Jalil Hamdani March 20, 2024

20 Best Community Apps For Creators In 2024

20 Best Community Apps For Creators In 2024

Heads up – There’s a total revolution happening in the digital world! 

Internet users are turning away from social media. Once an outlet for users to be themselves, social media has now turned into a hyper-active and algorithm-driven arena.

A staggering 76% of internet users are now actively using community platforms to express ideas (78%), share interests (49%), discover new things (77%), and connect with like-minded people (66%). People now seek a spot where they can be real, share user-generated content, and feel at home. 

Creators can leverage the rise of online communities. With dedicated community apps/platforms, creators can build an online space for clients and customers to scale their online business. That’s clear, but you need a community app that corresponds well to your needs and nurtures your community members.

If you’ve been thinking about building an online community but haven’t taken the plunge, 2024 is your year!

Now, a quick search on Google turns up hundreds of community apps. To save you time, I’ve simplified the 20 best online community platforms for creators on the internet. For each app, I’ve covered the main features, downsides, and pricing.  

Before we get into it, let’s understand what a community app is.

 What is a Community App?

GroupApp community Web interface and GroupApp mobile app interface

A community app is a digital platform that provides you with a setup to create, host, and monetize an online community. 

Community apps enable

Course Creators – To create a learning community for an online course.

Coaches & Mentors – To offer exclusive memberships and coaching programs.

Businesses – To create a branded community of customers, brand advocates, and other stakeholders.

Community platforms are mostly cloud-based solutions and mostly come with mobile applications for easy access. The platforms vary in what features they offer and what’s their focus. Main community app features include forums, analytics, content management, groups, billing, and direct messaging.

Most community apps offer two interfaces: an admin panel and a user interface. The admin panel is the back office where the creators work their magic. They create custom experiences, manage members, and collect payments. On the flip side, users consume content, share ideas, and pay for memberships.

A community platform bridges the gap between businesses/creators and customers. That helps to build strong relationships, foster a sense of belonging, and understand customer concerns in a better way.

Now, let’s round off the best community apps.

20 Best Community Apps for Creators in 2024

It’s time to review the top community apps.

The choice of your community app makes all the difference. All community apps are not equal. They vary in features and pricing. Plus, some platforms partially deal with communities.

Here’s the catch – You need to see how a certain platform approaches community-building. Some focus solely on community-building, while others offer community tools as a plus! 

In essence, there are two types of community apps:

I’ve specified each platform’s focus. It is recommended to opt for apps that primarily focus on community-building. Such platforms come fully equipped with useful features that enable you to create a complete community experience.

Lastly, keep your needs, budget, and members in mind as you pick the right community app.

1 – GroupApp

  • Community-building: Primary
  • Reviews: G2: 5/5  – App Sumo: 4.6/5
  • Best For: Community Builders, solo course creators, and coaches

GroupApp Interface

GroupApp is an all-in-one learning community platform for course creators, community builders, and coaches. 

With GroupApp, you can create and deliver a complete online learning experience. 

You can create and monetize online communities, online courses, digital downloads, coaching programs, cohort-based training, and events in one place. That makes GroupApp a one-stop shop for all your needs.

The best thing about GroupApp is that it prioritizes community-building, course creation, and events. GroupApp offers powerful tools for each aspect that get the job done at best.

  • For community-building, you get a robust Built-in Community-Builder.
  • For course creation, you get a Course Creator.
  • For events, you get a native Event Manager.

On top of that, you can monetize your community, courses, and events separately using one platform. Still, you get to keep all elements in one place. That’s a plus point. When online courses and community are in one place, it saves the creator and members time, energy, and cost.

The Most Extensive Feature Set For Community Building!

GroupApp community features on the GroupApp mobile app interface

Community building is at the core of GroupApp! The platform goes the extra mile when it comes to community-building.

GroupApp has the most extensive feature set for community-building. It has everything you need to create and deliver a complete community experience.

