Branimir Valentin January 14, 2024 Learning Community Platform Review (Features, Pricing, and Alternatives) Platform is home to many vibrant online learning communities. But, is it the right place for your learning community? Let’s thoroughly review to find out. has quickly become a popular destination for hosting online learning communities. Since its launch in 2020, it has emerged as one of the top platforms. But the pivotal question is, is it the right one for your learning community?

To help you make this decision, I’ll provide an in-depth review of the learning community platform. This review will cover all the features of, customer support, pricing, strengths, and weaknesses.

It’s an inside-out explanation of the Disco Learning Community Platform!

By the way, did you know that “Disco” means “To Learn” in Latin?


Features: boasts a wealth of features, providing all the core and advanced elements necessary for launching an online learning community.

Customer Support: Customer support is rather limited in lower-tier plans, with email support tickets as the primary means of assistance. Priority and advanced support are offered exclusively in higher-tier plans. It’s important to note that does not provide a live chat feature.

Pricing: The basic pro plan, while offering less value, is more expensive. Conversely, the Organization plan provides the best value, including all the top features the platform has to offer.

Ease of Use: With an intuitive user interface, is easy to navigate without a learning curve.

What’s is an online learning community platform. It allows you to create, manage, monetize, and expand learning communities.

Think of it as a mini-LMS powered by online communities. is a comprehensive platform for creating and delivering collaborative learning experiences. It allows you to develop online courses and cultivate learning communities.

With, you can create online spaces for learners to connect, discuss ideas, and network over your course material. Meanwhile, it also provides a platform for you to monetize your expertise through your online course, community membership, or events.

As a cloud-based solution, operates directly in your browser. Its dynamic toolset is equipped to offer everything you need to create and deliver a complete online learning experience. It supports various learning formats and accommodates the unique needs of any learning community.

Who is Well-Suited For? is a versatile solution that’s ideal for various types of purpose-built learning communities. is ideal for:

  • Builders in need of a simple yet scalable platform for hosting online courses.
  • Solo creators, as it offers integrations that simplify their workload.
  • Beginners interested in experimenting and diving right in, due to‘s simplicity and recently added AI functionality.
  • Solo course creators with Facebook groups looking to enhance their community engagement. Features

Now, let’s discuss the exceptional features that define This platform is rich in features, offering a comprehensive set that allows you to explore new possibilities within the learning community ecosystem. All features of center around the core component named “Experiences”.

What are Experiences in

Experiences are digital products. In, you can create 5 types of experiences, as shown in the image below.

Now, let’s discuss the features of that support these experiences.

For clarity, we’ll categorize all the features into 4 sections:

  1. Learning Suite
  2. Community & Engagement
  3. AI & Productivity
  4. Revenue Acceleration

We’ll walk you through all of‘s features to provide a first-hand view of the platform. Please note that some features may only be included in specific plans.

Learning Suite Features is powered by a robust learning suite that includes 8 learning features.

1 – Course Builder

Course Builder is a key feature that allows you to compile learning content using pre-built course templates. Essentially, enables you to create two types of courses. You can design a self-paced course, where learners can enroll and progress at their own rate. Alternatively, you can create a cohort-based course, which offers a social and collaborative learning experience over a fixed period.

For both types, you can set launch dates and establish various access levels, such as public, members-only, or invite-only.

In summary, it’s a straightforward course builder with all the necessary features for creating an online course. It doesn’t incorporate any new or innovative features.

2 – Curriculum Builder

This feature enriches your learning experiences. It enables you to create course modules, providing structure and setting a roadmap for learners.

You can tailor each module by adding content, events, assignments, and quizzes. Additionally, a module or a lesson can be enhanced with a thumbnail, cover image, video, or any attachment.

Furthermore, you also have the option to enable comments and share lessons in the content library. goes a step further by allowing you to set launch dates for each module. Members will be alerted when a module is launched.

Moreover, you can switch on the “Prerequisites” feature, enforcing members to finish other modules before proceeding to the current one.

Please note, the Prerequisite feature is a standout, but it is not accessible to basic pro plan users.

3 – Custom Onboarding

Every new member undergoes a customizable onboarding experience. You have the ability to add steps to gather more information and display a welcome message. Each step can include a sub-header with a concise description.

