under expert or mentor guidance in a well-structured program.

Understanding Group Coaching Programs

58% of the companies are actively using group coaching programs. Researchers at the University of Salzburg have proven that group coaching is quite effective for goal attainment. That’s interesting!

Group coaching is also referred to as “peer group coaching.” Group coaching programs are powered and managed through community-hosting and membership platforms. Each group coaching program is actively and strategically moderated by the coach/expert.

An expert provides a guided, progressive experience to a group using different tools and approaches. All participants are working towards a shared goal. The expert/coach works with each participant in the group to unleash their hidden potential.

At the same time, the coach creates a safe interactive space within the group for people to open up. At the core of group coaching, it’s about bringing people out of their comfort zones. And enable them to share experiences, thoughts, and ideas for healthy collective progress.

Almost all group coaching programs now take place online at specialized community platforms. Online group coaching has rapidly gained momentum in the past decade due to its benefits.

Please note that group coaching sessions are different from team coaching sessions. In team coaching, the group members usually belong to a specific organization. On the other hand, a group coaching session involves group members from different backgrounds.

Do you know what I think about group coaching?

In my perspective, group coaching is all about progressing toward the absolute best for each individual in the group in a collectively nurturing manner.

Up next, let me tell you how to structure a group coaching program.

How To Structure A Group Coaching Program?

Let us get to work!

Right here, I have a road map for you to structure your group coaching program.

First, you need to focus on the basic elements of group coaching.

5 Elements Of Group Coaching Program – Checklist

Having clarity about these 5 elements will result in a stronger foundation for offering a group coaching program.

5 Group coaching elements are:

  • Problem/Goal – The goal or any sort of complex problem that people intend to achieve or solve through group coaching. This can be any agenda from your area of expertise. For instance, if you are a fitness trainer or dietician, you can open a weight loss group coaching program.

Quick Fact: 3x more people lose weight through expert-guided group coaching.

65% of Gen Z prefers community-focused platforms. Do you see the opportunity here? Get a community-focused platform now!

  • Optimal Number of Participants – Here is a quick tip on this. Find the quantity that will help you achieve your aimed quality. Ask yourself, how many participants you can effectively and efficiently manage.
  • Group Coaching Content – Your content is going to run life in your program’s live sessions, group activities, and assessments. Be very clear about your offering. Prepare engaging content that will enable you to communicate better and achieve goals.
  • Format – There is no one-size-fits-all here. The format of your program should correspond to your goals and needs. You can opt for live sessions, peer-to-peer support discussions, team challenges, a buddy system approach, or private reflections as well.

All clear? Take your time to reflect on these 5 elements. After that, it is time to opt for a group coaching model for your program.

3 Group Coaching Program Models

Let us take a step ahead. Now, you need to give your group coaching program a definite shape.

Group coaching models enable you to conduct your coaching strategically. It will ultimately affect the success of your coaching.

Here are 3 options. Learn below, take your time, and finally make an informed decision.

Vital Tip – Make sure you choose the right community or coaching host platform that facilitates your chosen model models.

1 – Cohort-Based Group Coaching Model

Example: This Bootcamp workshops program by TechLadies is a great example of cohort-based group coaching.

What is it: In a cohort-based model, clients sign up for coaching in advance and go through step-by-step guided coaching at the same time. The coaching concludes on a specific date with goals met. Please note that it is easy to lead and manage progress at the same time while considering each participant’s performance.

There is a better chance of success. This model is easy to ace if you have good outreach and an extensively well-planned content and performance structure.

Well-Suited For: It is ideal for beginners with a limited number of participants. You can use it for the test launch or your pilot group coaching.

Pricing a Cohort-Based Coaching Model: You need to take into account the promotional and operating costs along with the time to coach a certain No. of participants.

You can also estimate a reasonable amount you aim to earn and divide it by the total number of clients. Checking out similar cohort-based models’ pricing strategies can also give you a good idea.

2 – Standard Group Coaching Program Model (Program Model)

What is it: In a standard group coaching program, the program is self-paced and has a defined length. It is powered by pre-recorded content videos, webinars, and assessments.

Clients can enroll at any time during an open enrollment window. The technical setup for this model is complex but it’s a scalable option. This model works best with a large number of clients.

Well-Suited For: Coaches with extensive tech and automation setup (for content workflows and assessments) along with budget and time. It is a great option for established experts.

Pricing a Standard Group Coaching Program: Coming up with a price for this model is a complex process. The best way to set up a price is to study the existing coaching market.

3 – Membership Group Coaching Model (Recommended)

Wealth Nation’s Group Coaching Program is a prime example of a membership model. Wealth Nation founders created a $100,000 membership community using GroupApp. Check out the Wealth Nation success story with GroupApp.

What is it: It is a recurring group coaching model, that’s why it is also referred to as the Evergreen model. It runs on a set recurring schedule. Clients can join at any time and be at the same stage of coaching. This is a highly scalable option with moderate complexity. The best thing about this model is that it is low-cost.

Still, it requires consistent effort. Clients will stick around if they gain exclusive and consistent value through content and resources.