Let’s round off the features you get:

  • Custom Onboarding – To offer a personalized onboarding experience with custom invite pages and experience.
  • Community Feed: A shared community space for your members to hang out.
  • Community Library: Lets you host and monetize community resources and doubles as a lead magnet.
  • Community Landing Pages: To create custom landing pages for your online community using lock screens to gate content with subscriptions.
  • #Channels: To organize content and discussions for your members to navigate easily.
  • Community Analytics: To monitor community performance and analyze metrics for data-driven decisions.
  • Posts: Members can share multimedia posts for fellow members to react, comment, and share.
  • Segments: To create groups and set custom access levels.
  • Moderation: To assign members roles and flag inappropriate content.

GroupApp also offers a range of top-notch features like customization, branding, SSO, white-labeling, and third-party integrations. The iOS and Android mobile apps make it easier for your members to access your online community anytime, anywhere. 

GroupApp is well-suited for solo creators, online coaches, and startups looking for a focused platform to build learning communities.

GroupApp Pricing

Each pricing plan has a free 14-day trial period and 0% transaction fees. You can save 10% on all plans with annual billing.

  • Basic Plan @ $49/mo
  • Pro Plan @ $109/mo
  • Business Plan @ $259/mo

Here’s a deep dive into GroupApp Pricing Plans.

2 – Kajabi

  • Community-building: Secondary
  • Reviews: G2: 4.4/5  – Capterra: 4.4/5
  • Best For: Established course creators, podcasters, and coaches

Kajabi Webpage

Kajabi is an all-rounder in content monetization. Although community building isn’t Kajabi’s forte, the platform offers the main tools to build online communities. 

With Kajabi, you can sell online courses, coaching programs, digital products, and memberships. Plus, it doubles as a marketing and e-commerce platform. You can also create a course landing page, website, and high-converting sale funnel. 

Kajabi is the most expensive platform with a steep learning curve and can overwhelm users. Another major drawback is that Kajabi’s community features are quite limited. Plus, the platform does not offer any facility for white-labeling.

Checkout – In-Depth Kajabi Review – Features, Alternatives, and Competitors

Kajabi Standout Features

  • AI Creator Hub: AI accelerates the process and helps to generate a course outline, lesson content, sale copy, sales video script, and social media content.
  • Automated Funnels: Offers automated pre-built funnel templates with a high-conversion pre-written copy for lead generation.
  • Powerful Integrations: Kajabi gives you access to 3000+ integrations through Zapier.
  • Lead Tracking: With Kajabi, you can track your leads, tag customers based on patterns, and automate the entire process.

Kajabi Pricing

Kajabi offers a 14-day trial period with 0% transaction fees on all plans.

  • Basic Plan @ $149/mo
  • Growth Plan @ $199/mo
  • Pro Plan @ $399/mo

Click here for detailed Kajabi Pricing.

3 – Slack

Slack Workplace communication interface

You might know Slack as your workplace chat app, but it’s more than that. You can also use Slack to create small and close-knit online communities. Slack offers a sophisticated feature set for communication, collaboration, and organization. 

That makes it a go-to app for like-minded people to catch up, share ideas, engage in discussions, and look for opportunities. 

Slack is widely used by start-ups and organizations for workplace communication. That makes it easily adaptable for people for community building. However, Slack is only suitable for creating small-scale communities due to limited features. 

As your community scales, you will require a dedicated community app to sustain your operations, products, and communications. On top of that, Slack’s free plan comes with limited retention. It lets you view and retain data for no longer than 90 days.

Slack Standout Features

  • Channels: To organize work and conversations on different topics.
  • Huddle: An in-built audio and video chat feature.
  • Workflow Builder: To automate day-to-day tasks.

Slack Pricing

  • Free Plan @ $0/mo
  • Pro Plan @ $8.25/mo
  • Business+ Plan @ $15/mo
  • Enterprise Plan @ Custom Pricing

Click here to learn more about Slack Pricing.