Before finalizing the onboarding process, you can preview it for quality control. also monitors onboarding patterns and collects data. This data can help you generate pertinent content.

This feature is exclusive to users on the top-tier pricing plan.

4 – Content Library

This content library contains multimedia resources for both courses and community members. These resources include course content, videos, recorded events, assignments, readings, quizzes, and other media assets.

To make access easier, you can organize these resources with tags and categories. Furthermore, you can set access levels for individual members or entire groups.

5 – Learning Groups allows for the segmentation of learners and their grouping based on interests, product, learning stage, geography, or expertise. This promotes a sense of belonging among learners, a feature essential for asynchronous and peer-to-peer learning.

Additionally, you can assign a group color and type for improved classification.

6 – Learner Progress Reports

Progress reports and tracking keep you well informed. This allows you to monitor individual and cohort-wide data. You can use this feature to analyze metrics such as event attendance, comment counts, submissions, and completed tasks.

7 – Custom Learner Dashboards

This feature creates custom dashboards for learners. The dashboards present content, events, assignments, and progress in a clear and concise manner.

8 – SCORM Support supports SCORM files. You can easily import SCORM files into while maintaining the content structure and interactive elements. All that’s required is a SCORM app setup, which you can establish by integrating the SCORM application with your course or community.

Community & Engagement


For a comprehensive learning experience, a robust community is essential.‘s community features allow you to create a well-connected network. They also provide engagement tools to stimulate growth.

Let’s dive in.

1 – Memberspace

Memberspace is a feature specifically designed for community building. It allows you to establish an exclusive area for your members to access your services, courses, events, channels, and resources. In this space, members can find course content, engage in discussions, access the feed, and register for events.

You have the option to create an independent space, or connect it with your course for a comprehensive learning community experience. Each space is equipped with a social feed, enabling learners to post and interact with others.

In addition, just as for courses, you can set access levels and availability dates for your Memberspace.

2 – Discussion Channels & DM

Channels and direct message (DM) features are ideal for enhancing engagement. Channels serve as a platform where discussions ignite and promote peer-to-peer learning, allowing members to exchange ideas and connect. encourages lively interaction as members can:

  • React to messages
  • Tag other members
  • Reply in threads

Additionally, members can direct message (DM) their peers. This fosters one-on-one interactions for sharing insights, discussing shared interests, or collaborating on projects. You can maximize these features by applying various engagement strategies.

For ideas, here are 20 effective engagement strategies.

3 – Event Builder

Here’s another key feature.

Essentially, you can host two types of events:

Community Events: These events are exclusive to community members or specific groups.

Product Events: These events are for members registered with a specific product.

Using this event builder, you can create an event with Zoom integration and calendar automation. Similar to courses and spaces, you can set access levels for events. Additionally, you can connect Channels to your events and embed apps.

Moreover, you can access event analytics and download reports to monitor attendance, registration, and engagement.

4 – Mobile App will provide a user-friendly mobile app for creators and learners. This allows users to access your community and products anytime, anywhere. The app is expected to launch soon.

5 – Member Directory

This intuitive feature allows you to find members effortlessly using filters, making member search more accessible.

6 – Custom Learner Profiles allows your learners to express themselves through custom profiles. Learners can include their professional backgrounds, interests, locations, and social links.

7 – Slack Integration

This integration significantly enhances your Slack communities’ learning experiences. It allows you to host courses and events while generating notifications for your Slack channels. Additionally, you can use a single invite link to add new members to both and Slack.

AI & Productivity Tools

Naturally, has hopped on the AI train to increase productivity, streamline operations, and improve the user experience.

1 – AI Co-Pilot

The AI Co-pilot is truly a game-changer for users. With AI Co-pilot, you can:

  • Train AI for automated member responses based on data
  • Get suggested answers and copy, paste, and send them
  • Reduce the workload of member management
  • Increase engagement and answer member questions
  • Suggest responses in threaded discussions
  • Handle responses in Slack channels’s AI Co-pilot is simple to configure. You can adjust its tone and control emoji usage. This customizes the response style. Next, you can approve the channels for AI monitoring and suggestions. You can also set the response delay duration which AI should wait before suggesting a response.

