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Be.Live Review: Features, Pricing, Pros, and Cons


Live streaming can certainly help you reach a wider audience, but the success of your broadcast largely depends on the tool or software you use. is one of the top live-streaming solutions available, but is it the right solution for you? To help you make an informed decision, here’s an in-depth review of

Be.Live Overview

Be.Live is a cloud-based live-streaming platform designed as a quick solution for live streaming. It functions like a plugin or extension that works with your browser and comes with a specific set of live features, allowing you to multi-stream across multiple channels.

With, you can live stream within your browser and pre-record video content for broadcast on channels such as Facebook Live. You can also create reasonably good videos for a YouTube channel. is well-suited for small to mid-sized ventures and content creators. It offers a mobile app that enables you to use all live features and stream across multiple platforms.

Be.Live Features offers several features aimed at enhancing your live stream experience. Let me walk you through each of these features below.

1 – Be.Live Video Editor


The tool includes a built-in video editor that allows you to quickly trim, create, analyze, and repurpose your video content, including pre-recorded videos and broadcasts. You can also record a new video and edit it. The editor comes with four basic templates for video editing.

While this video editor has all the basic features you would expect, what sets it apart is its integration with analytics. This allows you to approach video editing from an informed perspective.

For instance, you can trim your videos by identifying audience engagement peaks. You can do this by viewing the content engagement timeline for comments and likes.

2 – Be.Live Graphics Generator (Beta)


Next up, we have a beta feature called the Graphics Generator. This feature allows you to quickly design simple images and graphics, such as thumbnails, for your live streams.

3 – Be.Live Streaming


This is the foundational feature that makes a dedicated streaming platform. With it, you can live stream directly from your browser.

I – Streaming Destinations

You can stream to popular social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Instagram. Additionally, it is compatible with YouTube and Amazon Live. You can even stream to custom RTMPs. To get started, select your desired platform using the “Set Destination” button.


II – Modes & Templates

The streaming feature offers several screen modes, including a vertical phone portrait mode. Additionally, you can create a custom streaming template.

III – Widgets & On-screen Agenda


Be.Live enables you to add various widgets to your live stream. Furthermore, you can choose an on-screen agenda template for your stream to give it direction and effectively communicate the stream’s purpose.

4 – Screen Sharing & Presentations

The platform also enables you to easily share your screen and run presentations, making it suitable for training and lectures. You can upload your presentations in several formats, and guests can also share their screens and run presentations during the stream.

5 – AI Comment Assistant

Be.Live offers a touch of AI in the form of its AI Comment Assistant, which is designed to help you boost engagement.

The AI comment assistant selects the best and most positive comments from all connected platforms and features them in your streams. It also tags the featured comment with its origin platform.

6 – Be.Live Amazon E-Commerce Features

The set of features offered by sets it apart from being just a simple live-streaming platform. If you are an e-commerce entrepreneur with an Amazon store or are involved in affiliate sales, these features can be helpful.

To sum up, these are the Amazon features.

I – Amazon Live Integration


Be.Live is compatible with Amazon Live. This means that you can directly stream on the Amazon Live platform to boost your sales.


This feature allows you to live stream your product sales. You can import your products from your Amazon app and display them in different layouts. Additionally, you can show each product with its price, description, and link.

II – Shoppable Videos

This tool allows you to create and launch shoppable video products. It’s particularly useful if you’re an Amazon influencer. You can share your review of a product and even demonstrate how to use it.

III – Amazon Live Sales Academy provides access to the Live Sales Academy, where you can participate in masterclasses and connect with Amazon experts. Additionally, you can join group sessions and private seller communities.

Please note that access to the Live Sales Academy is a separately paid feature, priced at $343.85 (one-time payment).


7 – Branded Live Streaming

Be.Live Review

With this feature, you can create a custom live stream experience that aligns well with your business branding guide or personal brand. You can add your logo to the stream in both static and animated formats.

In addition, you can integrate custom and virtual backgrounds into your stream. This feature includes pre-built options for the background, overlay, and theme.

8 – Multiple Hosts & Unlimited Viewers

With, you can broadcast to an unlimited number of viewers across different platforms. Additionally, you can have multiple hosts, with a maximum of 8 guests or hosts for your live streams. Each guest will have access to some features, such as screen sharing.

9 – Be.Live Mobile App also provides an iOS mobile app that allows you to access all its features.

Be.Live Pricing

Be.Live pricing offers three paid plans for users. Please note that there is no free plan available. However, it does offer a 14-day free trial period with no credit card required. Simply create an account and start using it to experience the trial period.

Now, let’s discuss the paid plans.

Each plan offers the option of an annual or monthly billing cycle. By choosing the annual billing cycle, you can save money.

1 – Starter Plan @ $21.85/Month

There are three plans available, starting with the Starter plan. If you choose annual billing, it costs $219, or $18.20 per month. This plan includes a decent yet very limited set of features. While it is ideal if you want to experience the platform beyond the 14-day trial period, it does not provide any real value.

2 – Pro Plan @ $40.48/Month

Next up is the Pro Plan. For annual billing, it costs $405, which comes out to $33.73 per month. This plan includes all the features of the Starter Plan, plus unlimited streaming, priority support, and 30 days of recording storage.

The Pro Plan is a good choice for solo entrepreneurs or creators, but it may not be the best option if you have a limited budget.

3 – Growth Plan @ $50.60/Month

Finally, there is the Growth Plan. With annual billing, it costs $506 or $42.6 per month. This plan includes all the benefits and features of the Pro and Starter Plans, as well as additional features and benefits.

This is the best plan if you want to maximize your live streaming potential, but it is quite expensive.

Be.Live Pros & Cons

It’s time for the pros and cons of

Be.Live Cons

  • There is no free plan available.
  • lacks community features.
  • There is no app for Android users.
  • No live chat option is available.
  • The video editor lacks advanced features.
  • It lacks live engagement features.
  • You cannot schedule a live broadcast using the mobile app and recordings can only be accessed using the web account.
  • The one-time payment for the Live Sales Academy is very high.
  • UI is not visually appealing and user-friendly.
  • It is very limited in terms of features.
  • Overall, the platform does not provide good value for money.

Be.Live Pros

  • It is a straightforward live-streaming solution.
  • allows you to stream across social networks and even custom RTMPs.
  • The tool is compatible with all the widely-used browsers.
  • The AI comment assistant and Amazon feature are a big plus.
  • It is ideal for small-scale creators and freelancers.

My Verdict – Is Be.Live Streaming Tool Worth It?

Here we go! Now, we have a good understanding of what is. But, is it worth it? Let me tell you.

Firstly, some features that I appreciate are the AI comment assistant and Amazon Live integration. However, these are only beneficial if you are an Amazon affiliate or store owner. Otherwise, there’s no point in paying for a plan that includes Amazon-related benefits.

Secondly, if you are looking for a simple solution with no high expectations and streaming goals, Be.Live is definitely suitable for you. It will get the job done.

However, if you have an exceptional streaming vision, Be.Live is not a suitable platform as it lacks advanced features. Additionally, you will only get real value if you opt for the Growth Plan, which is quite expensive. You will also not find any advanced features for engagement and video editing.

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