4 – Discord 

Discord Webpage

Discord started as a gamer-centric networking app but has evolved into a community app for creators, streamers, and gamers. The platform lets you organize your community into servers with further categorization using channels. The platform comes with voice, text, and video capabilities. 

Discord is a pretty basic platform but comes with a visually appealing UI. It lets you create animated avatars and banners.

You can create a simple network or community. Discord helps with the organization of members and data. You can assign member roles for moderation. 

Your members can access your online community through Discord’s desktop app and iOS and Android mobile apps. Discord has been catering to its users through apps since 2015. The apps work smoothly with their engaging interface.

Another plus point of Discord is that it offers a free plan. But just like all other free plans, Discord’s free plan is limited. To access better features, one needs to subscribe to premium plans.

Discord comes with drawbacks. The biggest drawback of Discord is the lack of monetization tools. There’s no way you can create a recurring income through community memberships. Plus, there’s no option to brand your online community on Discord.

Discord Standout Features

  • HD Streaming: Your members can stream videos and games in high definition.
  • Custom Sounds: A unique customization feature to make custom sounds to express yourself when you enter a chat.

Discord Pricing

  • Free Plan @ $0/mo
  • Basic Plan @ $2.99/mo 
  • Nitro Plan @ $9.99/mo

For more info, check out Discord Pricing.

5 – Circle.so

  • Community-building: Primary
  • Reviews: G2: 4.9/5  – Capterra: 4.8/5
  • Best For: Course creators, masterminds, and branded communities

Circle.so Webpage

Circle.so is an online community platform. Its useful features help creators scale their communities and monetize their expertise. Creators can create courses, online communities, and online events using Circle.so. 

As a community-focused app, Circle.so is equipped with powerful features to build an engaging online community. “Spaces” is Circle’s star feature that lets you create a community space and group chats for your members to interact. 

Circle also offers a centralized community dashboard where your members can find navigation options and a unified search bar.

 A community feed takes center stage, where you and your members can share posts. As an admin, you can establish a threshold for trending posts. You can also set a default sorting order for posts, applicable to both logged-in and logged-out users.

Circle also lets you keep an eye on your community activity and performance through built-in analytics. 

Overall, Circle is rich in features but lacks a dedicated community library for resources. A few other drawbacks of Circle.so are the lack of native live-streaming and transaction fees on each plan.

A quick heads up for all the creators: Circle.so offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android, which is great, right? But here’s the catch – Circle’s mobile apps do not facilitate creators and admins. They lack access to the admin panel and are only suitable for members.

There’s more to know about Circle.so to make an informed decision. For that, check out The Ultimate Guide to Circle.so. Our guide covers all Circle.so features in detail and provides an in-depth review of the platform. 

Circle.so Standout Features

  •  Community AI Co-Pilot: An AI co-pilot that assists you in writing posts, creating video transcriptions, and using activity scores to track member performance.
  • Community Widgets: You embed widgets on your site for visitors to access your Circle community. 

Circle.so Pricing

Circle.so offers four pricing plans with transaction fees on each plan and a 14-day free trial period.

  • Basic Plan @ $49/mo
  • Professional Plan @ $99/mo
  • Business Plan @ $219/mo
  • Enterprise Plan @ $399/m

Click here for a detailed dive into Circle.so Pricing.

6 – Mighty Networks


Mighty Networks Webpage

The name says it all! Mighty Networks is a cloud-based platform that focuses on community building. The platform also lets you create online courses, memberships, and events.

At Mighty Networks, you can set up spaces. Spaces are customizable building blocks of a community that connect members around shared interests. Mighty Networks lets you add an activity feed in a space where members can post content and interact with fellow members. You can also include other features in spaces like live streams, courses, chats, and member lists. 

The platform lets you create multiple pricing tiers to monetize community memberships, online courses, and events. 

Mighty Networks lets you create a complete community experience but falls short in a few areas. The platform does not offer native video hosting. That means you have to rely on third-party tools. 