2 – Automation automation saves you time by taking specific actions based on pre-set triggers. You simply need to define these triggers, and the system will perform the corresponding actions without any coding required. This feature assists in customizing member journeys and delivering a seamless experience.

3 – Integrations

You can enhance‘s functionalities by integrating your preferred tools. For example, you could integrate with Zoom to host events, or connect Stripe for processing payments.

4 – Gated Applications provides gated applications for your products to maintain exclusivity and assess potential learners. You can approve an application after a review. Once approved, a member can access the product.

If the product requires payment, the member’s card is authorized at the time of application. The amount is debited if the application is approved.

Revenue Acceleration


This set of features is designed for scalability and revenue acceleration.

1 – Learning Products &


Selling products and memberships through drives monetization.

In, learning products are referred to as Experiences. You have the option to create and sell online courses, events, or space memberships. Selling space memberships is a sustainable method for generating recurring revenue.

As per demand, you can create product bundles to provide hybrid products. For example, a cohort-based course could be paired with a webinar or a community.

Offering different membership tiers, such as Pro, Plus, Super, etc., allows you to diversify sales and meet the varying needs of learners. It also fosters long-term customer relationships and enables the delivery of ongoing value.

To monetize your products, you’ll need a Stripe integration. This will allow you to charge learners on a monthly or annual basis.

2 – Discount Codes

Another standout feature is discount codes!

These are versatile and can be utilized in various ways:

  • They incentivize learners by reducing the price.
  • They can function as affiliate codes when you generate unique ones for affiliates.
  • They can be used to boost sales or reward loyal members.

You can quickly generate discount codes using The platform prompts you to name your code, enter a code, and assign a value. Additionally, you can set a maximum redemption limit for each code. Monitoring discount code usage also allows you to gauge their effectiveness.

3 – Insights Insights provides comprehensive visibility into the performance and health of your online learning community, helping you make data-driven decisions.

The key metrics available for tracking include new daily members, daily active members, gross revenue by product, community transactions, discount codes, and assignment submissions.

A highlight of this feature is the ability to modify engagement weights to calculate engagement scores. provides data on metrics such as engagement score and reactions.

Furthermore, delivers analytics about messages that are a strong indicator of engagement. You can monitor metrics such as DMs sent, channel messages sent, top users’ channel messages, top users’ direct messages, and public channel messages sent.

4 – Branding & Personalization allows you to personalize and brand your platform to align with your goals.

You have the option to add a custom logo, favicon, and cover photo. If you don’t have these,‘s AI Co-pilot can generate them for you. Additionally, you can select between a light and dark theme. Lastly, you can implement a color scheme to enhance your learning community. Customer Support & Resources

Let’s see where stands in these aspects.

Customer Support allows users to submit an email support ticket from their account. However, priority email support is exclusively available for top-tier pricing plan users. Pro plan users, who are on the most basic plan, will experience delays in support. They do have access to a self-serve knowledge base provided by

Regrettably, there’s no live chat feature available in any of the pricing plans. Support for lower-tier plans is limited solely to email support and the knowledge base, which is disappointing.

Conversely, Max and Enterprise plan users enjoy access to premium support options. For example, they receive one-to-one expert consultations and migration support.

Enterprise plan users also benefit from additional support options. If you subscribe to the Enterprise plan, you’ll receive top-tier support such as a dedicated success manager, quarterly strategy reviews, and custom onboarding.

Resources compensates for the limited support options available to low-tier plan users by providing an array of resources.

Firstly, there’s a Help Center packed with tutorials to guide you. Secondly, a product demo is available to walk you through all the key features.

You can also join the Thrive Community by to learn from and network with the platform’s top creators.

Finally, offers the Learning Hub, packed with articles, guides, and tips from industry experts to help you enhance your community engagement. Pricing provides 4 pricing plans, none of which are free. Each plan includes a 14-day trial period. Opting for an annual billing cycle reduces the cost per plan. No hidden fees are present, but integrating Stripe may result in a merchant fee.

Price & Limits Pro Organization Max Enterprise
Price Monthly $99/mo $449/mo $1249/mo Custom
Price Annually $79/mo $359/mo $999/mo Custom
Community 1 1 1 Multiple
Products 10 100 200 Unlimited
Admins 1 6 10 Unlimited
Members 1,000 10,000 25,000 Unlimited
Automation 10 100 500 Unlimited

Let’s break down‘s pricing plans individually.

