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Top 14 Association Management Software (AMS) – Expert Pick

Thriving associations share a common trait: they stay informed about technological solutions that can improve efficiency. That’s why they rely on association management software (AMS) to keep things organized, enabling them to focus on association goals and projects.

If you’re looking to improve your association’s overall functioning or considering switching to a new AMS, you’ve come to the right place. This guide covers 15 association management system options. Dive in and find the right AMS solution for you.

What Is An Association Management Software (AMS)?

Association management software is an all-in-one platform designed to manage the day-to-day processes and tasks of an association. It is a tech solution that helps associations improve efficiency in all aspects of their operations.

Association Management Software (AMS)

Association management software (AMS) typically includes advanced tools for managing aspects such as membership, events, and finances. Additionally, AMS provides association analytics to gain insights into performance and member engagement.

These member management solutions are suitable for both professional and trade associations.

15 Association Management Software

Before searching for association management software (AMS), there are a few things you should know.

It’s rare to find software specifically labeled as “association management.” AMS is a type of membership management software, since associations primarily operate on memberships. Nowadays, all-in-one platforms cater to multiple fields, offering versatility and convenience.

You can choose between community-building or membership platforms, and with luck, find an all-in-one platform such as

Keep in mind that not all AMS are the same. They differ in quality, range of features, compatibility, and price.

Pro-Tips: What To Look For In An AMS?

When looking for a membership management solution, keep in mind the following.

All-in-One Functionality

You do not want your members juggling across platforms for different things.

Learning Functionality

Associations occasionally need to educate and train their members. This is where having a learning functionality comes in handy. You can use a course-builder and event feature to design a learning experience.

Budget-Friendly Plans

Association professionals need to be mindful of how they spend their members’ budgets. It is important to look for a solution that provides good value for the money spent.

Simple and User-friendly UI

Find membership software that is free of complexity. It should offer an effortless user interface and user experience for all association members.

Now, let’s look at 15 membership management solutions.


Association Management Software (AMS)

GroupApp is an all-in-one learning membership platform. (You just got lucky!)

It’s just the right membership software for you. GroupApp cuts the hassle as it gives you all important association or membership management tools in one place.

GroupApp Features

  • A robust In-built course builder
  • Advanced feature for event management
  • Payment Processing Via Stripe
  • iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Member Management Dashboard with Analytics
  • Online Community Builder
  • Discussion Channels & Content Library

GroupApp Pros

  • offers a free plan
  • All-in-One platform
  • In-built course builder
  • Offers a plan for every budget
  • Paid plans come with 0% transaction fees
  • iOS and Android Mobile App
  • Allows you to create multi-tiered memberships with different access levels.

GroupApp Cons

  • It’s a simple solution aimed to save you time with fewer customization options.

Check out GroupApp Pricing.


Association Management Software (AMS)

MemberSuite is an association management solution that comes with an in-built CRM, open API, and email marketing feature.

MemberSuite Main Features

  • In-built CRM and API
  • Event Registration Management
  • Data Integration
  • Certifications, CEUs, and Accreditations
  • Member Database and Dashboards

MemberSuite Pros

  • Dedicated customer manager
  • Updates with no additional cost
  • Responsive member portals
  • Outlook 365 integration

MemberSuite Cons

  • No clear pricing plans are available. You can request a quote.
  • No mobile app
  • No course builder
  • No live chat support

Novi AMS

Association Management Software - AMS

Now, we have a dedicated association management software option. Novi ASM is equipped with all association-related tools, such as event and member management.

Novi AMS Main Features

  • In-built e-commerce functionality
  • Financial Management with Quick Books integration
  • In-built CRM
  • Complete event management solution

Novi AMS Pros

  • All-in-One solution
  • A solution created especially for association management
  • The e-commerce feature is a plus for associations

Novi AMS Cons

  • The most expensive software. The basic plan starts at $719/month with additional onboarding charges.
  • No mobile app
  • Pricing is complicated
  • The UI is not attractive
  • No in-built course builder

Nimble AMS

Association Management Software -AMS - NimbleAMS

Nimble AMS comes with the Salesforce CRM and is ideal for community management. It also helps association professionals with member retention through predictive analysis.

Nimble AMS Main Features

  • Complete financial management solution
  • Fundraising management
  • In-built analytics and personalized dashboards
  • Open API

Nimble AMS Pros

  • Offers AI and predictive analysis through Salesforce Einstein
  • All-in-one solution
  • Automated workflows
  • Dedicated online community feature

Nimble AMS Cons

  • No pricing is available
  • No mobile app
  • No course builder
  • Not easy to learn

Wild Apricot

Association Management Software - Wild Apricot - AMS

Wild Apricot is a membership management software. It is a one-stop solution for managing and growing a member base with advanced tools.

Wild Apricot Main Features

  • Cloud-based Member Database
  • In-built website builder
  • Mobile app
  • Third-Party Integrations

Wild Apricot Pros

  • Offers a separate admin app along with a member app
  • WordPress integration and Single Sign-on service
  • Complete member management solution in one place
  • Complete event management with online ticket listings and automated reminders.

Wild Apricot Cons

  • No free plan
  • Lacks a real membership community functionality
  • Outdated UI and UX
  • No 24/7 live chat support


Association Management Software -AMS - Raklet

Now we have yet another membership management solution.

Raklet is an all-in-one membership software. It’s a versatile software that even allows you to launch your own branded mobile app.