Plus, the platform does not integrate PayPal. Lastly, it charges transaction fees in addition to the Stripe processing fees.

Mighty Networks Standout Features

  • Mighty Co-Host: A generative AI feature that assists in course outline creation, engagement questions dripping, and content optimization.
  • Native Live-Streaming Tool: A built-in tool for live streaming and video for community events and live classes.

 Mighty Networks Pricing

There’s no free plan at Mighty Networks, but you get a free 14-day trial period. Please note that the platform charges transaction fees.

  • Community Plan @ $39/mo 
  • Business Plan @ $119/mo 
  • Pro Plan @ $ Custom Pricing

Learn more about the Mighty Networks Pricing.

7 – Skool

  • Community-building: Primary
  • Reviews: Not available
  • Best For: Beginners at online coaching and mentors

Skool Community Webpage

Skool is a no-nonsense community-building platform that gets the job done. The platform was launched in mid-2022 by course creation maverick and consultant Sam Owens. Sam created Skool as an exclusive alternative for Facebook groups.

The platform is still relatively new on the block and offers basic community features. With community at heart, Skool also lets you create and monetize online courses. 

Skool Community is the platform’s central feature. It is very similar to a Facebook group feed. Think of it as an exclusive online hang-out place where your members can post content.

Community members can post multimedia files, embed links, attach PDFs, add polls, and use gifs and emojis. Plus, members can share posts to specific categories within the community. It helps in creating an organized feed with a complete experience. You can also pin your posts to appear at the top. 

Members can also communicate via DM. Each member gets a public profile with a unique ID. A member profile includes a profile picture, description, location, points, follow button, follower count, joining date, and contributions.

That’s all you get at Skool for community-building. You can monetize your community membership but in a limited manner. Members cannot charge a one-time fee or create multiple pricing tiers.

Another major drawback of Skool is the lack of a community library to host resources. Plus, there’s no way you can segment or group your members for personalized learning. Lastly, you cannot assign member roles.

Skool Standout Features

    • Gamification: Tools like leaderboards, rewards, and levels help to boost engagement.
  • Direct Messaging: Members can communicate and share ideas through direct messaging.

Skool Pricing

You can get a Skool subscription for $99 per month with a transaction fee of $2.9% + 3c per transaction. You can also avail of a 14-day free trial period. 

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8 – WhatsApp

  • Community-building: Secondary
  • Reviews: Capterra: 4.7/5
  • Best For: School clubs, alumni networks, and school communities.

WhatsApp Community

Our very own WhatsApp now comes with a built-in community feature! WhatsApp community feature lets admins connect groups to form an online community that is accessible within the app. This community app is perfect for a school club, classroom community, workplace community, etc.

You can create a WhatsApp Community of up to 100 groups with up to 5000 members per community. You can easily add members through an invite link. Each community comes with an announcement channel with mandatory access for all members. 

Community members can engage through text messages, audio, and video calls. WhatsApp lets you share files up to 2 GB in size. Members can also react to messages, send GIFs, and participate in polls. Just like chats, WhatsApp community comes with end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp Community is the simplest yet the most limited community app at the moment. It seems like an evolved version of a WhatsApp group with a few new features like basic moderation and polls. Still, there’s nothing unique about WhatsApp Community.

WhatsApp Community Main Features

  • Moderation: You can add up to 20 admins, create groups, and remove content.
  • Announcements: You can send notifications to up to 1000 members.

WhatsApp Community Pricing

The WhatsApp Community feature is free for WhatsApp users.

9 – PlushForums

  • Community-building: Primary
  • Reviews: Capterra: 4.5/5 G2: 3.3/5
  • Best For: Communities based on specific topics and subject matter experts

PlushForums Webpage

PlushForums is one of the oldest community platforms. It’s a focused solution that lets you build an engaging online forum and enhance the experience with modern-day community features. It’s just like the good old forum days, topped off with an engaging experience.