Note: Each plan includes all the features of the preceding plan.

Pro Plan @ $99/mo

The Pro plan is designed to help beginners launch their online learning community. However, considering what it offers, this plan may be expensive for them. The plan only allows for up to 10 automations and includes basic features such as limited branding, a curriculum builder, channels, a library, and basic reporting.

Here are some features that are NOT included in the Pro plan:

  • Bulk messaging
  • Quizzes and assignments
  • Custom domains and labels
  • Discount codes

Organization Plan @ $449/mo – RECOMMENDED‘s most popular plan offers significant value and is ideal for scaling your learning community. Despite its cost, it is well-suited for small to mid-sized entities or solo creators.

The Organization plan provides the best of It includes all Pro features, such as SCORM, an AI assistant, full custom branding, HD video streaming, advanced integrations, quizzes, prerequisites, and custom fields.

However, some features are NOT included in the Organization plan:

  • APIs
  • Advanced customer support options, like migration support and expert consultations.

Max Plan @ $1249/mo

This plan offers only two additional features and increased limits for a higher price. The Max plan is ideal for large-scale course businesses.

It includes all the features of the Organization plan, along with migration support and an advanced AI Co-pilot.

Enterprise Plan @ $ Custom

This plan is designed for large-scale organizations and offers custom pricing. It’s tailored to meet a company’s specific needs.

You receive all that has to offer. This is the only plan that includes API access. Additionally, it comes with a dedicated success lead, quarterly strategy reviews, custom training, product roadmap shaping, and SAML SSO.

What’s great about

Here are the reasons why I find exceptional:

  • is a simple yet robust platform that can assist in launching and scaling a learning community.
  • The platform is user-friendly with an intuitive interface.
  • It has a very manageable learning curve, with all features being easy to grasp and use.
  • The platform is not complex, offering a balanced number of features that won’t overwhelm users.
  • The feature that allows the use of discount codes is a definite advantage, and it’s versatile and easy to use.

What’s not great about

Here’s what I believe is NOT ideal about

  • It lacks a native live-streaming feature, requiring reliance on third-party integrations such as Zoom.
  • There is no free plan available for a trial run of the platform.
  • It doesn’t provide a live chat option, a basic feature on many platforms.
  • The basic pro plan is costly and doesn’t offer substantial value.
  • Information regarding transaction fees is not available.
  • does not include email and marketing tools.
  • The best customer support options are only accessible at the highest pricing tiers.

Final Verdict

Now, having reviewed everything about, here are my thoughts.

In a word, I appreciate for its “balance”. It successfully strikes a balance between learning and community building, offering ample features for both. Unlike other platforms, where the community feature may seem like an afterthought, maintains a balanced approach to learning and community.

A standout feature of is the freedom it provides to sell an online course and community space separately. As a creator, you maintain complete control.

However, does have its drawbacks. Despite its rich feature set, it lacks an email automation and marketing tool, crucial for scaling a learning community. Additionally, there is no mobile app currently available.

In conclusion, is a well-rounded platform for community building, course creation, and events. It has everything you need to build a thriving learning community. However, I would recommend exploring alternatives that might better suit your needs and budget.

One notable alternative to is GroupApp. Let’s discuss that next.

GroupApp – Best Alternative

GroupApp is an all-in-one learning community platform.

GroupApp Community Platform

Similar to, GroupApp provides an ideal blend of learning and community building. It offers a unified platform to create a collaborative learning experience.

With GroupApp, you can create online courses, establish communities, and host events. This perfect trio is essential for any creator aiming to build online learning communities.

GroupApp allows you to offer online courses, live sessions, and coaching to a community. You have the flexibility to create a community around your content or vice versa. Its primary focus is to nurture a thriving community.

GroupApp Key Features:

  • Course Builder
  • Event Feature
  • Community Creator
  • iOS & Android Mobile Apps
  • Content Library
  • Third-party Integrations
  • 0% Transaction fee

This seems like a great opportunity! Why not explore GroupApp?

Sign up for your GroupApp FREE TRIAL and discover a new way to make a difference.

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