This model is community-focused at its core, which is great! As communities tend to generate recurring value for the coach.

Please note that you would need a community-hosting membership platform year around. Make sure it is affordable and user-friendly.

Well-Suited For: A viable option for anyone who can execute programs efficiently year-round. You can use it to retain loyal clients who have attended your primary coaching program. Ideal for established coaches and even for beginners well into their careers.

Pricing a Membership Group Coaching Model: Keep into account the minimal operational cost and your profit. That depends on your expertise and the quality of your coaching content. Basically, you will rely on value-based pricing.

Which Program Model To Choose?

In my experience as a community and course hosting platform expert, each of these models can yield profitable and desirable results. However, for that, you need to have a clear idea of your journey stage, experience, and goals. You need to have a sound plan and content to make a mark.

Now, which one to choose? Let me tell you.

If you are a beginner, you can pick the cohort-based model to enter the industry. It can be your launch as a group coach.

You can also go for two models over time. For instance, if you have developed a good reputation with a few initial cohort-based programs, you can launch a membership program as well for your loyal clients. This is the best approach!

Because it is scalable and can establish you as a credible coach. Most importantly, it brings in a recurring income which is the ultimate goal.

The standard program is only recommended if you have the budget for complex automation and advanced tech setup.

CHECK POINT – You are ALMOST there with your group coaching program. Next, let’s see how you can create and launch your coaching program.

How To Create & Launch Your Group Coaching Program?

It’s time to get into action!

This is a vital stage involving a crucial choice. You need to pick a community and course hosting platform to create and launch your group coaching.

Now, there are plenty of options out there! But you need a viable option as not all platforms are perfect.

What’s The Right Platform For Hosting Group Coaching?

You will require a community-focused platform. It has to primarily offer TWO products: community hosting services along with Memberships. Plus, it has to be affordable!

Now, let us proceed! GroupApp is in the house. Why not give it a go for hosting your group coaching program!

GroupApp For Group Coaching!

GroupApp is a community-building and hosting platform offering membership as well. It primarily hosts learning communities which are ideal for Group Coaching programs. GroupApp is trusted by over 575+ creators.

Let me show you how to create and launch your group coaching program using GroupApp.

How To Create A Group Coaching Program Using GroupApp?

Just see how simple it is to create a group coaching program using GroupApp.

1 – Join GroupApp

The first step is to join GroupApp. Simply create a free account at GroupApp. You can also go for THREE affordable paid plans if you wish to make big.

Click here for GroupApp Pricing.

After you create an account at GroupApp, it will ask you about your requirements, just to provide you with a better experience.

2 – Access Your Community Management Dashboard

As you join GroupApp, you will automatically have a community space. Here, you can add members or clients later as per your group coaching requirements. All you need is to create a community invite page when required.

You will have a personalized community management dashboard. This insight-driven dashboard enables you to effectively manage your community or group and comes with analytics as well.

3 – Create Group Coaching Content Using Course Builder

It is time to put things together. GroupApp gives you access to an efficient and user-friendly in-built course builder. You can create videos and course material.

GroupApp lets you create coaching modules for better management, systematic learning, and engagement. You can also incorporate all course resources (PDFs, e-books, slides, or audio) with each course video.

Please remember to create course content depending on your chosen group coaching model.

At GroupApp, you can also engage in community discussions, create drip courses, conduct webinars, and provide video coaching if your coaching program demands it.

4 – Pricing Your Group Coaching Membership With GroupApp

GroupApp enables you to effortlessly set pricing for your group coaching according to any membership pricing stratgey and models.

To price your coaching content, head over to the pricing tab in the relevant coaching course, as shown below.

Now, you can set a price for group coaching. You have different currency options as well.

Another great feature is that you can switch on the “Add Buyer To Segments” option. This way, you can mention the group coaching batch, cohort, or a certain membership group coaching program. This feature is quite helpful when you are running multiple group coaching programs. Finally, click on Save.

Please Note: Make sure you have a payment third-party API installed, such as Stripe, to collect payments. GroupApp offers several third-party app integrations.

4 – Your Group Coaching Program Is Live!

After this course, your course will be all set for memberships! At this stage, you need to market and promote your program using different channels. You can opt for social media marketing, email marketing, or offer a freebie to attract clients. You can also market your program in other communities as well.

Next, it is a scale-up journey with GroupApp with you!

Ace Group Coaching With GroupApp!

Now, you have a pretty good understanding of group coaching and how to create and structure your group coaching program. The best thing is that you have GroupApp!

GroupApp is the most viable platform for hosting and managing group coaching. It is affordable and focused. You get access to premium tools and round-the-clock customer support that is always by your side.

Look at what GroupApp’s happy users have to say. Mel Cassidy (Radical Relationship Coaching) and Josh Marsden(Founder ARM5 Formula Accelerator) are running successful membership community-based group coachings at GroupApp. You can

Join the community of thriving coaches, entrepreneurs, and experts! If you are a beginner, GroupApp is just the platform for you. Write your own coaching success story with GroupApp.


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