The platform is straightforward to use. It lets you create open and private forums to host discussions, add polls, and categorize topics. You can easily incorporate images, videos, tweets, and rich texts. 

Your members can create custom profiles and engage in private conversations. A real-time notification system keeps them posted about new discussions. Not to forget, you can also schedule events through an advanced event management system.

The platform also lets you run paid subscriptions for monetization. Another good point is the availability of mobile apps for members to access your forums.

PlushForums is a great choice for building a simple online community, but lacks advanced features such as analytics and live-streaming that are necessary for scaling.

PlushForums Standout Features

    • Blog Integration: A built-in blog that seamlessly integrates with your forum.
  • Positive Reputation System: A feedback system that rewards your members for positive contributions and boosts community engagement.

 PlushForums Pricing

PlushForums offers a 14-day free trial period with all plans.

  • Small Plan @ $49/mo
  • Medium Plan @ $75/mo
  • Large Plan @ $120/mo

For larger plans, check out PlushForums Pricing.

10 – Discourse

  • Community-building: Primary
  • Reviews: Capterra: 4/5 G2: 4/5
  • Best For: Developer communities and established organizations

Discourse Webpage

Discourse is one of the oldest community apps! It is a 100% open-source discussion platform perfect for hosting your online community. In 2013, Discourse started with a mission to democratize online community and teamwork for quality discussions through great features. Discourse has been able to do that very well!

Discourse has cutting-edge features like AI, Spam blocking, and comprehensive API. The platform follows a forum-like layout with replies flowing down the page in line. Your members can chat in real time, engage in discussions, post anonymously, and much more. On the other hand, admins can create channels for members, moderate discussions, and assign member roles. 

Discourse is a good option. However, the platform’s open-source nature does not eliminate the cost of hosting. You require a paid hosting service to run your online community with Discourse. Discourse also offers hosting plans that are on the pricier side.

Discourse Main Community Features

    • Trust System: Awards titles to members who actively engage in the community.
  • Comprehensive API: A built-in API that lets you create custom automations.

Discourse Pricing

  • Basic Plan @ $50/mo
  • Standard Plan @ $100/mo
  • Business Plan @ $300/mo

Click here for detailed Discourse Pricing.

11 – Bettermode (formerly Tribe)

Bettermode Webpage

Bettermode (Formerly Tribe) is a community app that focuses on building branded communities. Rich in features, Bettermode lets you create a complete experience. 

Spaces are the building blocks of an online community at Bettermode and let you host content, chats, job listings, and Q&A. Bettermode offers a range of features for members like member roles, a member directory, custom profiles, and DM. 

Other notable Bettermode features include white-labeling, third-party integration, built-in SEO, embed tool, custom domain, and SSL certificate. 

Bettermode comes fully equipped with great features. Overall, the platform is complex, which makes it unsuitable for beginners. 

Bettermode Standout Features

  • Keyword Blocklist: A moderation feature for flagging posts with specified keywords and informing the moderation team.
  • Social Media Optimization: Showcases the posts at their post with customizable Open Graph tags.

Bettermode Pricing

  • Free Plan @ $0/mo
  • Lite Plan @ $24/mo
  • Pro Plan @  $59/mo
  • Business Plan @ $119/mo

Find more info on Bettermode Pricing right here!

12 – Podia

  • Community-building: Secondary
  • Reviews: GetApp: 4.6/5G2: 4.6/5
  • Best For: Educators and digital product sellers

Podia Webpage

Podia’s got your back for selling and marketing digital learning products like online courses, resources, and coaching programs. To top it off, Podia offers a community-building tool.

Although community-building isn’t Podia’s focus, the tool is handy for course creators on Podia who want to build a learning community. 

With Podia, you can create both free and paid communities. For community engagement, you can set up topics for discussions. Members can share content and react to posts on a centralized feed. You can also group your members to collaborate on projects and connect your community with your online courses.

