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Building Our Customer Ecosystem Through GroupApp | 10XCRM Community

Let us introduce the 10XCRM community to you – a community focused on helping sales teams use the 10XCRM AI sales software while providing them a place to exchange ideas and further develop their skills.

How did they get here, and what part did GroupApp play?

Read the 10XCRM success story, where they share how to create a unique ecosystem for your business on GroupApp.

What is a 10XCRM?

10XCRM offers a one-of-a-kind software solution for sales managers and managing directors.

Their CRM services are paired with AI to boost sales success. With 10XCRM, sales reps can finally focus only on talking and selling while the software handles other tasks.

So, what are they doing on GroupApp?

Challenges we faced

Before GroupApp, the company team provided support for their clients on WhatsApp. However, answering all the questions and sharing important documents and videos was quite complex. and made client management more difficult.

Their main priority was to train their customers and help improve their sales performance, and they needed an excellent platform to do that.

As they couldn’t risk their clients becoming dissatisfied with the service, they started looking into community platforms.

First, they tried Kajabi. They were soon disappointed as the app couldn’t keep up with their growing business.

So they tested a few other apps before discovering GroupApp – an app that can support their growth.

Building 10XCRM Community

The 10XCRM community on GroupApp is the main source and help kit for their AI software.

In their community, you can find all of the latest software updates, important links, and important documents. Having everything in one place significantly helps their members learn and stay updated with new releases.

Each client and their team have a dedicated channel inside the community on GroupApp, with instructions on how to use the software to boost sales and get the most out of it.

Every client has courses and documents needed for onboarding, use of the software, referral, and feedback. They made sure to include everything their members could need to increase their sales performance.

If any further instructions are needed, clients can arrange a coaching call by approaching the 10XCRM team within the community and get the latest tips and tricks to boost their sales further.

Messaging inside the app has made staying in touch relatively easy and accessible to all members. GroupApp’s features helped them reach all of their goals and build an interesting learning community.

Biggest Lesson Learned

If you have the proper infrastructure, your community has no limits. When you find an app that suits your needs and complements your goals, you’ll be on an excellent path to achieving them.

“From the start, GroupApp has been the perfect fit. The app grows with us, allowing us to create as many channels as we need for new clients and to easily embed any PDFs, videos, images, or other materials our clients might need to grasp how their software works.”

As they’re onboarding ten new sales reps each month, they are satisfied they’re using the platform that can support this growth.

Let’s Build Your Community!

10XCRM found an innovative way to build community on GroupApp.

We can help you get there!

If you have a unique idea or expertise you wish to share with others, join GroupApp for free. We want you to be our next success story!


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