Community App – [The Text Messaging App for Creators and Influencers]

Welcome to the new era of social media! With the intense development of Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, TikTok, and others, we thought that social media could not go any further – at least we saw no need for it.

As it usually goes, you don’t know that you need something until someone shows you how it feels to have it. Precisely the same thing happened here with Community App.

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When Twitter and Instagram became popular, everyone was using the platforms – young, old, celebrities, and us – ‘regular people’. Messaging your friends but also your favorite celebs was never easier using these social media platforms. On the one hand – it put companies like Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook up to the roof, but on the other – it erased any barrier when it comes to text messages. Anyone can find you online and text you at any time.

We can thank Ashton Kutcher (one of the original investors in this startup) for changing that by being a pioneer when the new app was released.

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Community App is a powerful communication tool used by many now that enables community members to interact with each other, but in a more personal and intimate way – simply by sharing a phone number. Let’s get to the bottom of how it works and how beneficial it can be for you!

What is Community App?

Community App is a communication tool built to allow you to create your community and interact with the community members. It’s similar to other social networks, but with Community App, there are no algorithms or distractions – it’s all about messaging people you want to talk with.

Community users could be either Community Leaders – those who build their community or Community members – those who join the leaders’ communities. The application empowers direct relationships and one-on-one conversations between Leaders and their Members through messaging platform.

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Every new member gets a unique phone number (that is not their usual phone number) to share with people they want to talk with. Celebrities share it with their fan base, which allows them to connect with their followers on a deeper and more personal level. Still, businesses are starting to take advantage of this platform and use it to build their online communities.

Many benefits witness why Community App is trending now.

For instance, the company does not sell any of your data to third-party companies, as they claim that trust is one of their most important values. They won’t even bother you with push notifications of sales ads, so your privacy and data security are guaranteed.

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Community App will allow you to personalize your messages based on your location, gender identity, age, interest, and similar. It is pretty easy to start meaningful conversations and build deeper connections once you ‘humanize’ your messages.

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Social media brought us all closer, but it also made us spend more time on our mobile phones – searching for and looking at different content. The community app’s perks are zero distractions – messaging is the only action you can take at this social network.

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Imagine waking up one day to an idea of ‘I want to text everyone in my community!’. Crazy, right?

Well, with the Community app, it’s not crazy at all. On the contrary, once you have your phone number, you can choose to text someone individually or everyone in your community.

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How does Community App work?

‍This social network enables instant and direct communication with the people you want to talk with, using the simplicity of text messaging.

Registration is as simple and finished in a couple of steps:

  1. Send a text at (323) 310-2202
  2. Choose a pricing plan
  3. Get approved within 72 hours.

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The moment you receive your phone number is the same moment you should start promoting it. Your current communication channels – such as website, membership site, social media, etc. should do the job of reaching people you want to start talking with using Community App.

This 10-digit phone number shared with them will be the key for everyone who wants to join your community. All they need to do is to text the number you’ve shared with them.

Once new users send a text to the phone number provided, they will receive a personal message and a link from you (Community Leader). The link will give them access to the Leader’s community: members need to enter their contact information and officially join the community by saving the Community Leader’s number.

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After the members join, you can text them directly, allowing you to build more intimate relationships than it’s possible with other social media.

When it comes to the type of content – everything that comes with text messages is available. This includes emojis, GIFs, photos, videos, voice notes, and links. The messages are limited to 400 characters which are just enough to send a purposeful message.

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Community App helps you build a safe space for all your community members. If at any point someone feels unsafe – receives an inappropriate message or just wants to stop any kind of conversation with a specific person – this can be solved just by sending a ‘stop’ message in the chat. There are no ‘blocked contacts lists’ as in other applications – it’s as simple as that. If they change their minds, they can still go back to having a conversation by typing ‘start’ in the chat.

The application offers guidance to community members on how to use it successfully. Don’t be surprised if they receive a bunch of automated messages with directions and advice. This usually occurs during the registration on the platform. If a member needs assistance at any point, they will also be guided by some automated messenger after typing ‘help’ to any community member they are subscribed to. You won’t have headaches if you choose Community App as all your members are probably already familiar with text messages and don’t need any additional guidance or education.

All in all – the setup is quite simple. All you have to do is follow the steps that are explained to you during the registration process. If you are still unsure how the application works, you can always request a Community App development team demo.

Once you have your community ready and full of members, you can start interacting with them and enjoy it!

Should you use Community App?

This is a good question you probably already asked yourself. If you weren’t thinking about this, you wouldn’t be here – are we right? Well, to brighten your day – we’re here to help you decide for yourself and your business.

As you know, Community App is widely used by global pop culture stars, local community organizers, small business owners, and brands. If you are in any of these categories, then Community App might be a good solution for you. Here are some of the stars’ main benefits, such as Jennifer Lopez, Guy Oseary, Paul McCartney, and the Jonas Brothers.