Podia’s community features are limited. That’s why you cannot use it as a standalone community platform. The platform also does not offer any mobile apps for easy access to the online courses and communities.

Podia Standout Features

  • Multimedia Conversations: Members can post text, images, videos, and over 1,900 types of embeddable content.
  • Email Marketing: Provides email templates to create automated email campaigns, perform segmentation, and view email analytics.

Podia Pricing

  • Free Plan @ $0/mo – 10% Transaction Fee
  • Starter Plan @ $9/mo – 8% Transaction Fee
  • Mover Plan @ $39/mo – 5% Transaction Fee
  • Shaker Plan @ $89/mo – 0% Transaction Fee

For detailed pricing info, check out Podia Pricing.

13 – Hivebrite

  • Community-building: Primary
  • Reviews: Capterra: 4.5/5G2: 4.4/5
  • Best For: Branded communities, large-scale organizations, and non-profits

Hivebrite Webpage

Hivebrite is a cloud-based app that focuses on building branded communities. The platform works best for businesses, large-scale organizations, schools, and non-profits.

Hiverbrite takes community management seriously. You get a range of community features in one place. The best ones include segmentation, moderation, reporting, custom profiles, and promo codes.

With Hivebrite, monetizing your community is easy. You can create flexible multi-tier pricing plans, automate reminders, and collect payments.

Despite being rich in features, Hivebrite lacks a virtual event feature. Also, Hivebrite comes with a hefty price tag that makes it not suitable for beginners.

Hivebrite Standout Features

  • Resource Library: Lets you store community resources with custom access levels.
  • White-labeling: To create 100% branded mobile apps. 

Hivebrite Pricing

Hivebrite’s pricing is only available on request.

14 – Wild Apricot

  • Community-building: Secondary
  • Reviews: GetApp: 4.5/5G2: 4/5
  • Best For: Associations and non-profits

Wild Apricot Webpage

Wild Apricot is a cloud-based platform that lets associations and non-profits run memberships. The platform is well-suited for established organizations to seamlessly integrate a community space with the website.

Wild Apricot’s focused approach is what sets it apart. The platform offers robust features for memberships and member management that are core to community-building. 

Community-building isn’t Wild Apricot’s forte but still offers basic features to build an online community and manage an event. 

With its native no-code website builder, it lets you build a membership site with exclusive web pages like forums and blogs. You can also embed the site into your existing WordPress site. For events, it offers a built-in event management system that helps create events, automate event emails, handle registration, and monetize events.

For member management, Wild Apricot lets you effortlessly manage applications, automate renewals, maintain an online database, and set up a member directory.

Wild Apricot makes monetization through memberships a breeze. You can create multi-tiered memberships. On top of that, you can add a renewal policy, apply or disable taxes, automate online invoices, and generate financial reports.

All of the above makes Wild Apricot the perfect ally for memberships and member management. However, it’s important to note that the platform does not provide a complete community solution. As a result, you may need to depend on other platforms to meet your needs. Wild Apricot does not have features like a community feed, chats, and segmentation.

Wild Apricot Standout Features

  • Wild Apricot API: enables you to create custom member apps and design custom plugins.
  • Built-In Online Store: An integrated online store to manage sales, create product listings, and accept payments directly.

Wild Apricot Pricing

  • Group Plan @ $75/mo
  • Community Plan @ $140/mo
  • Professional Plan @ $240/mo
  • Network Plan @ $440/mo

For more plans, check out Wild Apricot Pricing.

15 – Disciple 

  • Community-building: Primary
  • Reviews: Capterra: 4.5/5G2: 4.7/5
  • Best For:  Branded communities and large-scale businesses

Disciple Webpage

Disciple is a community app that focuses on building branded communities.

With Disciple, you can hit the ground running. It provides a customizable setup that helps you to get your online community up and running.  

Disciple’s team is by your side as you create an exclusive online community safe from spam and algorithms. You can also create white-labeled mobile apps with Disciple.