Raklet Main Features

  • Third-party integrations
  • Real-time custom analytics and reports
  • In-built contact database
  • Mobile app

Raklet Pros

  • 2000+ plugins and app integrations
  • You can launch your own mobile app
  • It comes with a free plan plus 1 GB of storage
  • Versatile customization options
  • Automated email marketing campaigns

Raklet Cons

  • No course builder
  • Only the premium paid plan priced @ $299/month is ideal for running a fully functional business.
  • Overall, it’s not easy to learn or adapt to.

Member Planet

Association Management Software - AMS - Memberplanet

As the name hints, Member Planet is a member management software that is well-suited for associations.

Member Planet Main Features

  • Automated membership management
  • In-built event creation and management
  • Real-time reporting
  • Donation tracking
  • Website Creation with APIs

Member Planet Pros

  • Ideal for fundraising. You can create personalized donation pages
  • Offers a mobile app
  • Automated marketing tools
  • Compliant with PCI and offers SSL protection

Member Planet Cons

  • Charges a separate platform fee of 1% on all paid plans and a 4% fee for the free plan.
  • Payment processing fee of 3% + $0.30 per payment.
  • No live chat support
  • No course builder

Growth Zone

Association Management Software - AMS- Growth Zone

Growth Zone is a dedicated association management software that comes with an in-built marketing module. This solution can cater to the needs of associations in all fields.

Growth Zone Main Features

  • Membership Management Module
  • Integrated payment processing
  • Growth Zone Mobile Apps
  • Automated workflows

Growth Zone Pros

  • Offers two apps – Staff App and Member Plus App
  • Suitable for both small and large associations
  • Marketing automation
  • A complete management solution in one place

Growth Zone Cons

  • Growth Zone is so expensive and comes with only one plan! It is priced at a whopping $3100 per year.
  • There is no free plan
  • No course builder
  • Additional onboarding fees


Association Management Software - AMS - Aptify

Aptify is a member management software well-suited for unions and associations. It is one of the oldest platforms for associations.

Aptify Main Features

  • Member engagement scoring and insights
  • Built-in CRM
  • Complete Educational Management
  • Committee Management features
  • Dues Management

Aptify Pros

  • Well-suited for large associations with complex mechanisms
  • Easily integrates with your website and IT ecosystem with REST API
  • Full event lifecycle management with real-time reporting
  • Comes with in-built course creation with certifications

Aptify Cons

  • No pricing is available.
  • Not user-friendly

Silk Start

Association Management Software - AMS - Silk Start

Silk Start is a great solution for member-based organizations. It is equipped with all member management tools and connects multi-chapters associations.

Silk Start Main Features

  • Website Builder & CMS
  • In-built invoicing and payment processing
  • Custom data collection
  • Ecwid e-commerce integration and mobile commerce

Silk Start Pros

  • Complete all-in-one solution with all advanced features required to run an association.
  • You can either create a complete association website with Silk Start or integrate it with your current website.
  • Email marketing feature with deliverability stats

Silk Start Cons

  • Silk Start is expensive and limited in terms of pricing plans.
  • Highly complex to learn and not user-friendly.

Member Nova

Association Management Software - Member Nova

Member Nova refers to itself as a “member success platform.” It is a customizable platform with automated membership management.

Member Nova Main Features

  • Association member directory
  • Multi-chapter management with chapter-level directories and roll-up reporting
  • Member Database
  • Membership analytics

Member Nova Pros

  • 360 membership view with analytics and insights
  • Workflow automation
  • In-built dues management
  • Automated email marketing with analytics

Member Nova Cons

  • No pricing is available on the website.
  • UI could be more visually appealing and sophisticated.

Member Leap

Association Management Software- Member Leap

Member Leap is a robust association management system that comes with an in-built CRM. This is the most comprehensive software on the list with the largest number of features.

Member Leap Main Features

  • Online membership portal area
  • Video manager and form builder
  • Website Manager
  • In-built event management system

Member Leap Pros

  • Offers basic web hosting services
  • Member data conversion
  • Comes with an email list service manager
  • All-in-One platform with versatile features
  • Offers a mobile app

Member Leap Cons

  • Member Leap pricing is very complex
  • Not easily adaptable
  • Not user-friendly

Personify 360 – AMS

Association Management Software- AMS- Personify360-

Personify 360 provides solutions for membership and online community management. The platform has dedicated association management software.

Personify 360 AMS Main Features

  • In-built CRM
  • Constituent Management and Engagement
  • Global Revenue Support
  • Real-time Reporting and Analytics

Personify 360 AMS Pros

  • It comes with an in-built CMS
  • Offers a mobile app
  • Provides API and Developer Kit
  • Very user-friendly

Personify 360 AMS Cons

  • It offers custom pricing that can be expensive
  • No course builder


Association Management Software - AMS -Disciple

Lastly, we have Disciple. It is an online community builder with memberships and a public API.

Disciple Main Features

  • Live streams and direct messaging
  • Third-party integrations
  • Real-time analytics
  • Community Builder

Disciple Pros

  • It’s a simple and user-friendly solution
  • Offers a mobile app
  • Comes with a robust management console for your content and community

Disciple Cons

  • It’s expensive, and the mobile app is priced separately at a whopping $308/month.
  • No course builder
  • It’s only suitable for small associations in terms of its scope and features.

Over To You

There you go! Now, you have 15 association management software. All of these solutions provide value in different aspects. You need to pick the one that’s well-suited for your associations in all aspects. Do not forget to conform to the 4 factors I gave you above when picking a solution.

Good luck!

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