No algorithms

Isn’t it a relief knowing that you do not have to worry about pleasing the algorithm when using Instagram or Facebook groups to manage your communities? We believe it certainly is. The social media platforms are ‘free’ to use, but we pay their price unknowingly. These networks use algorithms that collect our data and place the content to the members based on their calculations and cooperations with third-party organizations.

This means that the message you want to send to your members might not reach all of them – simply as the algorithm wouldn’t recognize your post or message as relevant to them.

This all goes away with Community App. There are no algorithms to take care of. Your only concern should be your community members and what kind of messages you will be sending them to build a strong community,

Private conversations

Of course, you can use your other social media – such as Instagram, Twitter, etc. to share information about your business or community. Your audience will interact with your pages and posts by liking them, leaving comments, or mentioning others to see them. This is a good strategy if you want to broadcast the information.

But it should not be your number one strategy if you want to connect with your community. Using the Community App allows you to share news, ideas, updates, etc., with only selected people – those who follow and trust your brand and those who will stay loyal.

Those community members deserve a more intimate conversation and access to exclusive information you can give them – and which they will appreciate and return.

Zero bots

We all know these people who live on the Internet waiting to ruin someone’s day by posting an inappropriate comment or piece of content. If you are managing any social media, it’s almost impossible you haven’t met at least one of them.

These kinds of users and the fake accounts (so-called bots) are something you won’t have to worry about when using Community App. Community App is not a free application – so not everyone will even bother to join it or find your community specifically.

Even if this happens, it is easily fixable (by sending ‘stop’ in the chat), and it won’t ruin any of the other members’ experience or damage your brand’s reputation.

Better conversion rates

You already know that some of the most famous celebrities use the app in the world. But the app is also becoming really popular with business owners and community managers, as they are starting to see its value.

Users who managed to build their communities using the application reported an increase in their sales and better conversion rates in total. They claim this results from high trust built with their Community Members through personal messaging and honest conversations they had. It means a lot to ‘humanize’ a company. It gives people an opportunity to connect with the brand.

What are the alternatives?

Community App is impressive – by this point, we are all aware of it. But it’s not the only option, and for many – it’s not even the best one. Here are the alternatives that we suggest.


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Did you know that you can use GroupApp to build your online community? GroupApp is a community software that helps you make strong connections with your community members and offer them different content.

There are no algorithms or distractions to worry about – it’s only about you and your community members. The pricing is more affordable compared to other software.

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You can find the whole pricing plan with all of the included benefits here.

The perks of building a community using GroupApp is a mobile version of the application on its way. Soon, all of your members will be able to download it from the App Store – making it easier to stay connected than ever.


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Hivebrite is another good platform used for building online communities. One of the unique characteristics of Hiverbite is that it’s pretty flexible – so companies of all sizes and sectors can customize it in the most suitable way for the company.

The platform has community management tools integrated, so it makes it easier to manage the community. This is good for a starting point and for those companies and organizations that do not want to spend that much time dedicated to their community.

Crew Platform

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Crew Platform got our attention, as it managed to connect communities of youth, educators, and volunteers. Many educational institutions and training organizations have chosen this platform, as the platform’s features help them succeed in their mission.

The perks of Crew Platform include mobile apps for all members – easily found on App Store & Apple Store, both for Android and iOS.

How to choose the best Community App for your business?

So far, you have an overview of some of the best alternatives and their benefits. Now we’re going to highlight the features you should pain attention to when choosing your business’s best community app.


Research shows that users favor their applications mostly on their usability. That’s why you should pay close attention to how intuitive and easy to navigate the application is.

Non-negotiables options include:

  • Inbox
  • Discussion forums
  • Events
  • Announcements
  • Blogs.

Besides this, check whether there is a mobile application or if the platform is mobile friendly. You don’t want to limit your members to their laptops or desktop devices.

Updates & Notifications

Users describe this feature as having “new things to explore,” – which means that you should check how often and how easy the content displayed to your members is being updated. If members keep seeing all the identical posts, they will get bored and leave.

Also, check the options for push notifications – it’s always a plus if you can notify all your community members just by clicking one button. From the customers’ perspective – it might be good to have an option to mute the push notifications.


It’s all about building personal connections and relationships, so a degree of customization is one of your top priorities!

Do not stop your search for the best community app until you find the one that suits your business’s needs and helps you answer your customers’ needs. If you are not sure what your customers would prefer, you could either do customer interviews or choose the platform that lets them customize their experience – choosing what they want to see, in what amount, when they want to talk to you, etc.

Final thoughts

We started talking about Community App, and now we’re finishing with final advice on how to choose the best community platform. We hope that we brought this topic a bit closer to you and that you are now aware of the Community App’s benefits and the possible alternatives.

Our top pick will always be GroupApp – it brings you all of the needed benefits, and they come with quite a reasonable price. We wish you the best of luck in building your community and hope to hear from you in the comments!