You can create a central community space that is unique to your brand. The platform lets you incorporate essentials like a community feed, discussions, content, and multimedia. 

For community engagement, you can incorporate live streams, polls, events, posts, and multimedia. Your members can participate in discussions and connect with fellow members via DM. To keep your members in the loop, you can leverage push notifications and automated emails.

Disciple helps you monetize your community through gated content and subscriptions.

On the flip side, Disciple has a few downsides. First, the platform is expensive and way out of reach for solopreneurs, startups, and beginners at community building. Plus, you cannot access the live-streaming feature on the web. For that, you need the Disciple app. Not to forget, there’s no monthly billing option at Disciple. You can either pay annually or bi-annually. 

Overall, the community features are conventional, and the hefty price does not justify its value.

Disciple Standout Features

    • Open API: You can connect with third-party apps without coding.
  • Built-in Analytics: Helps to monitor community performance and track metrics.

Disciple Pricing

  • Grow Plan @ $663/yr
  • Pro Plan @ $999/yr
  • Enterprise Plan @ $ Custom Pricing

For more details, check out Disciple Pricing.

16 – Clarityflow

  • Community-building: Secondary
  • Reviews: Not available
  • Best For:  Online coaching and mentors

Clarityflow Webpage

Clarityflow helps to run and manage a coaching business. The platform lets you manage all aspects of a coaching business, be it courses, payments, or communication. 

But what about community-building, which is integral for coaches? For that, Clarityflow offers a secondary feature called “spaces” to build small online communities for cohort-based coaching programs.

Let’s say you create a space for your coaching program. Your space will hold relevant elements like different cohorts, conversations, and space members. You can connect your space with specific courses and let members self-enroll through a call-to-action pop-up. 

The platform also offers async communications tools. You can swap text, voice, and video files in threaded, asynchronous conversations with clients and groups. That makes Clarityflow well-suited for group coaching.

Learn how to create a successful group coaching program.

Clarityflow is a coaching-focused platform. However, the platform does not offer much value in terms of community-building. The platform lacks advanced community-building features like a shared community feed for members to interact, moderation tools, a people management dashboard, and member roles.

Overall, Clarityflow has a very intuitive and visually appealing interface that is easy to use. It’s the perfect solution if you are just starting your coaching business. 

Clarityflow Main Community Features

  • Workflow Automation: You automate client tasks and learning paths for personalized coaching.
  • Customization: To create a custom domain and branding for spaces.

Clarityflow Pricing

  • Starter Plan       @ $49/mo
  • Standard Plan   @ $99/mo
  • Premium Plan   @ $199/mo

Click for detailed Clarityflow Pricing.

17 – Disco.co

  • Community-building: Primary
  • Reviews: Not available
  • Best For:  Online course creators at all levels 


Disco.co Community Platform Webpage

Disco.co is a premier platform to create and monetize digital learning products. The platform refers to learning products as experiences. That’s where the community-building side of Disco.co kicks in. Disco.co lets you create an experience called a “Memberspace.”

The Memberspace experience allows you to establish an exclusive area for your members. Members can find relevant course content, engage in discussions, access the social feed, and register for events.

You have the option to create an independent space or connect it with your course for a comprehensive learning community experience. 

Each space comes equipped with a social feed, enabling learners to post and interact with others. Disco.co also lets members connect through DMs and access a member directory.

Disco.co lets you monetize your Memberspaces through memberships to create recurring revenue. You can create pricing tiers for memberships to diversify sales and meet the varying needs of learners. 

Disco.co is ideal for solo creators, especially the ones looking to migrate an online community from Facebook groups.

Disco.co offers all the main tools for community-building but lacks advanced features for enhancing community experience. There’s no native live-streaming. Disco.co currently lacks a mobile app, which means learners can only access the community through a desktop, which is a hassle. 

Disco.co is rich in features to create a learning experience. However, the platform is not affordable. The basic Pro Plan starts at $99 a month, which is overly priced as several useful platforms offer the same value at a lower price. 

Disco.co Standout Features

  • Custom Learner Profile: Lets learners include their professional backgrounds, interests, locations, and social links.
  • Member Directory: Allows you to find members effortlessly using filters, making member search more accessible.
  • AI Co-Pilot: An AI assistant that generates responses for Slack and threaded conversations and suggests data-based responses.

Disco.co Pricing

There’s no free plan but a 14-day free trial period.

  • Pro Plan @ $99/mo
  • Organization Plan @ $449/mo (Recommended)
  • Max Plan @ $1249/mo
  • Enterprise @ $ Custom Pricing

Here’s a detailed Disco.co Review: Disco.co Learning Community Platform Review (Features, Pricing, and Alternatives)

18 – Honeycommb

Honeycommb Webpage

Honeycommb is a pre-built white-label community app that helps create multiple types of online communities. Its extensive community features make it a powerhouse for branded, fan, creator, and coaching communities. 

Honeycommb offers all the primary community features. Creators can earn from memberships, live stream for members, host virtual events, and configure the notification system. Creators can create member groups, verify profiles, use branding to customize the community and integrate third-party tools like Zapier, Thinkific, Webhooks, etc.

Honeycommb lets you offer a complete community experience to your members. Your members can create custom profiles, follow other members, discover content, interact with the feed content, and direct message fellow members.

Honeycommb Standout Features

  • UGC (User-Generated Content): Honeycommb supports UGC. Members can create and distribute posts (text, rich media, and live streams).
  • White-Labeling: Lets you create a 100% branded app for an additional $299.

Honeycommb Pricing

Honeycommb’s pricing varies depending on the number of members you want to include in your community. You can add up to 100 members for $24.99/mo. The platform also offers a free 14-day trial period.

Get more info on Honeycommb Pricing

19 – Uscreen

Uscreen Webpage

Uscreen is a community app that focuses on monetizing video content through memberships. The platform also offers a secondary tool for communities. Uscreen lets you create and integrate community access into your membership.

Uscreen is best for video creators who want to create a community around their video content. You can make a pool of members and give them a shared space to discuss your content, engage in discussions, post user-generated content, and create profiles. 

Your members can create custom profiles, directly message members, and follow each other. 

You can create public and private channels within your community for better organization. Plus, you get the ultimate control to set access to channels for members. You can post polls and challenges in your community to boost engagement.

The highlight of Uscreen’s feature set is the white-labeling feature. Uscreen helps create a 100% white-labeled app that lets your members access your video content anytime, anywhere. 

Uscreen Standout Features

    • Native Live-Streaming: To live-stream within your community without any third-party tool.
  • Built-in Marketing: Access built-in marketing features like email broadcasts, upsells, gift cards, and give-away funnels.

Uscreen Pricing

Uscreen offers three pricing plans:

  • Growth @ $199/M
  • Pro @ $599/M
  • Plus @ $ Custom Pricing

For a detailed price plan comparison, check out Uscreen Pricing.

20 – Reddit

  • Community-building: Primary
  • Reviews: G2: 4.2/5 
  • Best For: Niche communities and topic-based discussions

Reddit Community Page

Finally, we have the good old Reddit

Reddit is a veteran of community building. Anyone can create a free community aka a Subreddit, on the platform. You can encourage the users/members aka Redditors, to share content, spark discussions, and interact with posts.

However, you make a big trade-off as there’s no sense of exclusivity, which is vital for community-building in today’s crowded digital space. The platform offers basic features like member roles, direct messaging, and group chats. You can access the complete platform through Reddit’s iOS, Android, and desktop apps.

The platform does not offer any customization features other than usernames, themes, and avatars. 

You can opt for Reddit if you want to create a simple community about a specific topic and do not aim to monetize. That’s because Reddit lacks monetization tools.

Reddit Pricing

Reddit is free of cost to create an online community.

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